Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dylan's Blessing Day- it was perfect!

Just like that... it's all over. I feel like I have spent the last week on my feet working on some sort of project or cleaning my house to prepare for today, and just like that, it's all over. We were able to bless Dylan today and it was perfect. Brett gave Dylan a beautiful blessing and my heart was full as I looked around the chapel at all of our family and friends. I was also grateful that Jen and Skyler were able to make it with their parents. I know that Dylan will appreciate their support too when he's old enough to understand.
I am also so grateful for all those who helped with the lunch at our house afterwards. Everything was so good and perfect! There were plenty of leftovers, which we feasted on tonight for dinner at 8:00 PM! That's right, we stayed home all day, had a late nap (all four of us- a miracle), and ate dinner at 8:00. Today was perfect.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How in the Heck...

Am I supposed to decide which pictures to develop?? My very talented friend Brittany took our family's pictures on Saturday at the Salt Lake Temple. I really wanted some pictures of us all in our temple whites and so here they are... I LOVE them ALL and am not sure which ones to print and frame!! Here are just a few...

See what I mean?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Visit to the Aquarium

If you have a toddler and they are anything like mine, then they are OBSESSED with fishies!! I think I would need to count on all of my fingers and toes the number of times we have watched "Nemo" in our house since last week. Haylee loves "Nemo" and it's the only movie that she will actually sit down and watch by herself. When Brett got home on Saturday he said, "do you guys want to go to the Aquarium today and see fishies?" Haylee's first response was "No, I don't want it, doctor." (She says "I don't want it" when she doesn't want to go somewhere :) Haylee and Dylan's pediatrician has a fish tank in the lobby, so that's pretty much all Haylee sees of real fishies. Brett and I laughed and told Haylee that we weren't going to the doctor, but to see really cool fish! Needless to say, Haylee LOVED the Aquarium! It was a little busy for our liking, but we conned ourselves into buying a season pass, so we'll make sure to go back when it's less crowded. Dylan was a sport too and mostly just people watched (one of his favorite things to do). He wasn't too crazy about the fish, but I know he will some day!

you can actually pet some fish and Sting Ray with 2 fingers!

this fish tank was so pretty!!

we found Nemo and his Daddy!

Our cute kiddos

I think the fish were more interested in Dylan than he was in them...

Happy Birthday Daddy!

What a cute Daddy

Brett blowing out the candles on his "cake," which is actually his favorite- Rice Crispy Treats!!

Brett's Birthday was last Thursday and what a great day it was! I don't know what it is about Birthdays, but I just love to celebrate them! It's fun to have Brett's and my birthday so close together, because it's double the fun! To celebrate Brett and I actually did something we've never done... we went to the gym together to run! I know that doesn't seem very fun, but it actually was! Both kids had fun in the Child Center, so it was nice to get out of the house and do something that every one enjoyed. After we were done and ready Brett's parents were nice enough to offer to watch Haylee and Dylan so Brett and I could go out. We might sound pathetic, but all we wanted to do was catch up on some shows that had been on our DVR for way too long! So we ordered Chili's take-out and ate while we watched 2 episodes of Heros! Afterwards Brett hit the sac and I went and picked up the kids. It was kind of a low key day, but I enjoyed every minute of it and hope Brett did too! Love you Sweetie!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top O' The Mornin' To You!

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone! This morning I decided it was time to get back into a better routine that consists of exercising, getting ready for the day before noon, and doing fun things with my kids instead of the everyday boring stuff. I think the gym gave me a little too much energy because when I got home I had a list of things I wanted to do! After lunch we headed to the craft store to buy a few things. Being there on a holiday was probably a bad idea because it got my creative juices going! I decided it would be fun to make a lucky pot for Haylee so that a leprechaun could leave her a few treats! But we didn't make the pot when we got home, because the weather was way too nice & I wanted to take the kids for a walk! We were gone a good 45 minutes or so & the kids loved it! When we got home Dylan was redy for a nap, so I thought that was a good time for Haylee & I to make a craft! Haylee loved painting the paper with modge podge & luckily was good at letting mommy help! When we were done we put her lucky pot in the kitchen & when Haylee wasn't looking a leprechaun magically filled it with suckers & fruit snacks! Haylee was thrilled!! I've always loved holidays and am glad that Haylee is at a fun age to make things with me!
making a masterpiece!
havin' fun!
the final result
happy Haylee with her suckers!

