Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lovin' Every Minute

Before we brought Dylan home I was a little nervous to be a mother of two. I had worries that I wouldn't know how to juggle my time and attention between my two angels, that I would be too tired to play with Haylee after a sleepless night, that I wouldn't know how to load two babies in the car at the same time (who goes in first, the baby or the toddler that can run away while you're putting the baby in? Then if you put the toddler in 1st, what are you supposed to do with the baby when you need two hands to buckle the toddler's car seat?)... The list could continue, but I don't want to focus on the negatives! I just wanted to say that I am Lovin' Every Minute of being a mommy of two! Dylan is an angel baby and Haylee has been so great since we brought him home. She loves looking for the "baby" (she says that 10 octaves above her normal voice:) right when she wakes up for the morning and continues to give him loves throughout the day. I am juggling my time just fine and I don't mind being tired during the day, because it's all worth it, every minute of it! I am sure I will have bad days, what mom doesn't? But for now I am truly so happy!

Haylee finally wanted to hold Dylan the other morning!


Yesterday our family wore our true colors and watched the U of U vs. Michigan game over at Brett's parent's house. Both kiddos were decked out in their Ute attire. We now have a cheerleader and a football player!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Home at last!

I thought about blogging yesterday, but if you could feel how tired I was, you wouldn't blame me for waiting another day :)
Well, Dylan is finally home and is doing great! We all just love him so much and Haylee has been a great big sister. She has had a few jealous moments, but got over them pretty quick. She loves to give him kisses, talk to him about the moon and going outside, she tries to feed him baba's, and gives him his binkie (sometimes in his eye). Brett and I are adjusting to having two and wouldn't be able to to it without each other's help!
Placement was on Wednesday afternoon at 4:30 PM and went really well. It was much different from Haylee's Placement, but I like the fact that they are unique. Both Brett and I were very impressed with how strong Jen and Skyler were being. Their love for Dylan was very evident and they were very confident with their decision to place him in our family. Tears were shed by all of us and the entire experience is very special and sacred to us. While we were there we also decided on Dylan's full name:
*Dylan- Brett's pick and I love it too (for those who know Brett know where he got it from-Bob Dylan)
*Rhyl- We had Jen and Skyler choose this one. It's pronounced Real (like- keepin' it real:) and it's a 4 generation middle name. Skyler's Great Grandpa, Grandpa, Dad, Skyler, and now Dylan all have it in their name! I really like it and think it fits really well.
*Borg- for obvious reasons and NO it's not because of Star Trek

We arrived home around 7:00 PM, then came the flood of family members to welcome him home! Of course they all thought he was beautiful and perfect :) Everyone left around 9:00, then it was time for bed! We weren't sure how he was going to do and were a little nervous! Well, let's just say from 11:30 PM-2:00 AM Dylan and I didn't do much sleeping. There was a lot of feeding, wetting through 2 pairs of jammies & blankets (I am not used to tinnie wienies yet:), and changing poopy diapers in the dark. He didn't like it when I put him down so we ended up spooning in the guest room! Then he slept 'til 5:30 AM, then Haylee woke up at 7:00 AM and I was one tired Mommy of two! I was able to sneak in a quick cat nap while both kiddos were sleeping! The rest of the day was filled with a Dr's appt for Dylan, lunch with Daddy, shopping for a sleep positioner (which saved my life last night: 12:30 AM feeding, 4:30 AM feeding, and 7:30 AM feeding, much better than the 1st night!), more visiters, dinner brought in from my visiting teachers, sitting around, and 10:00 bed time!
Welcome Home

Today we have no plans and are just going to stay inside and relax! Tomorrow Dylan will be able to witness his 1st Utah Football game and I know Brett is excited to share his passion for sports with his new son! Well, that's all for now!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dylan Update

I figured that I would post a better post today about Dylan since we were in such a hurry yesterday!
To start with the weekend, Brett had planned on taking Haylee and me on a surprise trip to St. George for the past 3 months. He made arrangements with my work, my calling at church, and had all of our bags packed and ready to go without me knowing. I thought we were going to Provo for dinner with some friends on Friday night and just before we hit the exit Brett let filled me in on his plans. I was shocked to say the least and so excited to have a relaxing weekend! We did talk about the possibility of Dylan coming while we were away, but we figured we were only 4 hours away and go at a drop at a hat! We did a lot of sitting around, eating out, and swimming- all much needed :)

Haylee loves to run away from me after her bath!

Haylee loved swimming in this turtle!

She just couldn't get enough of Mr. Turtle! We found her sitting in the bath happy as can be!

