Saturday, July 25, 2009

finally- part VI

Before I begin, I just wanted to thank everyone for your nice comments and phone calls. I really didn't think I'd get such a great response! Here's the end of Haylee's story...
When we arrived, there were more of Mindy’s family members there excited to meet Haylee. We were able to get a pink bow for her hair and take a few more pictures. At that time Mindy also announced to us that she was giving me one of the nursery bracelets. She said that she decided early on in the day that if she was serious about her decision, that this was something that she wanted to do. We were thrilled and touched that she would give us such a thing! A little while after that she decided to try and sleep, so she sent Haylee to the nursery. We thought this would be an ideal time for our parents to come see Haylee through the nursery window. We couldn’t wait for them to arrive and see our little princess angel! Walking into the nursery I felt very excited to share this time alone with Haylee. I pushed her bassinet right up to the window so Brett’s and my parents could see her. As I starred at this little angel of mine she decided to open her eyes. I remember looking through the window to my mom and reading her lips “she’s looking at her mommy!” As I looked back down at her I couldn’t help but start to cry. It was as if she wanted to get a good look at her earthly mother. My heart swelled in my chest as I shared that moment with her. As we left the hospital I felt very loved and at peace.
we took this picture when we went back the 2nd time- our 1st family picture
our beautiful Haylee
The next day was Sunday and that was a fun day at church! We started to share our exciting news with everyone and no one could believe that we were actually bringing a baby home Monday! We felt very blessed to be in a ward where adoption was very prominent! After church we were able to stop by the hospital one more time for just a brief second. You could tell Mindy was emotional, but at the same time she knew she was making the right decision for Haylee. We didn’t stay very long as we wanted Mindy to enjoy every last second with our precious angel.
Monday, December 11th was our placement day. We decided to do placement at the hospital and we were very excited to take Haylee strait home from there. We had to meet with our caseworker Kate to go over all of the paperwork and sign our adoption decree. Meanwhile, Mindy was with her caseworker relinquishing her rights. I remember feeling very nervous as we sat and waited for everything to be complete. Finally the papers were signed and we were able to go see Mindy and Haylee. It took a little while for Mindy to get released from the hospital and tears were shed while she waited. I just remember being so excited, but feeling so sad at the same time. Since adoption was new to us, it was a little emotional to think that someone was giving such a selfless gift, which we will always be eternally grateful for!
home at last!
admiring our beautiful angel- this was the happiest I'd been in a long time

The car ride home was a little surreal. I remember telling Brett, “We have a baby in our back seat!” Thinking back to all we had been through, I wouldn’t have thought that day would have come so soon! We were welcomed home to pink balloons and lots of guests! All of our family members were so excited to meet the newest member of our family. Everyone was in awe at her beauty and I remember thinking, we were so blessed. It felt good to finally feel complete. Haylee has been such a joy since that first day home. She is “miss personality” and has such a tender heart. We know that the Lord brought her into our home. We have seen his hands in our story. When we were first trying to conceive a baby on our own, all I ever wanted was to be pregnant. Now, looking back and even reading this story, I wouldn’t give up any of this for the world.

I love you Haylee and hope you always know and can feel the love for you. You may not have come from my body, but you came from my heart. That is something so pure that can’t be replaced. You are my beautiful angel who I will cherish for eternity.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