Monday, March 16, 2009

B-Day Fun!

I just thought I would give a little shout out to all those who made my Birthday great! The day started off with my parent's at Disney on Ice at 11:00! I need to give myself props for getting myself and both kids ready for the day by 10:00 considering the fact that we didn't wake up until 8:00 :)

Grandma & Grandpa
Haylee & Mommy in our shades

then there's cute Dylan!

After Disney on Ice we headed back to my house for lunch and naps! While the kids were napping my nice brother Jared came over and hung out so I could go shopping with my mom. I had only planned on being gone a few hours, but I had no idea how BIG the new Forever 21 really was at the South Towne Mall! All I can say is, you could get lost in there for hours! I am a really slow shopper to begin with so put that together with the new Forever 21 and I am in serious trouble! After being in there for over an hour, I looked at the pile of clothes on my arm and decided it was time to try things on! Oh, but good luck getting into a dressing room, the lines are Forever Long (no pun intended)! So since I had a white shirt on underneath the top I was wearing, I found a mirror in the store and just started trying things on! Man was it hard for me to decide what I really wanted! They have way too many cute clothes for an affordable price! Not only are the clothes cute and affordable, but the accessories are too! We did get out of there after two hours though, so I wasn't gone for as long as I could have been! After shopping I got myself ready to go to a nice dinner with my mom's parents. Thankfully my new nice friend Jenny in my neighborhood took my kids so I could go! Haylee was already outside playing with her new friends before I left, so I knew she would be just fine without me! Dinner was very nice and relaxing and was followed by the best chocolate mouse/cake/dessert with a candle on top! The next stop was back home to pick up my kids and meet my other family member's who I hadn't seen yet. Oh, and there was more cake :) Brett was nice and called it in for me so I didn't feel like a loser ordering my own birthday cake from the bakery :) It was bad enough that I put the candles in and lit it myself ;) The best part of that was Haylee's face when she saw the cake. She thought it was her birthday and that we were singing to her. She was so flattered the whole time and even helped me blow out the candles! Even though I had dessert at dinner, there was room for more!! I am usually a fan of chocolate, but I felt like a white cake this year. I am glad I go it too! It was so moist and yummy! Haylee and Dylan liked it too!
Singing to "Haylee"
blowing out our candles
At that point in the night it was already way past the kids bed time, so I went upstairs and rocked Dylan to sleep, which only took 5 seconds and he was out! Then it was Haylee's turn... OK, bad idea to give a 2 year old sugar before bed. She was a bouncing bean!! Finally at 10:40 I looked at her and said "Haylee you are too little for this hour, you need to go to sleep!" It took a little wrestling, but she went down fine :) My head hit the pillow at 11 and I am pretty sure it only took me a few seconds to fall asleep! What a day it was! Thank you everyone for making it a good one!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jordan and Kenzi

I just wanted to Congratulate Jordan and Kenzi on their engagement! I am SO excited for you two and am even more excited that Kenzi will finally be an official member of our family! These two are the sweetest couple I know. They are seriously so perfect for each other!
Kenzi was in AZ visiting her sister and Jordan flew down yesterday and surprised her with a ring as she was walking into a restaurant. I still don't know all the details, but one thing's for sure- I couldn't hold back the tears as I looked at all of the pictures in my in-box this morning. What a great birthday present!
Congrats you two! Can't wait for September 18th!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Trip Recap

My girlfriends and I went down to St. George last weekend and had a blast! Here's a list of things we did...

Talked about EVERY subject you can think of
Stayed up until 5 am one morning
Slept in!!
Got pedicures
Hot Tubed
Out ran a cop to dodge a speeding ticket (we called ourselves "mommies gone wild")
Went to Vegas
Almost went to a Vegas show :(
Played forever at FAO Schwartz
Bought toys for our kids
Laughed and Laughed and Laughed and Laughed!

We all had such a great time together and will need to do it again some time!! Love you all!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What a Day.

