Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giving Thanks

I thought that it was about time that I started posting again to end all of the smack talk. After all, I don't want to lose all of my BYU friends ;) Not much has gone on at our house this past week besides the excitement of the rivalry game! Dylan did turn 3 months yesterday and is getting chubbier everyday! Haylee is also getting closer and closer to turning 2! Her birthday is on December 9th and I can't believe it! I wish I had some recent pictures to post but I don't. So, in thinking about what to write about I thought it would be appropriate (given that it's National Adoption Month and Thanksgiving tomorrow) to give thanks to 3 amazing people: Mindy, Jen, and Skyler. All three of them are our angels and hero's! Without the 3 of them, Brett and I wouldn't have the opportunity to be parents and to experience all of the joys that goes along with it. We feel so blessed to have had such a positive experience with both of our adoptions!
From the day Hayle was born we have stayed very close to Haylee's birth family, which just so happens to be apart of Brett's extended family too! We see Mindy, Cindy (Nana), and Marco on a monthly basis. Haylee will always know that she was placed for adoption because of love and I know that she can feel that when Mindy is around.

Mindy & Haylee Halloween 2007

Mindy & Haylee- Haylee's 1st Birthday

Haylee & Marco- January 2008

Dylan is also very fortunate to have two great birth parents. Jen and Skyler are amazing and have shown a sense of maturity from the first day we met them. Brett and I just love the two of them so much. It has also been a blessing that Skyler has been so supportive. In some adoption situations, the birth father doesn't always cooperate, so the fact that Skyler has been so great is huge!! We have enjoyed seeing Jen and Skyler twice since placement! I also enjoy the occasional text from Jen! You can see the love radiate from them when they hold Dylan. He's a very lucky boy to have them in his life and we are a very lucky family to have all 3 of them in ours.

The day before placement, Jen and Skyler hired a professional photographer to go to the hospital. If these pictures aren't the epitome of love, I don't know what is...

Halloween- 2008

Before adoption became apart of our lives I would hear or see those cheesy commercials on the radio and t.v.. You know the ones I'm talking about "Adoption, it's about love..." The funny thing is, if you had to put into words exactly what adoption is all about, it is love. Unconditional love between the birth parents and their children, love between the adoptive families and birth families, and eternal love between the adoptive parents and their children. So, this November we give thanks to God for placing these special people in our lives.

Well Worth The Wait!

Last night my mom, Meghan, and I had a girls night out and went and saw Twilight! You could tell that every other girl in the valley had already seen it, because the theater was empty!! All I have to say is, it was well worth the wait! I loved the movie! If you haven't seen it yet, use your own discretion if you want to read on...
I thought they did a really good job with the movie considering how long the book is and how short the movie is. I have mixed feelings about the actress who played Bella and Edward definitely grew on me! Alice was perfect and so was Jasper. I had a hard time connecting with Esme because she was just "Eva" on Gray's Anatomy. Did anyone else notice that they used two actors from the past show "The OC?" It was James and Rosalie. There were a few scenes where I think they over did the pale make-up (Carlisle's first appearance for example, way too much powder). Before seeing the movie I wondered if they would continue on and finish the series, but after I saw the way it ended with Victoria, they have to finish the series! I'm totally down for seeing it again if anyone needs a buddy to go with!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

For us it's not a "Quest," it's just something we do!!!

What an amazing game! Back to the BCS we go, while 3rd place BYU is headed to New Mexico??? After BYU came back from 17-3 deficit it seemed like we were headed for another barn burner, until the fourth quarter. My favorite stat of the game comes from BYU's heisman hopeful, Max Hall, 5 interceptions 0 touchdowns. He was Utah's MVP. The past few years we've heard, "Harlin's still open" and "4-18," what comes now? "Max Hall's still throwing"? Next year's theme for BYU should be "Road to Repentance," because I didn't see any magic today, they must not be living right. Hats off to Utah's O-line for the great protection, Brian Johnson for his great passing, recievers for the key catches, and our DB's for becoming Max Hall's favorite targets. I will post more later but I've got to help get the kids to bed, hopefully some time tomorrow. Enjoy these pics from various sources. GO UTES!!!


Sweet BCS

Kruger says, "I eat pieces of $#@! like you for breakfast."