part V

The next day was like any other Monday, except for the fact that Brett and I were officially approved for adoption! I can still remember driving in my brother’s car when my cell phone rang. It was Brett with some surprising news! He informed me that Mindy called and apologized for not showing up or calling us on Saturday. She had been really tired since she was about 9 months pregnant and said that she had been really flaky too. She asked Brett if it would be OK for her to come to our house on Tuesday, December 5th. Brett agreed on a time that fit his work schedule and she promised to be there. So, there we were with our hearts involved and on the line again. Except for this time it was different. She actually showed up! I remember looking at her and thinking that she looked very pretty for being 9 months pregnant. We all just sat there talking about whatever we could think of so that it wasn’t awkward, and then Mindy finally got down to business. The first words she said were “I am serious about this guys.” Brett and I informed her that we were too! She reiterated the fact that we were an answer to her prayers and we informed her that she was actually answering many of ours. When she left Brett and I felt really good about things, but weren’t sure if we were to play it safe so that we didn’t get hurt again. The next day, Wednesday, I decided to go shopping with my mom and Meghan for some baby stuff since we had nothing and if this was really going to happen, I had 3 days before her due date to pull things together! The first thing I wanted to buy was a car seat. Without a car seat we wouldn’t be able to bring our baby home from the hospital! Then it was on to diapers, wipes, bottles, binkies, burp rags, clothes, blankets, and bassinet sheets. I also went to Sunday’s Child for a darling “first day home” outfit. Shopping for baby stuff just made me more and more excited about everything! I couldn’t believe that I would possibly be a mother in three days! The next day while Brett and I were eating dinner Mindy called and told us that she had a bassinet that she was going to use, but wanted us to have instead. We jumped on the opportunity to head on over to her house to pick it up! That was one more step in our eyes that Mindy was serious about her decision! We knew after seeing her that night that the next time we would talk to her or see her would be at the hospital. Her due date was on Saturday, December 9th and she was looking to be right on schedule. Friday was a quiet day spent washing babies clothes and getting everything ready in case she delivered on time. The next day was Saturday, December 9th, and Mindy’s due date. I tried to stay busy and started to do laundry and clean like I did every other Saturday. I can still remember watching T.V. and folding a load of whites when Brett called me on the phone to tell me that Mindy was pushing! Mindy had Kevin call Brett to let him know that she started to go into labor at about 3:00 AM and at 9:00 AM she finally started to push! Brett couldn’t leave work right away, so it was my job to call everyone in our family and let them know about the good news. Brett finally got home within the hour and we headed on over to the hospital. On the way I called our caseworker Kate to give her an update. She gave us some really good advice that we took with us to the hospital. She told us to make our visit about Mindy and not to focus on us receiving the baby yet. When we got there Mindy was laying in bed talking to her dad Dan. Haylee was over in the corner all bundled up and sleeping under a heat light. I remember thinking that she was so tiny!! They thought Mindy was measuring at about a 8 lb baby, but there was no way Haylee was 8 lbs. She weighed 6 lbs. 14 oz. and was 19 ½ inches tall. She was beautiful! With Mindy’s permission we were able to hold Haylee for the first time. I tried not to hold or look at her for too long. I didn’t want to seem too anxious!
It was that morning that we were able to meet Marco for the first time too. He was 7 years old and very aware of what was going on. When he walked in the room you could tell that he had been crying while talking to Cindy on the way over to the hospital. Brett and I reassured Marco that he would still be able to see Haylee and have a relationship with her. We weren’t there to take Haylee away from everyone, we were just adding to the family. He felt a lot better after we talked to him and opened up to us a lot more. Brett and I didn’t stay for too long. The hospital was Mindy’s time. We would be with Haylee for eternity. As soon as we left the hospital we were on the phone and texting pictures to everyone we knew! We ran a few errands together and stopped off at Target to get more newborn diapers since Haylee was so small! Since we hadn’t eaten all day, Brett and I decided to stop at Applebee’s to grab an early dinner. While we were there we talked about how happy each of us was. When we were finishing up our meals and getting ready to go Brett’s cell phone rang and it was Mindy! She was craving a chicken salad sandwich, ├ęclairs, and sugar cookies from the bakery and asked if we wouldn’t mind bringing her up some. Of course we didn’t mind! That gave us one more excuse to see our beautiful angel! So, we made a stop at the bakery and were we off to the hospital one more time.

