Thursday, May 31, 2007

Do The Toostie Roll!

I am very pleased and excited to announce that Haylee rolled over this morning!! The only sad part of it is, I wasn't there for it! I had just left for work when she woke up and Brett was feeding her a bottle. He said that she started to get really wiggly, so he put her down on the floor and started to practice rolling over. It took a few tries and "grunts" but she finally made it!! I had him text me a video of it, so I could witness it for myself. We are SO proud of her!! It only took her 5 months and 3 weeks :) HOORAY FOR HAYLEE!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

This Past Week...

Haylee has been a lot of fun this past week. I had a lot of fun on my first Mother's Day! We started the morning at Brett's mom's house for breakfast, then it was off to church. I received my Young Women Recognition, which was very exciting for me since I didn't receive it when I was in Young Women's. I think I was too caught up in drill and friends. I also had to give a little two min. talk about how the personal progress program has helped me as a mother. I didn't think that was very fair to do to me on Mother's Day, but I got through it. After sacrament was over it was off to my Mom's house to talk to my brother Jake who is on a mission in Italy. I can't believe he has been gone for over a year already! He is doing so good and is the happiest I have ever seen him. I am so happy for him! Italy has been a really hard mission for him, but his attitude makes the world of a difference. After we talked to Jake on the phone, Brett, Haylee, and I were all able to take a nap since our morning started so early. That night we had a Mother's Day dinner at my aunt Tamara's house. It was good being with both families that day. I usually hate Sunday's since Haylee doesn't get a good nap, but the one we took earlier helped a lot! Here is a few pictures of Haylee eating her dinner...

She just loves those sweet potatoes! Later this week, Brett decided it was time to put Haylee's high chair together since feeding her on a lap was becoming more and more difficult. Brett surprised me and put it together while I was at work. After I found out that she was sitting in it, of course I had to ask him to take a few pictures! I think she looks so little sitting in her high chair all by herself!

She does pretty good sitting all by herself, except for she tends to lean to one side since she can't quite sit up right all alone yet.

This past week, we have also been working on rolling over. She is SO close, but just won't do it. She gets to her side with little effort, but just won't roll over! She has learned to push her legs and skooch around on her back though. I guess if she's not going to roll over, that's one way to get from point A to point B. This morning when I went to get her out of bed she was like this...

Please note: when I put her down last night, her head was where the pink blanket is (that's sort of like her pillow). Then when I went to get her out of her crib after her two naps she was like this...

And this...

Needless to say, I think it's time for my mom and I to finish sewing her side two bumpers!
Two more things about Haylee, then I promise I will be done. This week Haylee started two new things. She thinks is pretty funny to fake cough! After she "coughs," she looks at you for sympathy or something. I think it's pretty funny. She has also learned how to gurgle her formula and saliva. So, feeding time is also play time for Haylee, because she sits and gurgles and smiles. I now call her "Peanut" because I think she is such a NUT! It will be interesting to see what kind of toddler she grows up to be, can't wait.
Anyway, if you have made it down this far, thanks for reading!

Friday, May 11, 2007


A little while ago Haylee discovered her feet. Last week she discovered her baby flexibility and figured out how to put them in her mouth! If she doesn't have some sort of toy in her mouth, she has her toes in her mouth! Every morning when I go in to get her, the toes of her p.j.'s are wet. I think it is so funny! The other night while she was taking a bath, she couldn't get enough of her "toesies" as we call them. Just thought I would share a little piece of that moment.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

We're officially Bloggers...

For the past few months I have enjoyed reading and getting updated on my friend's blogs, so I thought, why not start my own? I am not sure if I will be as creative as some of the blogs I read but I will try my best. One thing I am sure of, most of what you will read will be about Haylee, because she's pretty much the most exciting thing in our lives right now :)

For those of you I haven't talk to recently, here is a little update... Haylee is officially 5 months old today! She started eating baby food on Saturday night and so far she likes Bananas and Sweet Potatoes. The smell of baby food alone makes me gag, so I am impressed that she will actually eat it! Haylee loves to talk, smile, squeel, laugh, talk, and squeel. Oh, did I mention squeel? That is her new thing lately. It's pretty cute, but gave me a headache the first day she figured it out because she wouldn't stop. Oh, the joys of motherhood. We haven't quite figured out how to roll over yet and she absolutely hates tummy time. She will probably crawl before she rolls over. She is still a little eater, so she doesn't sleep all the way through the night yet. She goes down around 8:30/9:00 ish and sleeps until about 4:00, which is 7 hours so I feel pretty lucky. She then goes back to sleep until about 8:00 am. Compared to crying until 2:30 am, then needing to eat every 3 hours I feel like we have come a long way.

We finally received our finalization court date for our adoption and that will take place on June 15th at 8:40 am. We will then have our temple sealing date on June 19th at 10:20 am. We are so excited to be sealed to her and bring her into the covenant. Her blessing date will then be on July 1st, so we have a few busy weeks ahead of us next month.

Anyway, I think that is enough for now. Until next time...

Haylee's first time eating Bananas!