Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Just Keep Swimming...

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming swimming swimming :) I just thought I would post some pictures of our darling little water baby. Haylee has always loved the water! On Saturday night we took Haylee and Marco (Haylee's half-brother) swimming at Lifetime Fitness. While we were in the water Haylee started to kick her legs like a frog! She's already a natural swimmer. Today I met all of my cute friends at Candice's parents house for a swim date. We attempted to get a photo with all of the kids, but it didn't quite work out. Below is a picture of Brett and Haylee, Haylee, Marco, and Brett, and Me and Haylee. We are going to Lake Powell in a few weeks, so hopefully we'll brown our pasty white skin :) Here's my little random update about Haylee... Last Sunday she finally said Ma Ma!! I was so proud. Like Da Da, I don't think she knows what it means, but it's still stinkin' cute when she says it. She is also FINALLY sleeping all the way through the night!! She goes down at 9:00 and sleeps until about 7:30. Then she has two (yes that's 2) two hour naps. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Life just seems better with uninterrupted sleep. She still hasn't cut any teeth yet, so I am sure we'll have a few sleepless nights when that happens. Oh well, I'll just enjoy it while it lasts!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pioneer Day

Yesterday was quite an eventful day for our little family! Brett had to go into work for a few hours in the morning, then Haylee and I met him and went to breakfast at The Original Pancake House! We found out that Haylee is a fan of maple syrup! After breakfast we headed up to Jordanelle to meet my family for boating. We had about a half hour of great sun, then the clouds moved in and the rain drops started falling. Even though we drove 45 min. for 30 min. of boating, Brett and I agreed that it was worth it, because we got some darling pictures of Haylee in her new life jacket! This was her first time on the boat this year and I was relieved that she wasn't scared!
Here are some pics of Haylee with Mommy, Daddy, sporting Daddy's Shades, and enjoying the ride!

After boating we went and saw the movie Evan Almighty, which was surprisingly funny! Then it was off to home for a quick shower and back on the road for a BBQ with Brett's family. The food was delicious as usual and both Brett and I had to have two plates to make room for it all :) Since our day was so full, Haylee missed her nap time and wasn't too happy so instead of pushing her to stay awake for fireworks we decided to head home and put her to bed. By 10:00 pm all of us were tucked in and tuckered out! What a fun day it was though!

Friday, July 20, 2007

GNO- It's about time!

I just wanted to thank all of my friends for a fun night out (and Brett for putting Haylee to bed, it can be challenging at times)! I can't remember the last time we all got together without kids/husbands or for any other reason besides a baby shower. We all met at the Melting Pot at about 8:30 last night and pigged out on cheese and chocolate fondue! It was so much fun talking about what everyone has been up to and reminiscing about the good old days in high school. I just feel so lucky to have such an amazing group of girlfriends. I don't know what I would do without them!! Last night we all committed to getting together once a month, so I am looking forward to keeping in touch! Here's a little pic to show off my beautiful friends.
I tried to fix the red eye, but it just looked worse. I am sure I can get a better picture to post later :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Little Gym

For the past month Haylee and her little cousin Beka have been enrolled in the same Little Gym class. Haylee loves being around all of the little kids, but to be honest it's more of an excuse for me to get out of the house :) Their semester is almost coming to an end, so I thought I'd better get a few pics of the two of them. Getting them both to look at the camera was a little challenging, especially because Haylee was more interested in getting Beka's bow into her mouth...

I am pretty sure that's not the last article of clothing these two girlies will be fighting over :)

I also had to post a picture of Haylee's beautiful bedhead that she woke up with this morning. I just laugh every morning at the hairdos that the Sandman comes up with during the night.

This one's a mix between a foe hawk and a snidely...