My first time holding Haylee

Brett's first time holding Haylee (he had a mask on, so his face is out of the pic)

Haylee and Marco

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

part IV

Brett and I looked forward to spending Thanksgiving with both of our families. We didn’t want my surgery to dampen our holiday spirit! Before we ate dinner at Brett’s parent’s house, Steve (Brett’s dad) pulled us aside and informed us that his cousin’s, Cindy’s, daughter Mindy was pregnant and was thinking about placing her baby for adoption. She wasn’t in the position to raise a child and knew that her baby needed a mother and a father. Steve asked us if he had our permission to tell Cindy that we were getting approved for adoption. We agreed, but didn’t think too much about it afterwards. That Monday, November 27, 2006, Brett decided to take me to a special restaurant for my last meal before surgery. I decided on Tuscany since that was one of the special places we shared together. As we were eating, Brett’s cell phone rang and since it was his dad he decided that it would be OK to answer it. Steve informed Brett that he had been talking to Mindy about us and that she would be calling Brett any minute. Low and behold, Mindy started clicking in on the other line. Brett almost stepped away from the table to take the call, but I made him stay where he was (so that I could hear too)! Mindy told him that we were an answer to her prayers. She also went on to tell us that she had already picked another couple, so when she told her caseworker about us, her caseworker made her decide what she wanted to do with this other couple since they had just gotten picked again. That rarely happens, so the fact that it actually did gave us all goose bumps! Well, Mindy wanted to meet with both Brett and I the next day, but I was having surgery so that couldn’t work. Brett told her that he would call her after I was done so that they could plan on a meeting time and place. After he hung up the phone he said something like “are you ready to have a baby?” I started crying immediately, but stopped just as fast because Brett didn’t want anyone to think that he was breaking up with me at a nice restaurant! We were in shock throughout the remainder of our dinner. On our way home I decided to call Mindy to thank her for considering us as her child’s parents.
Brett and I didn’t sleep well that night at all. On top of being nervous for my surgery we were nervous to talk to Mindy. Brett had a really good feeling about things, but we knew that she hadn’t completely made up her mind. My surgery went OK, they ended up cutting me open to repair all of the damage. My cysts were attached to my Uterus, so my OB had to do some major work. Luckily I was able to keep both of my Ovaries, but unfortunately one of my tubes was now blocked. Since the surgery was a little more extensive than they thought it was going to be, I had to stay overnight in the hospital. Brett called Mindy to inform her of how everything went and decided that he would go to her place to talk on Wednesday, November 30, 2006. Brett and Mindy had a great talk! When Brett came to the hospital to fill me in on everything he truly felt like she would be placing her baby with us. We couldn’t believe everything was happening so fast! To add to the good news I was recovering very well and my doctor decided to release me that day. One night in the hospital was all I could handle, so I was very grateful! Brett informed Mindy of my progress and decided that she would come out to our house on Friday, December 1st to meet me. Well, Friday came and Brett and I waited for Mindy to arrive to our house. About a half hour after she was supposed to be to our house, she finally called Brett and informed him that she didn’t have a ride out to our house. She asked if we would be available on Saturday afternoon instead, so Brett and I agreed on that. Saturday afternoon came and went and Mindy was nowhere to be found. Brett called and left a message for her on her cell phone just to make sure she was OK and didn’t get lost. Both Brett and I were heartbroken. We took her no-show as a sign that she had changed her mind. We were disappointed that we let ourselves become so excited. The next day at church was an emotional one. Both Brett and I felt overwhelmed all day. Brett even bore his testimony on his Savior’s love. I had the same feelings. Although I was disappointed that Mindy didn’t show up at our house, I had a deep feeling in my heart of my Heavenly Father’s love for me and I knew that everything would work out OK. I had faith that it would.