Best QB on the field tonight

This is why Whitt went to Utah and not BYU

Another complete pass, I mean interception, for Hall. He'll cry himself to sleep on his huge pillow.


Congrats on a perfect season!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Rivalry Week #4

"Hey Collie what happened with Prop 8?" Honestly, I wasn't going to talk smack today, but when you stumble across your rival's most feared player like this!!! BYU makes themselves look bad enough without a Ute fan doing it? I guess according to the honor code you don't have to wear your garments while dressing as a homosexual. Does that mean BYU players never wear their garments? For those who may not recognize him, this is Austin Collie.

Tomorrow is game day. Are you nervous? I sure am. These games are always so hard on my health. I hate these games so much I love them. With everything that's on the line tomorrow: Conference Championship, undeafeted season, BCS berth, complete national dominance over your rival, and years of recruiting; I figured it would be fitting to share with you guys highlights of the last time we were in this position. Please watch the whole thing and get pumped for tomorrow.

I just wanted to thank everyone for checking up on my blog during the best rivalry week ever. Do you realize what we are living right now? My dad has been a die hard Ute fan his whole life and he told me today that he has never witnessed anything like this. He said, "This is the reason we have gotten tickets all of these years, for the possibilty of this game." How lucky are we? Tony, thanks for your comments.I think between the both of us we were able to pump up both the red and blue. For those who don't know Tony and I are good friends and we are just having fun with eachother. It is important that Sunday morning we are all good winners and good losers and can go back to co-existing. This rivalry is fun, but it's important that it only lasts a week. Sorry if I have offended anyone this week. I just want this rivalry to be the greatest and that can only happen with all of us fanatics.

Only one more post from me, and then it returns to Jenny's blog. Hopefully my post will be one of celebration tomorrow!

"I am a Utah Man, Sir" GO UTES

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rivalry Week #3

Now for today's latest edition of rivalry smack. I want everyone to listen to this song that has been pretty popular over the radio the last two weeks written by a Ute fan.

I can't help but feel bad for those BYU fans who were brainwashed with the whole "Perfect Season" and "We're king of the Mountain West" talk that was brought on by Bronco and Austin Collie. It would have been great if BYU could have kept up on their end and not gotten spanked by TCU. It would have been fun to have two undeafeated teams fighting for it all, I would have loved for Utah to steal away all of BYU's dreams. However I did love watching TCU run them off the field. Oh well at least Utah got here at a perfect 11-0!

I ran into Max Hall's twin brother today and he said that BYU fans have nothing to worry about because BYU has made a special helmet for this game that might actually cover up Max's enormous head. For those who don't know his brother, I have a picture.
I know the resemblance is uncanny. I don't know if he needs such a big helmet to cover his head or just his ears, experts are looking into it.

Tomorrow I hope to have a great post to get everyone excited, there probably won't be much smack talk, we'll just have to see how I feel. I hope you're pumped and loving rivalry week. GO UTES!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rivalry Week #2

My job this week is to get all Ute fans excited for the big game and to piss off as many Y fans as possible, the list on both sides is already growing. After the feedback on my last post I realize that this is the best rivalry out there. So much hatred, so much animosity, so much ignorance, and so much pride. (the ignorance is from BYU fans) For those who like to look at common opponents to judge a game, ie: Utah beat TCU by three and BYU lost to TCU by 27 therefore Utah is 24 points better than BYU, if you take all of their common opponents and add up the scores Utah is 91 points better than BYU. I know this stat means nothing as to the outcome of the game, but it is fun to talk about.

I figure there is only one way that BYU can beat us. That is if Max Hall decides to use his God given talent to fly over Utah's tough defense, that is the only way they can score more than 14 points. For those who don't know what I mean, Have you ever seen how big his ears are? Honestly!!! Can you say, "Dumbo?"