Believe me, the picture doesn't do it justice :)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Girl's Camp

This is the third Young Women's Camp that I have been able to participate in, but the first time I have actually spent the night. The past two years I have had to work, but this year was different. My mom was able to watch Haylee for me on Wed. until Thu. morning when Brett picked her up. So I headed up on Wednesday morning and was able to stay until Thursday evening. I think the last time I actually camped was when I was a Young Women. Luckily my friend Heidi was up there with me so that I had another "princess camper" to camp with. I am not really that prissy, but I am not a fan of dirt and sleeping in a tent :)

Wednesday was your usual day at camp, full of crafts, heat, spaghetti, service, and snipe hunting :) I think we have all been the new Beehive at camp so we can all relate to snipe hunting. I don't think I have ever been with such a group of gullible and excited Beehives though! It was great!! We talked them into putting toothpaste on the tip of their noses and made sure that they clicked two rocks together so that the snipes would come to them. At one point I actually got one of the girls sweatshirts, went into the shrubs and caught a snipe! Unfortunately it got away, but the girls swear they saw it wiggling in the sweatshirt :)

After snipe hunting it was off to bed. I think the last time I looked at my watch it was after 12:30! I can't remember the last time I was up that late. I am definitely getting old. In the middle of the night we were woken up by the pitter patter of rain drops on our tents. It rained off and on all night, so we were hopeful that it wouldn't during the day. At 7:00 am on the dot we were all woken up by a blow horn. Gotta love the stake! I ended up going on a hike with the 1st and 2nd years, which was more like a nice walk in the woods. Luckily it was still overcast so it wasn't too hot. A few hours later the clouds darkened and it started to pour! The girls loved it! All of the leaders were hiding out underneath the tarps while the girls were shouting to the top of their lungs "Rise and shine and give God his glory glory...!" It rained for a good hour then cleared up. That evening for dinner we had a mock Cafe Rio salad which was close enough for me to love, then it was off to the Stake devotional. They put on a wonderful program and the spirit was so strong. We also had a guest speaker from the General Young Women's Board come to speak to us and she was amazing. We closed with a song called "Keepers of His Light," which I tried to sing, but was too overwhelmed and just cried instead. We ended the night with a wonderful testimony meeting, then I was on the road to head home.
It amazes me how strong our Young Women are these days. They are truly a chosen generation to be Youth in these later days. I feel so privileged to have been able to be their leader for the past two and a half years. I keep thinking that I will be released any day now since we are moving at the beginning of Sept, but for some reason I still have things to teach and learn for myself. When I was first called to serve with the Young Women, I thought my bishopric was crazy. I felt like I had just gotten out of Young Women's myself, so what did I have to offer? If anything I have learned from the girls in my ward and my testimony of the Young Women's program has strengthened. Now that I have a daughter I am grateful that we have a program in our church that teaches young girls about temple marriage, dating, language, modesty... the list goes on!
Here are a few pics of the girls singing in the rain:

Now for a quick update on my little Peanut Haylee. On July 4th she finally said "Da Da." The week before that she said "La La" all of the time, so we worked on turning that into Da Da. She doesn't know what it means yet, but it's still the cutest little thing ever. She also sits up by herself for about 3 minutes, then ends up bent over touching her toes. We'll have to work on building those stomach muscles :) Haylee loves to pick her Daddy's nose, which I think is funny until she does it to me. She is also a fan of grabbing peoples cheeks and screaming. She just becomes more and more fun every day!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Not too many people know this, but one of Brett's hobbies is photography. I don't know who appreciates it more, him or me, because I have my own personal photographer :) Brett and I finally had a second to breathe after a long few weeks, so we decided to take Haylee down to Temple Square and take her Blessing/Sealing Dress and 7 month pictures. I just thought I would share some of the finished product!

I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful little girl. She is just so happy which brings such joy to my life! Thanks Brett for capturing this special moment!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July!!

This picture is a little more lady like :)

Monday, July 2, 2007

I've been tagged!

Ok, so I have never heard about this, but I will go for it anyway. My friend Becca just tagged me, so here we go...

4 Jobs I've held:
1. Nanny
2. J. Crew sales associate
3. Receptionist at "The Cutting Crew and Nails 2"
4. Receptionist/Office Manager at StoryRock, Inc.

