Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy 5 year Anniversary!

I can’t believe that it has already been 5 years since Brett and I were married! At the same time, if I look back at all we have gone through together, it seems like we have been together forever (in a good way:). I had a hard time falling asleep last night, so I just sat in bed and started to think about my life. I feel like I am the luckiest women in the world. I have my dream home, I have a strong testimony of the church I belong to, I am healthy and haven’t had a surgery for a year and a half (which is good for me), I have the most beautiful daughter in the world and know that she was hand selected to be mine, and to top the list off I have a wonderful husband that loves me more than I can probably comprehend. I also love him deeply and that love grows every day! I feel so blessed to be his other half. With everything we have gone through these past 5 years, we grow closer, not further apart, which is something I am very proud of. When Brett and I were going through our infertility, I felt like I was robbing Brett of being a father of his own children. If I would ever express these feelings to him, he would reassure me that he chose me as a wife and that Heavenly Father would send us the children, in the way they were supposed to come, to us eventually. Hearing those words come from him always made me feel better and feel less “broken.” He continually supports me in everything I do and I will be forever grateful that he was placed in my life. Happy Anniversary Sweetie!

Our Break Dancer

Last night Haylee finally got in her break dancing mood! By the time I grabbed the camera, she was getting a little tired, so picture this, but faster!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Oh, love my Haylee

I have been kind of stuck in a blogging rut for the past week. We haven't really gone anywhere or done anything fun lately and to top it off my camera battery was dead and I didn't know exactly where my charger was. The charger was found last night and pics have been taken! I still don't really have anything exciting to blog about, so I decided to list a few things that Haylee does that I absolutely love!
* When she wakes up in the morning and I get her out of her crib, I say while patting her back, "Oh, love my Haylee" and then she puts her head on my shoulder and pats my back and says "oh." I just love it!!
* When she gets really hyper she walks really fast around the house and screams. But, the way she walks while she screams is hilarious! She arches her back, sticks out her tummy, looks to the side, puts her chin down a little, and screams. More than half of the time she stumbles over something because she is looking to the side. It's pretty funny to watch (not the stumbling, the walk while she is screaming).
* They way that she fake cries to try and get something that she wants. More than half of the time I just start to laugh at her and she ends up laughing too.
* The way that she asks for her "bah bah." Her voice goes up about 10 octaves like she's thinking "if I ask for it really nice maybe she'll give it to me."
* Her hair! I love her hair! It's long enough to do about anything I want to it. My new favorite hair do are her piggies. Her hair is long enough to put it all up into two pig tails!
* Her break dancing. When she is in the mood you can get her to do circles on her hands and knees. I will try and get this one on video to post, because it's just so funny to watch!
* The second I turn on the car and the radio starts she begins her grooving! This girl loves to dance to whatever music is on. She even dances to the organ at church!
* I love that she feeds her babies (which include stuffed animals) bottles and sippies. She makes a "num num num num" noise as she feeds them.
* She is obsessed with her belly button. She loves to lift up her shirt to look at it. If by chance she has a onesie on, she looks down her shirt to find it.
* Her teeth. They crack me up. She has two front bottom teeth and four molars. She is also getting a third bottom front tooth. She still does not have any top front teeth and I don't see any signs of them coming in any time soon :)
I guess the list could go on and on. The bottom line is I just love my little Haylee. She is just so much fun and each day gets better and better!

Helping with the laundry. This was after I had just folded everything :)

Haylee's fake cry
This was taken about 2 seconds after she was pouting :)
Haylee's "piggy piggies"

Monday, April 14, 2008

We're home & He's home

Brett and I were very lucky and had the opportunity to go to Acapulco, Mexico. We were gone from last Saturday until Thursday. And yes, we left Haylee home! It was not easy for Brett or me to do, but she was left in very good hands! I think I worried more about getting Haylee ready for us to be gone than I worried about me! I didn't even pack until the night before and I am usually a little more on top of things than that. Brett even wondered if we should have just brought her along, but I wasn't going to miss her that bad ;) I was actually very glad that we had cell phone service when we got there, so I could check up on her! I even woke up one night because I thought I heard her crying! After a day or so, I was able to relax a little more. Brett and I stayed at one of the most relaxing hotels I have ever been to! It was in the Marques Bay in Acapulco, which is beautiful and quiet! We spent the majority of our trip relaxing by the pool, reading books. The weather was beautiful and perfect the entire time and the pool was just the perfect temperature to hop in and cool off. We also had fun traveling to different cities and experiencing the culture. It helped a lot that Brett speaks Spanish, so he was able to talk to the cab drivers about the best spots to go. We were both glad that we were only gone 5 days, because we both wouldn't have been able to be away from Haylee for much longer. Unfortunately we don't have any pictures to share yet, because we brought a disposable camera with us and we haven't developed our film. Ghetto, I know, but we didn't want to bring our nice camera to Mexico! We just wanted to thank all of our family members for all of the hours and energy they all put in to make sure Haylee was taken care of while we were gone! We both have the best families ever!
Now, for part two- He's home. My brother Jake returned home from his mission on Friday, April 11th, which was actually his 21st birthday too! He had been serving in Milan, Italy for the past two years and is finally home! He looks the same and still has his funny personality. He has grown spiritually though, and we were able to witness that at his homecoming yesterday! It didn't take him too long to get back into things. The night he got home, he changed out of his suite and went to go find his friends! He is still super cute and was challenged by his mission president to go on a date with a girl within a week of being home- the pressure is on! It's weird having all of my brothers here now, since it's been two years since we have all been together, but it sure is nice! Haylee also loves her uncle Jake. I was worried that she would be a little nervous around him, since she gets that way with men, but she hasn't had any problems with him and was more than willing to give him kisses!

Jake's cute friends made a sign for the airport

Coming down the hall & my Mom's arms, wide open and ready

Haylee clapping that Jake is home!

Jake- swinging me and my big butt around

Group shot (L-R) My Dad, Jared, Mark, my Mom, Jake, Me and Haylee, Jason and Jaxon, Meghan and Beka, Brett, and Jordan

The chart that we have had hanging in the kitchen is finally done!

Friday, April 4, 2008

As Promised (finally)

Here are a few pics of Haylee in her cute Easter Dress last Sunday. Sorry it took so long to post them!! Unfortunetly she had just woken up and wasn't in the mood to smile :) I don't blame her, early morning church is hard for me too!