Monday, July 20, 2009

part III

When calling LDS Family Services I was a little nervous and had a lot of questions. I had no idea where we needed to start, but knew it would probably be a lengthy process. The receptionist asked for our names, address, and made sure we held current temple recommends so that she could send us our first packet. Luckily for us it only took a few days to arrive. Included in the packet was five reference letters: one for a family member, three for people outside of our family, and one for our bishop. They asked our participants different questions about Brett’s and my strengths and weaknesses in all aspects of life. They also wanted to know what kind of environment was in our home and how well we handled stress. In reading the questions I felt grateful that we weren’t filling them out for someone else! Everyone that we gave a letter to had theirs finished and back to the agency within a week. After that was over, we weren’t really sure what the next set was, so I made a phone call. During my conversation I learned that Brett and I were one week late in attending a mandatory orientation that they held at the end of every month. At that meeting is where you receive the rest of your paper work that usually takes forever! I felt a little disappointed, but didn’t think there was much I could do. When I relayed this information to Brett he shared my same disappointment. He encouraged me to call them back to see if there was anything else we could do while we were waiting until the end of the month. They informed me that we would need to take a seven week course on adoption. Without attending those classes you are unable to have your adoption finalized. They usually don’t allow you to attend those classes unless you have attended your first orientation. Disappointment hit me again. But, for those who know me, I am a very determined person and ended up talking to the adoption supervisor at our agency. I convinced her to let us start the classes since the orientation would be the very next week. What’s one week? I finally felt like we were moving forward again. The first class we attended was on the preference checklist, which is a list of emotional, physical, and mental handicaps that you have to say whether or not you are willing to accept. You also list your ethnic, sex, and age preference. There was a lot of good information that we were given, but at the same time it was really overwhelming! The other classes were somewhat similar in the overwhelming department except for the birth parent and adoptive couple panels. We actually got to listen to birthmothers speak about their relationships with their children and their children’s adopted parents. Brett and I listened in awe as we heard them speak about how close they were to these families. It made us realize that it actually helps the birthmothers move on if they are able to maintain a relationship with their birth children. That way they don’t ever have to wonder if they made the right choice or if their baby is happy. They can actually see it for themselves. After that night we decided to have an open adoption. We felt that if a mother was willing to give us her baby, the least we could do was help her move on. If that meant that we would need to have a monthly visit with her at our home, we were OK with it.
Well, time was moving on and we were racing through the piles of paperwork. They don’t miss a beat when asking you who you are, where you came from, and where you are going. Part of the acceptance process is a background check coming back clean and clear. Since Brett had been out of the country serving a mission within the past 10 years, we had to get them a copy of his honorable release certificate. Easy enough right? Wrong. After we submitted his copied certificate and attached it to his background paper, we thought we were well on our way. About four weeks after we submitted his information we received a phone call informing us that his copied certificate needed to be notarized! Background checks usually only take about six weeks to come back so the fact that they waited four to inform us of this was a little frustrating. Without a clear background check you are unable to have your home inspected which is the last step in being approved and the last step that we were actually waiting for. Luckily to make it up to us our caseworker, Kate, agreed to come to our home. She even agreed to write up our entire home study so that when Brett’s background check came back all she would need to do was submit our paperwork to the board and get us approved. In the meantime of this all happening I had another follow up visit with my OB to check my women’s health. I thought everything would be crystal clear and fine and dandy. Boy was I wrong. In examining my Uterus my doctor thought he felt a Fibroid attached to my wall. He also thought that he felt another Ovarian Cyst. Oh no, not this again! I felt like I had moved past all of my dysfunctional women’s problems and felt good about the road I was on now, the road to adoption. He suggested that I get an Ultrasound to see what kind of cyst I had and also to see if I also had a fibroid growing on my Uterus. The Ultrasound indicated that I indeed had an Ovarian Cyst, but no fibroid was found. In its place was an even larger cyst on my other Ovary. The cyst was stuck to my Uterus, so my doctor was actually feeling it through my Uterus’ wall. When discovering what was going on, my doctor decided to wait a month to see if they would just burst on their own. A second Ultrasound indicated that the type of Cysts they were (Endometrioma) actually needed to be removed surgically. Another surgery in six months! I didn’t think I was going to be able to handle this. To make a really long story a little bit shorter, I decided to switch doctors in the middle of all of this. I really didn’t like my current doctor and I didn’t want him to perform surgery on me again. I luckily found a new OB who both Brett and I trusted. He was able to meet with me and schedule surgery for Tuesday, November 28, 2006, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

