Friday, December 18, 2009

Haylee turned 3!

It's only been a week since Haylee's 3rd birthday and I still can't believe she is really that big!! It seems like yesterday we saw her for the first time at the hospital, had placement, brought her home, finalized, and were sealed to her! Time really does go by so fast!
What better way to bring in your 3rd year than to have 3 parties?? Haylee had her first party with Brett's side of the family. Since there are so many birthdays near each other we decided to combine a few.
Keili and Haylee blowing out their candles
Her 2nd was with my family Haylee getting ready to spit (yes, she spit on her candles to blow them out)
and her 3rd was with a cute little group of girlfriends and cousins on her actual birthday! We had her birthday party at the Bead Fairy, so her theme was "Tinker Bell." All of her little guests got to make their very own bracelet and they all seemed to have fun. In my opinion this was the only way to go- have someone else host and clean up your party :)
Haylee and her cute little friend Sadie (they could pass for sisters)
our friends Tiffany and Jakelle (Haylee and Jakelle have been best friends since Haylee was born)
our new friends the Carrs, Haylee and Lexi are in the same primary class!
Haylee's cute cousins Emersyn and Keili and her aunt Kristi
cute cousin Beka and aunt Meggie
opening presents
blowing out her candles
happy little birthday girl!
Later on her birthday Cindy, Mindy, and Marco came over and gave her some really cute clothes and a little kitchen set, which she loves!! In fact, she loves all of her presents and plays with every one of them over and over every day. My messy house can attest to that :)
doing Mindy's hair

Haylee really has grown up this past year! She loves to tell little stories and we think she has an imaginary friend. She talks to them and plays with them all the time. She is really good at playing pretend and goes to "work," which is under our bathroom sink and goes "shopping" with her purse all the time. She's always asking to wear make-up and for me to do her hair. We are working on her listening skills- she can be quite naughty at times. She's also becoming a little manipulator and her legs become "broken" if she doesn't want to do something. She has her moments when she can be a nice big sister. She loves to teach Dylan new words and says "good job Dylan" when he mimics her. She looks forward to story time at night and has little rewards in the morning if mommy doesn't have to sleep in her bed halfway through the night. She is still very friendly and says "hi" to everyone we meet when we are out and about and she calls every old person "grandma" or "grandpa." She is still obsessed with being clean and her new obsession is cleaning out every little toe when she takes off her shoes and socks. She loves to be cuddled and watch shows with mommy and daddy, which we both love! Haylee is just a joy to have around. She does have her naughty moments, but usually makes them up somehow. I can't wait to see her continue to grow and develop through the years. We just love our little princess Haylee Bailey!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Borg Family Pictures

A few months ago we got new pictures taken with Brett's side of the family. Here are the results...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Go Utes!

Let the Holy War begin! GO UTES!

Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon

Last night I went with Brett's family to see a 9:00 showing of "New Moon." All I have to say is...
better acting
WAY better make up
better graphics
Oh, and how could I leave out... GREAT EYE CANDY! I'm on Edward's Team because I have read the book. But, if I were to base my allegiance on the movie, then I might have to consider Team Jacob. That boy may be young, but he was very nice to look at! I can't wait to go again!!

we made special "Team Edward" and "Team Jacob" shirts :)

Team Jacob

Team Edward

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Since 3 out of 4 people in our family were sick these past two weeks, we had to fit in all of our Halloween Fun in two days! Friday night we finally carved our pumpkins. It was actually Brett and I who carved them. Haylee wouldn't have anything to do with it (except for stab the pumpkin with a carving knife) because it was too messy and Dylan was too concerned about all the donuts that were heading out the door. Since we went to the Utah Football Game on Halloween night we decided to give out our annual Halloween Donuts on Friday night. We put a sign out in front of our house and crossed our fingers that some people would come! We gave out almost all 9 dozen donuts and with every one that went out the door, Dylan shed a tear. He didn't like the idea that we were giving his 108 donuts to other people :)

carving pumpkins

group pic!

our works of art! (Dylans, Haylee's, Daddy's, and Mommy's pumpkins)

In these past two days our kids were also able to spend time with their birth families! Haylee and Dylan just love when they get to spend time with them! They get to show off all of their new tricks and get absolutely spoiled!

Dylan with Tim and Vicky (Skyler's parents), and Natalie (their grand daughter)

Dylan with Jen and Skyler

Haylee with Mindy
Yesterday during the day I took Haylee and Dylan to go see Great Grandma Anne, Grandma Pam, and Daddy and Grandpa Steve at the bakery. Haylee loved being Snow White for the entire day! She would not take off her dress all day long! She probably would have slept in it if I would have let her! Dylan was also a trooper and didn't really mind his costume either!

ready to go visit everyone!

