Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy 6th Anniversary Sweetie!

My anniversary surprise! We have a no flower rule and Brett hasn't given me flowers since we were dating. You can imagine how surprised I was! I wish the picture did them justice.

I really can't believe we have already been together for 6 years. Time really does fly, but when I look back, we have been through so much. From the moment we fell in love I knew you would never hurt me. I have always felt safe with you. When I felt broken and less of a women, you reassured me that you married me for me and our kids would come to us how and when they were supposed to. When I fell in love with you I knew you would make a great daddy. That has been reassured to me as I watch you with our two little angels. I love that we can still joke around and laugh together. I love that we still surprise each other. I love that we are still in love with each other and that love grows stronger with every trial we go through. I love that we get mad at each other, but still say "I love you" at night. I love that you are still the hard worker that I met 9 years ago and you sacrifice so much to keep our family running. Here's to many more years of raising our kids, laughing, crying, punching things (inside joke), growing, cuddling, and loving. Happy Anniversary Sweetie! I love you!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

First Borg Family Vacation

This last week we had our official first Borg family vacation! It started out a little rough, but ended a lot better. Here are some of the things I want to (& not so much want to) remember ...
Newport Beach:
*Parking was a nightmare
* Because of the nightmare parking, Haylee copied her frustrated Daddy and said her first 4 letter "s" word. I personally couldn't stop laughing!
* Kids hated the sand
* It was a beautiful day!
* Haylee finally warmed up to the ocean
* The nice sunny day started to give Haylee a rash...

Sea World:
* Haylee and Dylan both loved the dolphin and Shamu shows
* They both loved the fish aquariums (accept Haylee was scared of the sharks teeth "scary, bite you!")
* They both had a break down at 4pm and we almost just called it a day
* We fed sting ray's which scared the crap out of me!
* Haylee was brave and touched a star fish
* The Sea Lion Show was pretty entertaining until Haylee fell head first off of the bleachers (my heart stopped for a min.)
* The "Big Horsies"
*Leaving the park, we got lost, but all was well when we found an In-n-Out!

Disneyland/California Adventure (Day 1):
* On the way to the park Haylee's rash spread and made her the most miserable girl at Disneyland
* We were lucky enough to be with the Ballards who had some allergy medication! We also took her to first aid where they gave us some Calamine Lotion & the rash started to clear up around lunch time.
* Our first ride was Pirates of the Caribbean, which made Haylee nervous for every ride there after
* The Toy Story ride and Tower of Terror rides were my favorites in Cali. Adv.
* Haylee and Dylan had fun with their cousins and grandparents (who just happened to be there the same time as us, no planning involved)
* Haylee's favorites were a tiny slide at a playground in Cal. Adv. and the Carousel and It's a Small World in Disneyland

Disneyland/California Adventure (Day 2):
* Rash cleared up, our happy Haylee was back!
* Playhouse Disney was a big hit!
* Haylee and Dylan loved meeting all of the characters
* Haylee was starstruck when she met Belle, Cinderella, and Ariel (her favorite princesses)
* Dinner with Grandma Vicki
* Haylee was still singing the "Small World" song from the day before

St. George:
* vegging
* In-n-Out twice
* Swimming- both kids LOVED it!
* The last night Haylee cried from 11pm to 4 am and at that point we were ready to come home!
* Dylan slept through all of Haylee's crying :)
* sitting outside eating popsicles
Last, but certainly not least...
* Playing with the Ballards all week long!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


So about, I don't know maybe 5 years ago or so, Brett went to a John Fogerty concert and a band called "Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers" opened for him. Brett doesn't usually think much about opening bands, but there was something about this one that just kicked booty! Brett was immediately hooked and bought their CD after the concert. He of course brought it home to me and went on and on about how great these guys were. And there you have it, a new LOVE was formed! One of Brett's passions is music. It always has been. Hence our son's name: Dylan after the legendary: Bob Dylan. I'm totally serious. We even have a Bob Dylan poster handing in the nursery and a Dylan quote mounted on the wall in vinyl! Anyway, once Brett finds a band he likes, he follows their web site, reads up on them, watches their DVD's, listens to their music, and so on and so forth... Well, we started following The Peacemakers and have gone to almost every concert of theirs in UT and Brett has also been to one in Cali! They finally came back to SLC last night and you betcha, we were there! Brett claims they are a mix between "Barenaked Ladies," "Counting Crows," and "The Wallflowers," with a little Mexican Flare. They seriously rock and put on a great concert! Too bad we forgot our camera, but here are some pics of the band that we got from their web site...

on the base: Nick Scropos

lead guitar: Jim Dalton

drummer: P.H. Naffah

the leader: Roger Clyne

If you enjoy a little Rock 'n Roll in your music collection, you need to check these guys out! Next time there's a concert, we'll let you know so you can come too!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Our 'Egg'citing Easter Weekend!

This year Easter was 'Egg'stra fun at our house! Haylee was so excited about meeting the Easter Bunny, dying Easter eggs, finding her Easter basket, finding Easter eggs, going on an Easter egg hunt, and eating all of her CANDY! Brett and I enjoyed ourselves too :)
Haylee and Dylan with Mr. Easter Bunny!
Lazy I know- this is a picture of a picture, I'm too lazy to scan it in :)

Dying Easter Eggs

ready for the bunny

finding her basket

showing off her new Nemo

Dylan loved his basket too!

modeling her new swim suit

they've got their swim suits and are ready for warm weather!

Haylee's new Easter Dress

Dylan's new Easter Outfit- what a stud!

"I find it eggs!"

Dylan's new piggy bank- thank you Grandpa and Grandma Borg!

ALL the cousins! Haylee would rather look at Caleb :)

Of course we are so grateful for this time of year and the opportunity we have to reflect on our Savior Jesus Christ. We are so very grateful for his great sacrifice in our behalf and know that we couldn't make it through life without the Atonement...