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rivalry Week

Before you get confused, this is Brett. Needless to say this week is a very big week in our family. I am constantly reminded how much I HATE the cougars. It should shape up to be a big game Saturday, and hopefully the Utes will be victorious and be BCS bound. I would love to watch the cougars cry as we crash the BCS on the year that they were supposed to do it. Their "Quest for Perfection" has now become a "Terestial Quest!" Anyways as usual at the bakery we are selling our rivalry cookies, so I thought I would show a pic so you could go get some if you liked them. Please note that we cannot make a "Utah Sucks" cookie, because we are LDS and are not allowed to lie, that would be a sin, and we need to live right on and off the field, so that "Magic can happen"- Quote from Austin Collie for those who didn't recognize it. GO UTES!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Disney On Ice

I don't know where the time has gone! Haylee and I went to Disney On Ice last Wed. night and still haven't blogged about it :)
Haylee's Birth Grandma Cindy (aka Nana) invited Haylee and I to go see Disney On Ice with her, Mindy (Haylee's birth mom), Mindy's daughter Matalie, Marco (Haylee's biological half brother), and Krystal (Mindy's boyfriend's daughter). You get the relations?:) Needless to say it was a fun night out for Haylee and I. Haylee loved Nemo the most and then Belle. It's actually a tie for second between Belle and Lumiere (she is obsessed with candles right now). She actually sat and watched the entire show without getting wiggly! It was also nice to be with Haylee's birth family. I am sure half of you reading this post are thinking "wouldn't that be awkward?" And it really isn't. We have had an open adoption with Haylee's birth family since day one. They come over to visit at least once a month and everything is very positive. It was nice to sit and talk to Mindy about things and I asked her now that Haylee is older if she can tell who Haylee's birth father is and she has determined that it is Juan. So our little Haylee is half Mexican. It's nice to know for Haylee's sake so that she doesn't ever wonder. We are so lucky to have two great birth families that we love and can talk to and see ocasionally. Adoption really is about love and no child can receive too much love from too may people!

(L-R) Mindy & Matalie, Marco, Me & Haylee, Krystal, Cindy

Dylan stayed home with Daddy for some male bonding time, but was super smilie when we got home!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Need Your Advice!

Haylee's 2 year birthday is coming up, so Brett and I decided to get her a big girl bed (which we found at RC Willey and is pretty dang cute). This way Dylan can have the crib and everyone is happy. Well, to be honest I am stressing out big time! I don't know why but I am way nervous for Haylee to make the transition from a crib to a bed. She has been an awesome sleeper and I would hate to ruin that by putting her in a bed! She usually just goes right to sleep when I lay her down, now I am worried that she is going to hop right out and come down stairs (she can now reach the door knob and open doors which has been a lot of fun;). So, for those mothers who have been where I am, I need your advice! Is it really going to be as bad as I am thinking? What if she doesn't like her bed and wont sleep in it? How do I keep her from climbing out of her bed? What do I do???

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One of each

I've decided that having one girl and one boy is perfect! Brett has his little boy to do boy stuff and I have my little girl to do girl stuff! This last weekend Brett was able to take his son to his 1st University of Utah event! The Utes Men's Basketball Team had an exhibition game on Saturday and since it was inside, Dylan was able to go! Of course he was his usual angel self and just sat there looking around until he got tired, then it was Mommy's job to rock him to sleep!
Haylee also loves to help her mommy with everything she does! One of her new things is helping me cook! She especially loves to help with breakfast because I let her throw the eggs in the bowl to crack them for me! The other morning we made french toast and before I could hand her an egg she had already grabbed one and threw it in the kitchen sink! At least it landed in the sink :) She also loved helping me stir the batter and dip (or throw) the bread in the bowl. She's such a good "helper!"

Friday, November 7, 2008

What a Game, What a Game!

All I have to say is our defensive line won the game for us! The ending score was 13-10 and Brian Johnson pulled through once again and threw a touchdown pass to Freddie Brown with 48 seconds left in the game! Utah is now 10-0 and if they remain undefeated, they'll be BCS Bowl Eligible!! The Utes play San Diego State next Saturday, then it's on to the Holy War on November 22nd. We'll keep our fingers and toes crossed that they can continue their winning streak!! Last night was also a black out night and the Utes wore black jerseys and the fans were covered in black as well! It was pretty cool to see the sea of black! Go Utes!!

Brett and Me before the game

Jason and Meghan all bundled up!

Me and My cute Mom

Me step dad Mark and Grandpa Paul

The end score board

The Black Out Jerseys!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Black Out!

Will you be there?

U of U vs. TCU

November 6th- Rice Eccles Stadium- 6:00 pm

Go Utes!