Monday, July 28, 2008

Island Park

Haylee and I had the opportunity to go up to Island Park with my family this past weekend. My cousins have a time share cabin up there right on a lake that is absolutely beautiful! If you don't know where Island Park is, it's just south of West Yellowstone! What I LOVED about the weekend...
NO schedule
NO alarm clock (except for Haylee)
NO Make-up
NO need to do my hair
WAKE boarding
WAVE runner
GREAT food
The one DOWNER of the weekend...
NO husband. Brett had to stay home to work, so needless to say, he was missed dearly by both Haylee and me!
Here are some pics from my camera. There were so many cameras up there that I didn't take too many pictures with my own. I'll have to borrow some from my family and post the others later...

Haylee with her Grandma's shades

She fell asleep with them on

Our boating beauty

My Aunt Tamara, Cousin Lindsay, Emily, and Me

My little wake boarder

Jordan, Me, Haylee, My Mom, Mark, Jake

Mommy & Haylee

Friday, July 25, 2008

24th of July

At the bakery we have a trade agreement with Brighton Chalet cabins. We finally got up there for the first time. We got a cabin that fit our entire family. It was right at the base of Brighton ski resort. We had a lot of fun. We were able to do a little hiking, make a camp fire (thanks to Jeff), play games, shoot pool and have a great time. It has been a while since we have all done something together like this, hopefully this was a warm up for a bigger vacation later on. Thanks everyone for a great holiday, it was a lot of fun.

Raging Waters

Jenny is out of town right now, so the blogging is up to me! A couple of weeks ago we planned a trip to Raging Waters for my work. Everyone dogged out except for Jennifer. Luckily my sister and her daughter, and Marco came so that we had more people. We had a blast, the girls loved the water. We took a disposable camera, and the pictures turned out horrible, but we thought we'd post them anyway.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cute Daddy!

I know I have mentioned before that Brett loves being a Daddy and he is a pretty cute one too! I just thought I would show one example of that. As mentioned in my previous post, Brett went to Lagoon on Monday and while he was there he had a lady guess his weight. Needless to say she was off by 10-15 LBS so Brett won a prize. He made sure to get the stuffed animal that looked most like Tigger so that Haylee would love it. Well, yesterday morning when Haylee and I woke up, this was sitting on our kitchen counter...

Of course I had to grab the camera so that Brett could see Haylee's reaction first hand! See, I told you he was a cute Daddy!
...Later on in the day, she was still attached to it:)

Monday, July 21, 2008

4 Pointless Miles

I have been on a gym kick for the past six months. I have a set schedule every week and I look forward to the sweat and muscle exhaustion! The only day that the gym doesn't have a class at the time I go is Monday, so I end up running on the oh so dreaded treadmill. I started out by doing a max of 1 mile worth of cardio and today I finally reached 4 miles. Now, I don't actually run the entire time and I track my heart rate with my trusty RS200 Monitor (worth every penny) so that I don't over exert myself! After leaving the gym I felt pretty darn proud. Well, all of that hard work went out the door tonight! Brett went to Lagoon with the guys on his side of the family, so the girls on my side of the family decided to go to Leatherby's! I just discovered Leatherby's about a year ago and can't believe I have been missing out on years of ice cream and hot fudge bliss! Haylee also enjoyed the chicken fingers, fries, and brownie Sunday. So, all of the calories that I burned today probably went out the window and then some, but it was worth every spoonful!!

So Worth It!

Haylee loved every bite too!

I wish I had a better picture of Beka. She had ice cream in her hair, all over her arms, face, and clothes!

Jaxon (aka Batman) was diggin' his treat too

All the crazy kiddos. It took a lot to get this picture

gotta love that messy face!

My cute sister-in-law with her munchkins

Me and Kenzi- we slaughtered the brownie Sunday and scrapped the extra hot fudge off the the plate :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Yesterday I was able to meet all of my friends for lunch. My good friend Missy and her husband moved away for school this morning, so we all got together to say good bye. I just love getting together with all of my friends. I love that we all still keep in touch! And for those of you who were not able to make it, you were missed! We have already planned a girls overnight trip and I am counting down the days!! Love you all! (and yes, I darkened my hair, again. The blonde is now completely gone and I feel like a new woman!)

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July!

I don't know about you, but I enjoyed our 4th of July weekend! I think Brett would beg to differ since he spent his day off cleaning and moving stuff out of his Grandpa's house, but it needed to be done and Brett is a saint for helping!

Since Haylee and I were flying solo on the 4th we decided to join my family up at Snowbird. We went to lunch, played on the most amazing playground I have ever seen, watched a Moose eat some leaves, and went down the Alpine Slide. Haylee enjoyed it all and was a happy camper the entire time! Afterwards, we went home so she could take a quick nap, then it was up to Brett's parent's house for a BBQ and Banana Splits! Then we all met at Brett's sister's house for some fireworks. Again, Haylee loved the fireworks. She would clap as fast as her little hands could go and would yell, "whoa!"

The Moose

Coming down the Alpine Slide

Haylee really did like it even though it doesn't look like she did :)

One of the many cool toys at the playground

This video is of Haylee on the swings. They are probably the safest swings I have ever seen!

As promised...

The girls at dinner

Brett's cute parents and Keili watching fireworks

Easton and Caleb helped light the fireworks

Our family enjoying the show

Saturday was spent in the yard and cleaning our house since we had my Dad's side of the family over for my Grandpa's Birthday yesterday! The party was great and the food was delicious! Haylee had a blast running around with her cousins!

Haylee and Beka drivin' in Haylee's new car

I finally feel like our summer has begun and I love it!!