our adoption profile picture

stay tuned for more...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

part II

It was really hard on me when one of my friends got pregnant or a family member got pregnant. I started to wonder what was wrong with me. Was I not worthy enough to be blessed with a child? Did Heavenly Father not trust me? I have heard Infertility being compared to death and that is how I felt. I felt like a certain part of me that I expected to work was all of a sudden gone. I was in denial, I was mad, sad, I even questioned if God even loved me! I was sent here to multiply and replenish the Earth, but if I couldn’t do that then what was the point to my existence? Brett and I both shared those feelings. After you snap out of it, you feel bad for thinking or feeling that way, but it’s really hard not to. Brett and I decided to keep moving on. We needed to prove that we were good enough for this righteous desire. We read scriptures, prayed every night together, and attended the temple. On Tuesday, August 22, 2006 Brett and I had attended an endowment session at the Jordan River Temple. The entire time the session was going on I remember feeling distracted. I felt like I spent more time starring at other people than listening to the session going on. After the session, Brett and I sat on a couch in the Celestial Room to pray like we had always done. While praying I thanked Heavenly Father for giving us medical knowledge on the Earth. I thanked him that I would one day be able to go through the In Vitro treatment… after saying those words my mind went very black, I felt all of the blood rush to my face, and I started to sweat. I wasn’t really sure what was going on. Maybe Heavenly Father was mad at me for not paying attention in the session, so I didn’t deserve the spirit at this time. Those were the thoughts running through my mind. I immediately stopped praying and turned to Brett. I asked him if he thought it was hot in there since I had felt my temperature rise. He felt fine, so I didn’t know what to think! We ended up leaving shortly after that.
To be honest after that night I didn’t think twice about what had happened in the Celestial Room. That is, until I was on my way to work that coming Friday, August 25, 2006. I hadn’t done anything differently that morning. I was driving the same old road I always drove and was listening to the same radio station I had always listened to. I don’t know what it was, but I just started to think about all the things Brett and I had gone through. The thought occurred to me that the reason we went through so much was because I wouldn’t appreciate motherhood as much if I hadn’t. I also wouldn’t have accepted adoption if I hadn’t suffered too. Just then something hit me really hard. I had a strong feeling that we needed to adopt because a baby girl was coming to our family soon. Of course since I am human I doubted my thoughts. I didn’t even mention anything to Brett all day about them. While at work I went to read about LDS Family Services. While I was reading my heart was pounding like I was doing something right. You have no idea how good it felt to finally feel good about something. After months and months of not feeling anything, my prayers were finally being answered. Actually, they had been getting answered the whole time, I was just asking for the wrong things. Well, that night after dinner I brought up adoption to Brett. I think his jaw hit the floor. Until that moment, I was very determined to have my own children no matter what the cost was going to be physically or financially. We talked a lot about adoption and decided to pray and read our Patriarchal Blessings together. Everything seemed to fit right into place. Since this was a big decision to be made we decided to take the weekend and pray about it individually, then talk about it on Monday. The next day we started to mention adoption to our families. Brett’s family seemed to be thrilled at the thought! Mine seemed to be a little more hesitant. They hadn’t ever witnessed an adoption, so it was a little foreign to them. I prayed extra hard all weekend about our decision and felt at peace every time I prayed. I knew it was the right thing to do, but without the complete support of my family I was a little nervous. On Monday, August 28, 2006 I arrived to work and checked my email as I had always done. Just by chance I had just received an email from my brother Jake who was serving a mission in Italy. I rushed to reply back to see if he was still online and luckily he was. I explained to him what Brett and I were praying about and asked what he thought. Almost immediately I received his reply back. He was so excited for us and said that he felt the spirit so strong while he read my email. At last, I had someone in my family who supported me in this eternal decision. I called Brett immediately and let him know that I had no doubts and that I thought we should get started right away.

stay tuned for more...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Haylee's Story- part I

A long time ago (a few years I guess) I decided to sit down and write out Haylee's story. A lot of miracles happened to get her here, so I didn't want to EVER forget them. A lot of those miracles are very personal, but now I feel like I am at a point of my life where I can share them. It's an 8 page, single-spaced, 12 point font, in times new roman document, so I decided to break it up in parts so that it's not such a huge post. So, here it is. Part I...

