Friday, January 30, 2009

They Grow So Fast!

I had a moment this morning while I was feeding Dylan his morning cereal and pears (he started eating baby food this week and loves it!). As I was looking at him while shoveling his food in his mouth as fast as possible (he gets mad if you don't do it fast enough) I couldn't believe how big he has gotten. Then I started to feel guilty for not taking as many pictures of him as we did of Haylee. I think every parent takes more of their 1st than their 2nd, but I didn't want that to happen to Dylan! So after he was finished with his cereal I hurried and grabbed the camera before wiping off his face, because I realized we don't have a "messy face" picture of him yet! Then after I got Haylee ready for the day today I realized that she is growing up too! Way too fast! So I captured a picture of her before it's too late to capture her in this stage! Why do they have to grow so fast? But at the same time, each stage gets better and better so it's all worth it at the same time right?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Utah B-Ball

I know it seems like all I post about is kids and Utah sports, but that's all that's happened lately so deal with it ;) We're not just Utah Football fans, we are actually die hard UTAH fans. We love going to any Utah event and actually have season tickets to the basketball games too! Last night was the Utah vs. BYU game and you bet we were there supporting our Utes! The game was at 8:00, so Haylee and Dylan had to stay home since that's their bedtime (thanks Jare for babysitting:). It was one of the funnest rivalry basketball game I've been too! Even when there were 30 seconds left and the score was tied Brett leaned over and said "no matter what the outcome is, it's been a great rivalry game." It seemed like it was a cat and mouse chase from the beginning and the Utes struggled to take the lead. The game finally went into overtime and the Utes pulled through with the win! You forget when you don't go out with the kids that your camera is in the diaper bag so Brett and I had to take pictures with our phones, hence the poor quality!

Utah 94- BYU 88

we were almost out of the stadium before I remembered to take a pic!

Even though we didn't get to bed until midnight and Brett had to work at 3:00 AM and I had to get up with a baby, it was well worth the lack of sleep! Go Utes!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Date is Set!

We finally have heard back from the courts and will finalize Dylan's adoption on Monday, March 2nd! We'll then go to the temple on March 3rd to have him sealed to our family for time and all eternity!! Yeah, the wait is almost over!


Would you just look at those beauties? We went to an autograph event up at the U on Saturday and were able to take a family pic in front of these two beautiful trophies :)
Mountain West Champs and Sugar Bowl Chaps. Sweet Victory.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Perfection Parade

For those who weren't there, the Perfection Parade was a blast! There were thousands of Ute fans wearing red and the energy was running high! The coaches and players were all touched that they had such a good turn out! Brett and I dropped Dylan off at my sister-in-law's house since it was a little too cold and he's a little too heavy to hold the entire time :) We then took Haylee to Crown Burger and afterwards walked to the Delta Center and caught Trax. Haylee was in heaven since she is really big into choo choos right now! She kept saying "weee!" and "go for a ride!" We also surprisingly ran into Brett's sister's and their families which was crazy considering how many people were there! We all had a good time and it was fun seeing our football team all together once again...

Freddie Brown

Coach Witt, Sly, Mower, & Brian Johnson

The Borgs
Haylee's boyfriend Louie! She chants, Louie Louie Louie, all the time!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ahhh... Much Better!

After the holidays are over, Brett and I usually plan some sort of get away since Brett has pretty much worked around the clock. He needs a break to get caught up on sleep and I need a break from the kids (don't get me wrong, I love my kids dearly, but sometimes a mommy needs a little r & r). Last year we went to Mexico and this year we decided we couldn't do that again, so we just decided to go overnight somewhere. I didn't take any pictures, but if I did, there would be pictures of us standing in a 2 hour line to see Body World, getting Chinese take out, eating our take out on an ottoman in our room that we turned into a table, watching a rerun of the bachelor (yes, Brett does love me), and going to sleep by 9:45 PM. We feel a little old, but the sleep was much needed! We didn't wake up until 8:30, which is a lot of sleep if you do the math, and made it just in time for a delicious breakfast. After breakfast we took another nap until 10:30 since we had to check-out at 11:00 (or else we would have probably napped longer :). I can't remember the last time I felt this relaxed! Thank you everyone for watching our kids so that we could get away!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Blessed Maglite

For the past month Dylan has been really spitty and becomes more fussy each week. We have tried every formula under the sun and so far nothing seems to fix him. Yesterday I found myself at the pediatrician's office with him in desperate need to find out what's wrong with him. The Dr. came to the conclusion that he has acid reflux (which we have suspected for the past month, but he hasn't been fussy until this past week). So we have him on 1/4 t. of Gaviscon before each bottle. If that doesn't help then I need to get Prevacid. We're hoping the Gaviscon is going to be enough since it's over the counter and comes in a big bottle! Well, for the past few weeks he has only slept 6-8 hours straight if he is in his swing. I think it's a combination of being lightly rocked all night and being upright. We have already gone through 2 sets of 3 D batteries and last night when I went in to feed him around 2 AM, his swing was off!! As I sat there feeding him I started to think if we had some back up D batteries anywhere in the house. When he was done eating I ran downstairs and started to hunt. We only had one spare in our junk drawer (you know you all have a junk drawer), so I started to panic! Which toy, object, or anything for that matter took D batteries?? I found myself in our freezing cold garage searching for anything I could. Then, I found it. Our trusty Maglite! I unscrewed the bottom of the flashlight and was so glad when I saw sitting inside were enough D working batteries to fire up Dylan's swing again! I never thought I would be this grateful for a flashlight in my life! Dylan went right back to sleep and slept in until 8:00 this morning! Now I need to run to the store and make sure we always have a backup stash of D batteries until he starts sleeping in is crib again!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


You can tell we enjoyed watching the game last night :) What do you expect from a 4 month old?

We are so proud of the Utes and their perfect season! Last night's game was seriously so much fun to watch! And Bama was wondering who Utah was? I think the Utes left their mark and will never be forgotten.