Sunday, December 23, 2007

Our Night Job...

This is the only way I will ever get Brett to dance!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tricky Santa's Helpers!

Brett and I took Haylee to see Santa last night. For those of you who know Haylee must be thinking- Are you guys NUTS? Ever since Haylee was a baby she has been a little freaked out by facial hair. Older men also make her a little nervous, so when you put the two together and think of Santa, that would probably equal Haylee's worst nightmare. We thought that Haylee was going to be crying in her 1st Santa picture, but we were wrong! Right when we walked up to the helpers taking the picture we told them that she might cry. They whipped out this strobe light/flash light thing and got her attention right away. Then we slowly backed her into Santa's lap and she had no idea! We hurried and snapped a picture before she realized who she was sitting on! When Brett picked her back up and she saw who's lap she was on she about lost it, but we hurried her out of the way! Those are some pretty tricky helpers!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

12 Month Check Up

Haylee had her 12 month check up last Friday and here are her stats...
Weight: 2%
Height: 58%
Head: 19%
Poor girl is tall and skinny! Everything else checked out great and we are now feeding her whole milk instead of formula! That will do wonders on our budget :) We also took Haylee's one year pictures a few weeks ago. Here are a few of our faves...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Haylee!

Our little Haylee is now 1 years old! I can't believe that one year has already passed since our little angel was born. To celebrate, we had both of our families over on Saturday night for a Birthday Party! I think I had more fun than anybody planning and decorating for Haylee's Birthday! Everything turned out great! Her cakes were so cute! Haylee didn't really dig into her cake. She just starred at it for a little bit until Brett stuck her hand in the icing. Once she figured out what was all over her hand she licked it clean! Then she just touched her cake a little bit more, played with the icing on her hands, and wanted out of her high chair. She loved opening all of her presents and was more interested in the wrapping paper than the gifts! She got some really cute clothes, fun books, a big girl car seat, a walker that she pushes, and a fun zebra that she loves to ride! Thank you to everyone for your help with everything and for Haylee's cute presents! Here are a lot of pictures to highlight our festivities...

waiting for everyone to come, so she can open her presents!

looking cute in her Birthday outfit

Grandma Pam

Grandpa Doug

Grandpa Mark

Great Grandma Sandy
Uncle Jared and Brooke
Grandma Lucy, Aunt April, Aunt Jamie, and Cousin Emersyn
Aunt Kristi and Uncle Trevor

Cousin's Caleb and Easton

Cousin Beka and Uncle Jason

Brett, Haylee, Uncle Zac, Aunt April, Aunt Kristi, Grandma Lucy, and Keili

Opening Presents

Haylee's Cakes

Singing Happy Birthday- the candle made her a little nervous

Tasting the cake with help from Daddy

Tasting the cake on her own

My cousin Lindsay and Nick

Grandpa Steve

Our family (we almost forgot to take a pic!)

Playing on her Zebra

The after party! When everyone was gone we played with (or in) the car seat box!

Opening a few more presents on her real Birthday

climbing on her car seat

playing with the deflated balloons

opening presents with her birthmother Mindy

posing with her half brother Marco

What a busy weekend for such a little girl!

Friday, December 7, 2007

They're finally through!

Just in time for Haylee's first birthday- her teeth have finally decided to come through. She won't let me take a picture of her little teethies, but you can take my word for it. They started to come through a few days ago, but now you can finally see them both (just the tips though). I didn't think it would happen before she turned one, but she beat it by 4 days! Hooray for Haylee! :)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Thanksgiving is finally over

As of last night our families Thanksgiving week is finally over. Since I come from a split family we have the joy to eating a lot of Thanksgiving meals. This year my dad was in Chicago for Thanksgiving, so we ended up having a small get together at my house last night with him, his new fiance, my grandparents, siblings, and niece and nephew. I must say that I am pretty proud of myself for making such a yummy turkey! I have never actually baked a turkey before. For some reason they are a little intimidating to me. Everything tasted great- thanks grandma and Meghan for helping with the food! To top it all of we had the best banana cream pie with sugar cookie dough crust. There are benefits to being married to a baker :) I thought I was good and got pictures of everyone that was here last night, but I missed my brother Jason and nephew Jaxon. They must have been using the potty. Jaxon is potty training and every time he goes pee pee on the potty he gets a gold fish, so I think he spent the entire night in the bathroom racking in the goldfish!
Now that this is over I will be preparing for Haylee's 1st birthday party next Saturday! Her birthday is on Sunday, but we are going to have her party on Saturday. I can't believe my little princess is going to be 1! She is such a hoot! She now says- uh oh, burr, ta-da, hi, peek a boo (in her own little way), and ba ba (which actually now means bottle). She also shows everyone that she is going to be one and loves to blow kisses. She isn't walking yet and has only stood by herself twice for a few seconds. She crawls like a mad women though! She is so speedy on her knees! I think that's why she doesn't walk- crawling is much easier and faster. She has now discovered our stairs and loves to go up them when no one is looking. I guess it's time to teach her how to go down so that she doesn't just fall down the stairs. She knows what no means and will shake her finger at you while you tell her "no no." We set up our Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving and have told her "no no" a lot this last week. She is pretty good about the decorations and has only pulled a few balls off of the tree. Now, the bottom half of our tree is bare so that she can't reach anything :) Apparently she likes slow flakes too. Yesterday was the first time we have walked in the snow (her newborn stage doesn't count) and she looked up and stuck out her tongue! I thought it was so cute!
Anyway, that's been what's going on in our lives lately!

Our family on Thanksgiving day at Brett's parent's house

Jared and his girlfriend Brooke

My dad and his fiance Shannon

Jordan (he was sad because Kenzi wasn't here)

Meghan and Beka Lou

Grandma and Grandpa Castleton

My cute little family