September 4, 2007

I have been meaning to sit down and journal Haylee’s story for quite some time now, but better late than never I guess! Haylee has a very unique and special story. One that is close to both Brett’s and my heart. To completely understand how truly special she is to us, I think I need to start from the very beginning…
In March 2005 Brett and I both felt prompted to expand our family. Like every girl dreams, I was excited to get pregnant and experience the miracle of life in me. Brett on the other had, is more of a, “the glass is half empty with a refill on the way,” type guy. That just means that he doesn’t expect the good until it happens. That way if it does happen, you are more excited, but if it doesn’t happen, then oh well, you weren’t expecting it anyway! He has also always had a feeling growing up that he was either going to have to adopt or have a handicapped child. I couldn’t imagine such thing happening to us (like those two things are so bad. Isn't it funny how your perception changes?), so we proceeded month after month trying to conceive. After about 9 months of trying, I just knew something was wrong. My doctor didn’t really want to start talking about infertility until after one year of trying, but I pushed the appointment to 9 months! After talking to my doctor about some pains I was having, he asked me if I had ever been tested for Endometriosis. I didn’t even really know what that was! He didn’t want to test me for it until Brett and I had gone through some other tests first. So, there we were, on the road to test after test. On January 12, 2006 Brett and I went to an infertility clinic to get Brett tested. I know that some joke around about this particular test, but for the record, it was the most humiliating, demeaning, frustrating, and spiritually damaging thing that Brett and I have ever experienced together. Nonetheless, Brett’s test results came back just fine. Now that we had that out of the way, the focus was put on me. I had my first test done on January 17, 2006. My test was called a Hysterosalpingogram, or HSG for short. It’s a procedure where they insert dye into your uterus and watch it go up into your fallopian tubes then out. My test results looked picture perfect, no blocked tubes or anything! It was good to hear, but at the same time I still knew that there was something wrong.
After going through test after test and not finding any kinks, my doctor decided to prescribe Clomid, which is an infertility drug. It seems to be the answer to most infertile couple’s problems. After a cycle of Clomid, Brett and I would meet back at the doctors for artificial insemination. He thought between the two procedures we would be pregnant in no time. Wrong. After receiving my third treatment of Clomid, I was at my monthly ovary test (when taking Clomid you are more susceptible to Ovarian Cysts, so you have to get them checked) and my doctor seemed to have touched a sensitive spot in my Uterus. It concerned him that it was a tender spot. He then proceeded to talk to me again about Endometriosis. He felt like it was time to have me checked. Oh, and I forgot to mention until this point only Brett’s parents and my parents knew what we were going through. Anyway, so we scheduled my surgery for May 31, 2006. This procedure was called a Laparoscopy. They insert a rod into your lower abdomen and a camera into your belly button. After they search for Endometriosis, or whatever else they are looking for, they laser off all of the bad tissue. I wasn’t worried at all about this surgery since six years prior to this I had two feet of my small intestine removed. Besides, this was an out-patient surgery, so I would be coming home that very same day. When I woke up in the recovery room my nurse informed me that I did in fact have Endometriosis and one cyst on each Ovary. I felt like a mess, but was hopeful that now that I was clean inside that Brett and I would have more luck in getting pregnant. There was a part of me that just didn’t want to stop at anything to make this lifetime dream of mine come true. When I realized how messy I was Brett and I decided it was time to let everyone in our family in on our little secret. We felt like we couldn’t go through this alone and needed all of the prayers we could get. We even held a family fast the next month before Brett and I went in for Artificial Insemination again. Well, even after surgery our luck didn’t change and we were devastated. We decided that we had had enough fun with my Gynecologist and that it was time to meet with an Infertility Specialist. On July 26, 2006 Brett and I met with Dr. Heiner. We were very excited to meet with someone who specialized in this field and who had success stories posted on his web site. After hearing how young Brett and I were and how long we had been trying to conceive, he decided that it was best if we stopped worrying so much about getting pregnant. He went over the odds of us getting pregnant on our own and then with specific treatments. It amazed us that Artificial Insemination only increased our chances by 3% each month! We decided it was best to save our money and stay away from that for awhile. He also suggested that if by November (6 months after my surgery) we hadn’t had any luck on our own that we might want to look into InVitro Fertilization. We had a feeling that this might be the cure one day, so we already had some money tucked away. So, that was the plan! Try it on our own until November, then start In Vitro treatments. There didn’t seem to be any other solution to our problem and I was willing to do whatever it took to get pregnant on my own.