As mentioned in the post before we received a call from Skyler about 10 minutes after Dylan was born. We thought he might be telling us that Jen was going into labor, so when the first words out of his mouth were "Congratulations" we were shocked! Needless to say, we hurried and cleaned and did wash and hit the road. While cleaning we were informed that Skyler's mom had pictures already on her blog, so we found a FedEx Kinkos that had an Internet connection and hurried and snuck a peak of little Dylan. Luckily the ride home went by pretty quick! Once we were home we got ready just in case Jen and Skyler invited us to the hospital. Good thing we were ready, because they did end up calling us and inviting us up! We were so excited to see them and to meet Dylan. When we arrived the the hospital we were also able to meet Jen's father. Everyone in both of their families have been so nice and have made us feel so welcome!Haylee has been quite the mommy's girl lately, so of course she freaked out when I handed her to Daddy so that I could hold the baby :) So, I had to hold both (maybe it's something I need to get used to, huh?). Haylee did call the baby Dylan and she gave him a kiss before we left. Brett and I are so very lucky! Dylan is perfect. He has the cutest little features and is a good mix of both Jen and Skyler, they mix well :) While we were there they gave us a photo album that they had "Baby Dylan" engraved on the front cover and inside were copies of Dylan's ultrasound pictures. We felt touched that they would share those with us and give us a gift, as if a baby isn't enough. We just think the world of those two and have so much love for both of them.

Today I need to work on getting the finishing touches done on their placement gifts and I need to do some last minute baby shopping. Placement is tomorrow, what time I am not sure of yet. We are just going to enjoy getting ready to take him home tomorrow and I am going to try and enjoy my last night of uninterrupted sleep for a long time :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Dylan's Here!

We got a call from Skyler this morning informing us that Dylan was born at 7:44 AM. He weighed 6lbs. 9oz. and was 20 inches long. Both baby and Jen are doing well!
Brett actually suprised me with a weekend get away in St. George, so we are still there and found an internet connection, because some pictures of Dylan were uploaded to Skyler's mom's blog! Here are the pictures we took from her blog! He's so cute!! Now we have to hurry home in case we get invited to the hospital today :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Getting Closer...

As of yesterday we officially had one week before our little boy's due date! We have been trying really hard to get everything ready this week, so next week we won't be stressed out and can enjoy everything!
*Nursery painted- check
*Old dressers fixed up- check
*Drapes hung- check
*Bassinet assembled- check
*Rocking chair in place- check
*Got enough clothes to keep the little guy covered- check and check!
*Clothes washed in Dreft- check
*Involving Haylee in everything so she's excited for "baby Dylan"- check (funny side story, now whenever Haylee sees a picture of a baby she says "Dylan!" :)

The only thing I need to do now is work on decorating the nursery, but that can come later :)

This is a picture of all of the presents we received at a shower that some friends from my ward threw for me. We got a great turn out and I felt so loved considering I still feel somewhat new to the area. It was also nice having some of my family members come as well. They have all been so great and have helped us so much!! Thanks everyone- we love you!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Staying Sane

Between picking out colors for the nursery, buying paint, making drapes, making blankets, making a tutu for Haylee, shopping for baby clothes, registering for boy baby stuff, attending Girls Camp, deep cleaning my house (I think adoptive mothers go through the nesting phase as well), and keeping up with my energetic 20 month old... I am glad I have this little silly billy to help me stay sane and keep laughing.

I love you Haylee Bailey!!

PS sorry about the poor quality, it was taken with Brett's cell phone

Friday, August 8, 2008


Brett, Haylee, and I had our official face to face meeting with Jen and Skyler last night. Can I just tell you how nervous we were? We didn't have a formal face to face with Haylee's birth mom, so this was all new to us! We feel like everything went really well! We were able to ask a lot of getting to know you questions, so by the end we both felt really comfortable around them. I must say that Brett and I couldn't get over the fact of how mature they were. At their age I don't think I was that mature! We were really impressed with how they knew that adoption was the right thing for their baby. We have a lot of respect for how responsible they are being. We were also able to meet Skyler's mother, who is a great support system for them. Both Jen and Skyler are so lucky to have such an amazing women right at their finger tips! Brett and I just went into this saying- let's just be oursleves, and that's exaclty what we did. We didn't feel like we had to put on a show for them, we just wanted to make sure they left seeing the real Brett and Jenny. Haylee was also her cute little self and was able to stay for the majority of the time. My mom was able to be there, so when Haylee hit her fussy time, she was able to go home with Grandma Pam. We have now taught Haylee to say "Big Sister" which sounds more like "dig disdo" and "Dylan" which is going to be the baby's name.

Now all we have to do is wait for our new little angel to come and we can't wait!

Brett, Me, Haylee, Jen, and Skyler (I wish you could see their brown eyes. They both have the most amazing brown eyes!! One thing's for sure, their baby boy is going to be quite the looker!)

Can you believe she is 9 months pregnant? She had the cuttest little tummy!

Friday, August 1, 2008

No Words

I don't know exactly what words express the feelings we are feeling tonight... Gratitude, Love, Appreciation, Shock, Happiness, Excitement, and the list could go on!!
This afternoon we had an appointment at our Adoption Agency and we walked into a room with this on the desk...

That's right, our family has been chosen and we are expecting a little boy! You can imagine the tears that ran down my cheeks as I read:
"Dear Jenny & Brett & Haylee,
Congratulations It's a Boy!!!
We can't wait to finally meet you at the face to face!
Much love from,
Jen & Skyler & your unborn Son!"
Our face to face meeting is next Thursday at 7:00 PM and we can't wait to meet them!!
Oh, and did I mention that Jen's due date is August 26th? We are still in shock to say the least that we will have a little baby in our home in about 3 weeks, but can't wait!!
Just pray for us that everything turns out OK!!