Saturday, December 27, 2008

Funny Kids...

I think I have some pretty funny kids! Now that Haylee is 2 and can do and say more, she makes me laugh (and sometimes mad) every day! Brett and I were in the kitchen, and to be honest, we were kissing (I know that sounds odd, but married couples do kiss occasionally) and all of a sudden we look over at Haylee and this is what she looked like...Brett and I just started busting up laughing and I grabbed the camera. I had just given her an oreo cookie dessert thing that I got from my friend Sarah (which I am still waiting for the recipe Sarah) and apparently Haylee went to town on it! It was pretty funny!
The day before Christmas Eve I always bring Brett dinner since he has to work through the night. This year, Haylee and I stayed afterwards and helped Daddy for a little bit. Here's a baker's daughter in training... (I only had my camera phone, so the quality isn't that great)
Dylan is also starting to have more of a personality and I think he's pretty funny too! I had to wrap some Christmas presents while Haylee was taking a nap, so Dylan and I went in the basement so that we didn't have to be too quiet! Well, since Dylan's neck is now strong enough I decided to stick him in our walker for the first time and he loved it! I really tried hard to get a picture of his excited face, but every time I would take the picture, he would turn his head!
Dylan also reached a milestone on Christmas Day- he got to eat cereal for the very first time. I didn't think Dylan would have any problems eating cereal, and I was right! He dug right in and I couldn't shovel it in his mouth fast enough!
Brett and I took both of our kids in for their wellness exam, Dylan for his 4 month and Haylee for her 2 year, the day after Christmas. Haylee is still tall and skinny (67% for height and 3% for weight) and Dylan is now tall and chubby (90% for height and 61% for weight) 7 more LBS and Dylan can catch up to Haylee's weight!! We sure love our kids and feel so lucky to have both of them!

Playing Catch Up!

I guess a lot has happened since I last posted, so I don't even know where to start! Christmas this year was as fun as ever!! Brett and I still can't believe we had 2 kids to share it with! Christmas Eve was spent at my mom's house and my grandpa & grandma's house. My mom gave us and the kids really nice gifts! I think Haylee is excited to use her Aquarium pass to go see the fishies! At my grandma and grandpa's house we received the traditional Christmas jammies. Ages now range from 4 months to 29 years and we ALL receive jammies!

The next morning we had to finally wake Haylee up at 9:00 to start our Christmas. I wish the video wasn't so big, because I would love to show you how dead she was! She was out cold. Brett and I were yelling at the top of our lungs- Santa Came! Merry Christmas Haylee! And she wouldn't budge! It was way funny, until I had to be a mommy and put my hand on her chest to make sure she was still breathing, then when I could tell she was, it was funny again! Haylee loved her gifts and I think Dylan did too... It was fun to have a child that actually got excited for Christmas this year! After our xmas fun was over, we headed up to Brett's parent's house for xmas breakfast and more gifts!! It was a lot of fun this year having 9 grand kids there! Our next stop was to my other grandparent's house for Christmas Ham Dinner! Yummy- enough said... We then ventured up to the Stratton's in Bountiful where we were entertained by Easton, Mark, and Tyson in the band room. Emersyn and Taye were pretty good on the bongo's too! The next thing we knew it was storming like crazy, so we hit the road, feared for our lives on the freeway as cars were spinning circles in front of us, but we made it home safe and sound! What a great Christmas it was though!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Doin' the Christmas thing...

Even though Brett's work schedule is insanely busy, we do find time to do the Christmas thing...
This year we went and saw the light's at Temple Square early on in the month, so the weather wasn't too bad. We broke out the double wide, bundled up the kiddos, and enjoyed all of the pretty lights. Haylee thought they were all candles and tried to blow them out the whole time :) Dylan just sat there with his eyes wide open and took it all in.

ready to go

mommy and the kids

daddy and the kids

Family photos

We also made a trip to see one of Santa's helpers at the Sorensen House. I'm actually pretty sure he's the real deal though. Santa was darling and his beard was as real as can be! Haylee was really excited to see Santa, but when it came time to sit on his lap, she thought twice about it. She didn't cry but she wasn't going to let go of mommy to sit on his lap, so we all just sat next to him instead. Haylee was still giving him high hives and bones, she just didn't want him to hold her.

While most of the guys in Brett's family trekked up to Idaho to watch the Ute's B-Ball team, all of the girls met up and made our traditional Christmas goodies. We used to plate them all up and pass them out as neighbor gifts, but this time we all decided to just eat everything ourselves :)
We also had our traditional Christmas jammies and story book night with Brett's side of the family. Grandma Lucy and Grandpa Steve sure know how to make the kids happy! They all loved their p.j.'s and story books! It's such a cute tradition and it was cute to see Haylee get so in to it this year.

all the grandkids (now there's one more! congrats Kristi!)

Haylee and Keili lovin' Grandma

chillin' with daddy

We still have many more Christmas Parties and traditions to come, but there's a start!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Birthday update...