Here are a few things Brett and I enjoyed doing while all of this was going on...

Newport Temple Open House

Hiking- we went once a week that entire summer
The Fiesta Bowl!!
stay tuned for part II

Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July Weekend!

I am finally getting caught up with my blogging, yeah for me! Last weekend Brett and I decided to go down to St. George for the 4th of July weekend. It wasn't an easy decision to make since we'd be missing out on a ton of family festivities, but when we looked at the calendar this was the only weekend we would be able to go down there all summer and we ALL deserved a break! So we packed up our little family of 4 and had a fun, relaxing, and quick weekend! Here are a few things we did...

Haylee pretty much wore her sunglasses the whole way down there (actually pretty much the whole weekend)! We stopped in Fillmore, UT for some lunch & Haylee just loved her princess crown :)

ready to go swimming!

floating around with Daddy!

taking a break from the water

posing with their pastie white mom :(

Haylee loved jumping off the side of the pool to her Daddy!

Dylan was happy as can be floating around

we found a park near the St. George Temple that set off fire works. The only downside was waiting with 2 kids for 2 hours for them to start!

Yes, we all wore Old Navy attire. I said we were cute and Brett said we were dorks...

Dylan loved dancing to the music! (even though it was really crappy music!)

A rare pic- just the two of us

Haylee and Mommy (and of course her na-night, she takes it EVERYWHERE)

Haylee and Daddy getting a little tired while we were waiting
Even though we were only there for 2 nights, it was still good to get away. It was also nice to spend that much quality time together. Brett and I also enjoyed being able to talk to each other for 4 hours on the way there and back. We talked about every subject you can think of! But, mostly about our kids. We talked about them at this point in our lives and we talked about what our fears and hopes are for them when they grow up. We just wish they could stay young and innocent forever!

Tender Little Moments

I love when my kids have tender little moments. Although Dylan is only 10 1/2 months and Haylee is 2 1/2 years, they already have sibling fights! So when the tender little moments happen it's reassuring to me that they really do love each other! Yesterday afternoon while we were driving in the car the kids were just giggling in the back! We turned around to see what was so funny and they were just reaching over and holding each other's hand! It was way too cute and I was really glad that I had my camera handy :) They almost held hands the whole way home. I love those moments!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer Time Fun!

Here are a few things we have done this summer...

Friend's Birthday Parties! Haylee has a friend named Jakelle and they have been besties since Haylee was born. They are only 6 months apart and they have so much fun together! Jakelle's B-day was last weekend and Haylee was invited to her party. All of us had a blast and look forward to seeing this cute little friendship grow!

Haylee's idea of the slip-n-slide

the birthday girl w/ Dylan! after this pic, she yelled to her mom "I want a brother!"

the two little friends

our little rock star!

That same night we headed over to T-Ville Dayzz for some extra fun with Brett's family!!
Haylee petting a sheep. Last year she kissed a goat, this year she kissed a cow!

we just happened to hook up with Jen (Dylan's birth mom) don't they look alike??

Haylee riding a pony

after going around with Daddy a few times, she wanted to do it all by herself!

then, Haylee wanted to ride the other "horsies"

Haylee and Keili on the train! I can't believe she was old enough to ride without an adult!