It's hard for me to express in words just how amazing today was for our little family. But, for the sake of those who weren't there, I will sure try. We were able to take Dylan to the Salt Lake Temple today to be sealed to him for time and all eternity. Amazingly enough all four of us were ready and out the door on time. We arrived to the temple a little ahead of schedule, which was also amazing! I love that I can feel the spirit right when I enter the temple and had to already start holding back tears. When we arrived my mom and grandma were there waiting to help us with the kids in the Youth Center (glorified nursery). Last time we went for Haylee she had a hard time in the Youth Center (yes, at the young age of 6 months she had stranger anxiety), so my mom and grandma volunteered to come help this time. Once the kids were all settled in and instructions were given, Brett and I headed back upstairs to do the paperwork side of things. Thankfully that part doesn't take long! After that Brett and I had to go our separate ways to change into our temple whites. I love that they allow those who are getting sealed to families to get ready in the brides room. It makes you feel like a princess all over again! Except for when I looked into the mirror today, the same mirror I looked into almost 6 years ago, I could tell that I have aged a little bit...
After Brett and I were both ready we were able to relax and enjoy each other's company in the Celestial Room. One of the most beautiful rooms you have ever seen. We received some funny looks from people and figured they just thought we were getting married. One lady even told us "what a journey you are beginning." We just smiled and said thanks, then looked at each other and winked.
After being able to enjoy ourselves in the Celestial Room, it was time to meet our guests in our sealing room. I can't help but loose it every time I walk into a sealing room and see all those who mean so much to me. I knew I was in trouble if I was crying without having my kids there. Our sealer, who happens to be my great uncle, explained to our guests what was going to happen and shortly after that I heard it... Haylee's little voice coming down the hallway. I lost it again. My sweet angels were in this sacred house of the Lord and knowing that meant so much to me. I then heard Dylan let out a little coo and couldn't sit still any longer. I had to get up and go get my babies! They were quite the sight. Both of them dressed in their white clothing, I lost it again. As we all sat together in the sealing room my heart was very full. It was then time to perform the ceremony. We had Vicky, Skyler's mom, hold Dylan at the alter and I couldn't help but feel love for Jen and Skyler as I looked at her holding Dylan. We feel so lucky to have had her be apart of this special day. Both Haylee and Dylan were so reverent through the entire ceremony. I think they just knew that they needed to be reverent. They are definitely closer to the veil than we are.
I am just so grateful for my children and to have had the opportunity to attend the temple today and to have my kids there with me. What a neat and sacred experience it was and will never be forgotten. I am grateful to a Heavenly Father who knows my needs better than I know myself. He knew that I needed these two choice spirits. He knew that they needed to come to me through adoption. I know I am a better mother and appreciate motherhood more because I had to wait a little longer to get them here. I am also grateful for a loving husband who can share this journey with me. Brett is an amazing father and loves both of our kids so much. As a wife and a mother it is a joy to witness that love. After we got home, changed out of our church clothes, and sat in the family room together, I couldn't help but smile. Today I just might be the happiest woman in the world. Thank you to all those who made our family possible. You know who you are!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Dylan's Official!

It's been exactly two hours since we left our driveway to head downtown to the court house and we are already home! They don't mess around down there. We arrived in front of our court room at exactly 8:24 am and were taken back to the judges chamber's at exactly 8:30 am which is when our time was scheduled. Unfortunately my mom and step-dad ran 5 minutes late and weren't able to be in the room with us :(
Our caseworker Melissa and attorney Les were both ready and very prepared for our judge, which just so happens to be Judge Tyrone Medley, a former Ute Basketball Player! Even though we have been through this before with Haylee, we couldn't help but be a little nervous. There's something about being in front of an official judge and raising your right hand that is a little intimidating. Once everything got started I couldn't help but get a little emotional. When our attorney had us testify and asked me if I thought I was able to love Dylan as if he was born into our family I whimpered out a quiet "yes" as tears came pouring down. I just feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders now that everything is official in the State's eyes. Even though he has been in our house and has been our son for the past 6 months, we haven't had complete custody of him. He has been property of LDS Family Services. But, not anymore. We are now a complete family and for that I feel peaceful inside.
Brett and I are so lucky to have had such an easy adoption with Dylan. We are so blessed that Jen and Skyler have been so great to us and so supportive of this adoption. We are also so lucky to have such supportive family members who love our children and accept them into the family no matter how they got here. And last but certainly not least, we are so grateful to have Dylan in our family. He has such a sweet and tender spirit. He loves to be loved and loves attention. He has a smile that could warm any one's day and eyes that could melt your heart.
Now that today is over, we have two more things we are looking forward to. Tomorrow we go to the temple with both of our children to have Dylan sealed to us for time and all eternity. We are so excited to have both of our kids with us in the temple, dressed in white. The last thing we have to look forward to is Dylan's blessing which will have to wait until next fast Sunday. One thing is for sure, it's all worth the wait!