Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Halloween Fun

Yesterday my mom and I headed over to Gardner Village to show Haylee more pumpkins and some crazy witches! Haylee had a lot of fun and especially loved the hoola hoopin' witch :) Thanks Grandma Pam for a fun afternoon!

she wasn't so sure about sitting next to this weird lady

more interested in the hay than taking a picture

her fav witch

Haylee and Grandma

watching them go around and around...

Last night our family decided to carve our pumpkins! Haylee wasn't too sure about all of the pumpkin guts, but sure loved playing with all of the seeds! She did pull out a "kaaa kaaa!" with total attitude, it was pretty funny! Dylan just slept the whole time, so Brett and I had fun carving 1 1/2 pumpkins together :) Once they were all done Haylee loved seeing them all lit up and kept saying "nanals" (candles)! She even blew one out! Here's a picture of our masterpieces (can you guess which one is Brett's?)

Haylee's, Mommy's, and Daddy's

Group Photo

Lola was checking out the pumpkins all night!

Dylan's Pumpkin :)

He was pretty happy about his pumpkin (1st picture of him smiling for the camera, would you just look at those cheeks??)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Party with the Cousins

Last night we had a Halloween Party with the cousins on Brett's side of the family. It would be an understatement if I said the kids had a blast! They all seriously had so much fun together. April and Zac hosted it at their house and they went above and beyond to make sure the party was a hit. They had a pinata (fully stocked with candy, doughnuts on a string, a mummy race, and prizes! It was fun for Brett and I to see Haylee get so involved and excited about everything! We were all required to dress up and everyone looked great! However, if there was an award for best costume I think Grandma and Grandpa would have one by a land slide! They little girls weren't so sure how to respond to them at first! Keili even told Grandpa that he looked scary! Enjoy the pics! I know there's a lot, but I didn't feel like doing a slide show this time :)

The Whole Gang

The Hales ("Juno")
The Dicksons ("Star Wars")

The Miners (Eskimo & B-Ball Player)

The Borgs (M&M's)

Our Butterfly

Our Dinosaur



Taking a hit at the pinata

gathering as much candy as possible!

Doughnuts on a string...

Wrapping Mummy's & Racing...

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Yesterday our family continued the tradition of picking out our "pumtins," as Haylee calls them, at a Pumpkin Patch! Haylee loved riding in the wheel barrel and looking at all of the pumpkins as we passed them by! We all got to pick out just the right one that was calling out our name. Even Dylan got a little baby pumpkin that we will most likely just write his name on with a marker :)

getting started

2 down 2 to go

Mommy and her chubba lub

Haylee showin' some love to her pumtin
Haylee and Daddy

Our cute kiddos

Haylee loves kissing her brother

The Boys

The Girls


Haylee refuses to take a nap during the day, so this happened for the first time...She fell asleep while eating her dinner!

Dylan refuses to smile once I whip out the camera...
So I just get one of him talking.

Oh, and he already holds his own bottle. Food is pretty important to him, so I guess if he holds it he knows for sure it's comin'!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pictures, Pictures, and more Pictures!

This post is all about pictures! Yesterday our family went to Wheeler Farm with some friends to get a new family picture. We haven't been to Wheeler Farm since we were young, so we were pleasantly surprised at how many great photo spots there were! Here are some of my favorites, which one do you like?
Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

Brett also took some pictures of all the little girls on his side of the family for his dad's birthday/father's day present (I know a little late). All of the girls were wearing a shirt with some musician/music group on them and tutus! They all looked so cute! Well, we finally gave it to him last night, so we can finally post some of the cutest pictures in the world!

Pretty Little Girls

Gotta love their tutu bums!

Taryn (AC/DC)

Keili (Bob Marley)

Haylee (Johnny Cash)

Emersyn (The Beetles)

Little Buddies

This is one of Brett's fav pictures

The only way we got them to sit still was we told them to look for fishies!

we had to get pictures of Dylan too (he was only 8 days old!)