Great Grandma Anne and Grandma Pam

Grandpa Steve at the bakery
Later that evening I took Haylee trick or treating with her friend Jakelle, then it was off to the U of U Black Out Game! Those Utes gave us a little scare, but pulled off a win with a try at a new quarter back!
Jakelle and Haylee ready to go!

Dylan in his costume

have you ever seen a prettier Snow White?

trick or treat!

My fam at the U game

Tonight we have our annual cousin's Halloween Party, so more pics will come!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Vegas Vacation

For the past few months our family (especially me :) looked forward to this fun trip to Vegas! All the girls in Brett's family got to fly down to Vegas on Friday afternoon, while the guys drove the kids to St. George. Once all of us girls landed in Vegas, we checked in our hotel, went to dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe, and went and saw the Cirque du soleil KA. It was so fun just being with the girls and not having to be on a kid's schedule :) The show KA is a must see if you go to Vegas! It's the 1st Cirque show I've ever seen, so I don't have anything to compare it to, but they did an amazing job! I loved every minute of it! The next day we were able to sleep in a little bit and shop a lot!! We went to some really fun stores and even drove out of our way to Henderson for a fabulous store with great deals!! Yes, I even broke in and bought some skinny jeans on this trip ;)
All the girls going to KA (L-R) Aunt Debbie, Jamie, Lucy, Stephanie, Kristi, Megan, April, and Me)
sporting our Ute attire and shopping!

All things have to come to an end and the boys finally drove down and met us with all the kids! Just kidding, you know we all love our kids, but I'd be lying if I said we weren't enjoying our little time without them. Anyway, after meeting them at the hotel all the Mommies fixed the girl's hair and headed to the UNLV vs. Utah game. It was hard to see if the Utes had a good turn out because everyone was in red! It was a good game though and all the cousins loved climbing from bench to bench playing with each other!
our fam at the game

this is how Dylan remained happy during the game

Haylee showing off her cousin's hat

Mommy and Dylan (seriously, this kid had a ton of licorice!)

Brett and his dad watching the game, see the resemblance??

The next day was also eventful! After breakfast and Dylan's nap, we headed over to an outdoor mall near the Vegas airport that had a great little playground! The kids loved it and had a great time! The park also had a splash park and Haylee couldn't resist but to play in it, so we had to strip her down to her skimpies since she didn't have a swim suit with her. But at that age, who cares right? Dylan also thought he wanted in on the fun, but the second he went out to the water a huge sprinkler came up and hit him in the behind! He wasn't a big fan of that, so he got out of there as fast as he could! After the park Haylee didn't have enough fun in the water, so I took her swimming for a little bit while Daddy and Dylan hung out in the hotel room. After swimming we grabbed a bite to eat, then it was farewell to Brett! His dad and him were lucky and got to go see Bob Dylan in concert. For those of you that don't know- Brett is a huge Dylan fan (hence our son's name). So, what does a mommy and 2 kids do all by themselves in Vegas?? You find the nearest Wal Mart and go shopping :) The breakfast buffet just didn't cut it for us, so I decided to go buy fruit, juice, and granola bars for the next day. And since I was nice enough to let Brett go see a concert in Vegas without me, I rewarded myself with a pint of Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough Ice Cream :) I even bought 48 spoons just so I could have one to eat with! I did go to the deli first to see if they had one I could have, but the lady said they have been out of spoons for while. I thought that was a little strange since the deli is in a Wal Mart! Couldn't they just go grab a box of spoons from the shelf?? Anyway, the extra 47 spoons were totally worth it, the ice cream hit the spot :) I had to force myself not to eat the whole pint! Luckily the kids were very cooperative and went to sleep without a fight.

our little stud

Daddy and Haylee sitting for a bit at the park

Haylee and Keili

Haylee on center stage!

Dylan trying out the slide!

Haylee couldn't resist but touch the water

Dylan was amazed by it too!

so we stripped them down to their skimpies :)

Haylee testing the water

Dylan crawling away after getting nailed in the behind

he didn't like that very much!

Mommy trying to tell Dylan that it's fun and OK!

Haylee with her uncle Trevor and cousin Keili running around!

The next morning we packed up and headed home. The kids actually slept most of the way and we even treated ourselves with In-n-Out burger in St. George! All in all it was a great family trip full of good memories (except for the fact that Haylee, Dylan, and Brett brought home the swine flu! yah, I have no idea how I was lucky enough not to get it)!