Needless to say, Haylee had a blast at her birthday party. Towards the end, seeing that she didn't have a nap, she got a little tired but still hung in there and stayed happy. The celebration started at 4:00 when Haylee's birth family came over. They gave her a cute Princess couch and jammies that she absolutely loves! We also had cupcakes and Haylee blew out her candles all by herself without spitting on anything! A little later Brett's and my family came over for her birthday party. Who doesn't love 40 people in their house? It actually wasn't that bad and it seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves. As mentioned in the previous post, Haylee had a Ute Birthday Party, so we had red and white balloons, played pin the feather on the U, gave out red and white party favors (Utah tattoo included), and of course she had a Utah birthday cake. I still wanted her cake to be somewhat girly, so my mom and I dressed up some Disney princesses to look like Utah princesses! Haylee got some really cute clothes and really fun toys that she hasn't stopped playing with since Tuesday! Haylee is still singing "Happy Birthday" and won't let us throw the balloons away just yet. Thank you everyone for making it such a special day!

Haylee, Mindy, & Marco

Haylee & Mommy

playing with balloons w/ Daddy

pin the feather on the U

Haylee's cake

this is what happens when you ask your BYU fan uncle to wear red

our football player & his 2 chins

blowing out the candles

enjoying the cake

We are now trying to get her excited for Christmas since she is old enough to understand it more and she can say "Ho Ho Ho Merr Memas." We did go visit Santa already and will post those pictures soon.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Haylee Bailey!

ready to go see lights last week

I can't believe that Haylee is 2 today! We have been talking about her birthday for about a month now and have been practicing her blowing out candle skills, so that no spit gets on the cake! She has been totally excited this week and this morning she is bouncing off the walls! She keeps talking about everyone that's coming to her party tonight and candles. She also skipping around the house saying "birthday, birthday, birthday!"

Here are a few things that makes Haylee, Haylee right now...

* She is such a funny little nut. She does things every day that makes us laugh. The other day she took off her diaper, went in the bathroom, came out of the bathroom and said "poo poo." So I went in the bathroom, saw that the toilet seat was down and panicked! No poop was to be found, but I could see a puddle of pee on top of the seat. Guess from now on we need to leave the lid up!

* Haylee has a really tender heart. If she does something notty, she immediately starts to cry and says sorry and kisses the person better.

* She loves to do things on her own. After doing something by herself, she says "Good Job!"

* She loves to play with her Daddy and every night after dinner she says "I'm gonna get you!" then runs off in hopes that Brett will chase her around the house.

* She loves to dance and sing to any music. We have a silly songs CD in the car and Haylee is always picking up on new words to songs and sings along. It's pretty cute!

* She loves her baby brother and constantly wants to be with him and if we run an arron without him she asks "where Dylan?" the whole time!

*Haylee has a really good memory. If we do something or say something at a specific place, the next time we go back, she'll repeat what ever it was we did again.

* Haylee is learning about Jesus and prayer and does a very good job of folding her arms, sitting still, and saying amen when we are done. Sometimes if the prayer is too long, she'll say amen in the middle of it! She can also point out Jesus in any picture she sees.

* Even though she has a big girl bed now, Haylee loves to call for her mom at the top of her lungs to get her out of bed in the morning and after nap time :) What a way to wake up!

* Haylee is still obsessed with the Utes and will be having a Ute birthday party tonigt, check back for more details!

Happy Birthday Haylee we love you!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Big Girl Bed!

I can't believe a week has already past by this big event and I haven't blogged about it yet! What is it with this time of year? I swear some days I don't even have time to sit for a second! Well, on Thanksgiving Day since Brett and I were both home we decided it was time to put Haylee's big girl bed together and take down her crib. The entire time we were assembling we made sure to tell Haylee what was going on and she seemed pretty excited about it (whether she really understood it or not). In taking some advice given from some friends, we ended up buying a guard rail to put on the end of her bed so that she couldn't fall out. We also took a door knob from one of the bathrooms since it has a lock on it and put it on Haylee's door backwards so that we could lock it from the outside. When it came time to put Haylee down that night I think I was more worried that her! She was a little nervous and clung on to me for a few extra seconds before deciding it was OK and safe to lay down by herself. We locked the door just in case she decided to climb out, but she didn't! She whined for about 2 minutes then fell right asleep! After making sure she was asleep, I unlocked the door and went in and peaked at her and she was out cold and snuggled up to her bumper pad (we put one up against the wall and one up against the guard rail so she wouldn't bonk her head). She woke up the next morning saying "big girl bed!" And I was so proud of her!! That day she took her nap like a champ and went to bed that night just fine. I was all worried for nothing! It has now been a week and she hasn't once climbed out of bed or had a hard time sleeping at night or at nap time! I still lock her door every night just in case, then unlock it about an hour later, but so far I haven't really needed to!!
Since then, I've just been planning her 2 year old B-Day Party, which is coming up and decorating the house for Christmas! The last 2 feet of our tree is bare because of our cat and toddler. Now if I could only figure out a way to keep our cat from climbing up the middle of the tree, all would be well! I swear I am going to come home one day and the tree will be tipped over on the ground!

helping us assemble & getting excited!

She had to sit on every part of the bed for some reason

The finished product!

laying down for the 1st time!

the next morning she wanted Dylan to lay next to her and show off her bed!