Movies I can watch over and over:
1. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
2. Dirty Dancing
3. The Notebook
4. Any Harry Potter movies

Places I've Lived:
1. Bountiful, Ut
2. Sandy, UT
3. Downtown SLC, UT
4. West Jordan, UT
I know, I get around ;)

Favorite TV shows:
1. 24
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. The Office
4. So You Think You Can Dance

I've been to:
1. California
2. Hawaii
3. Arizona
4. Florida
Again, I know, I get around :)

Favorite foods:
1. Mexican Food
2. Anything chocolate with no nuts
3. Cheddar Sun Chips
4. I love Bread (bring on the carbs!)

Favorite websites that I visit daily:
1. My blog
2. My Email
3. My bank account
4. My friend's blogs

Places I'd rather be:
1. On a Beach ANYWHERE
2. In Lake Powell
3. I would really like to go to Italy to see my Bro on a mission
4. Disneyland

Blog Buddies that I want to tag:
1. Candice Cannon
2. Hailey Greenwood
3. Melissa Harmon
4. Natalie Whitney

Happy Tagging!

Another Busy Week...

This past week, was another busy week for our family. I worked my last shift at StoryRock last Wednesday and it was a little bittersweet. After almost 6 years of working there, I have formed friendships with many of my co-workers. It will be weird not seeing most of them on a daily basis. But the sweet part of it is, I will be able to spend more time with Haylee. This is the first Monday after 6 months that I haven't had to wake Haylee up to put her in her car seat to take her to my mom. I have become quite attached to this little Peanut and am looking forward to being with her more.
Last Wednesday-Friday Brett and I had the opportunity to participate in our Ward's Youth Conference at the DDD Ranch. Our theme for Youth Conference was 2 Timothy 4:7 "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith." We all participated in activities that helped us understand the theme. On Wednesday night we had a guest speaker, Chad Hymas (sp?), come and speak to us. About 5 years ago he was in an accident and became quadriplegic. He is the ultimate example of our theme. He had to basically learn how to do everything all over again since the use of his body is limited. He is now a professional motivational speaker and after hearing him speak I know that he changes the attitude of everyone he speaks to. I just have to say that our ward has amazing youth. The unity that Brett and I witnessed was amazing. On Thursday night we had an awesome testimony meeting and it made me realize something- that was probably the last time I was going to be in that type of setting with all of our youth since we will be moving soon. Brett and I both bore our testimonies and expressed the love we have for our youth. We hope to stay in their lives even though we will be in another ward. Friday night was capped off with a play at the Desert Star Theatre "Les Miserables." It was pretty funny! All in all it was a wonderful 3 days.
Yesterday was Haylee's blessing. What a special day that was! Brett and I have been waiting for this day for 6 1/2 months now. Brett gave Haylee such a special blessing. I feel so lucky to be married to such a wonderful man who holds and honors his priesthood. Afterwords we had our family over for food (of course). We are so lucky to have such a supportive family!! Now that we have Haylee's blessing behind us, I feel like we can sit back and just enjoy life.
Here's a new little update about Haylee :) Her new thing these days is... clapping! She loves to clap (with her fists that is)! Especially if you say "Yeah Haylee" that really gets her going. She also loves to bounce. She used to just stand on your lap, but now she has to bounce. I think I need to go out an buy her a jumper! Brett and I just love spending each day with her. It is amazing to us how fast she is growing and it is fun to watch her pick up on new things everyday. We still haven't cut any teeth yet, but she is a drool monster, so I am sure they will be coming soon. Oh, and apparently she loves red licorice. On Thursday night at Youth Conference we were watching a movie outside and they passed around treats. Brett grabbed a piece of licorice out of the bag and stuck it in his mouth. It took Haylee 2 seconds to realize what he was eating and she riped it our of his hand and stuck it in her mouth! It was so funny because she has never even seen licorice before, but she knew that she just had to have it. Unfortunately, I didn't have a bib for her handy and she just got put in her clean jammies, so after a quite picture I had to take it away from her. She wasn't too happy about that, so when we got home I stuck her in her high chair with a bib and let her go to town with a piece of licorice :)
This coming week, I am just going to enjoy being home and celebrating the 4th of July with my family!!

Haylee, Brett, and me hanging out at Youth Conference

Haylee after she grabbed Brett's licorice

Messy Girl!
Haylee (with her keys), Mommy, and Daddy after her blessing