Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dylan's 1st Birthday Party!

We had quite the fun day on Dylan's Birthday! It was full of guests, cake and presents!

The Guests...
Before the party started, we had a pre-party with Jen, Skyler, and their parents. Here's Dylan opening presents with Skyler's parents.

he LOVED this gift! thanks Jen!

Jen and Dylan

Dylan with Tim and Vicky

Dylan and Skyler

Dylan with his birthparents

Jen and her dad Norm with Dylan
Here are Dylan's party guests...
Hank, Justin, and Uncle Jason

Aunt Meghan & Kenzie, Uncle Jojo and Jared, and cousin Jaxon

Jeremy, Brielle, Casey, Tamara, Tyler, Megan, and Uncle Jake

Great Grandma and Grandpa Gardner

April, Zac, and Taryn

Great Grandma and Grandpa Castleton

me and my mom

me and my dad

Dylan with Grandpa Steve and Grandma Lucy

Grandpa Mark with Jaxon and Uncle Jojo

Nick and Lindsay

our fam!
The cake...

Dylan got a 5" cake for him to destroy and a Thomas the Train cake for everyone else to enjoy!

Blowing out the candle. I had to hold his hand so that he didn't touch the candle

diving right in!

hands are over rated!

yah, just look at how much he ate!!

the end result! I had to actually take it away from him before he ate the whole thing!
The presents...

Dylan wasn't too into opening his gifts. He liked seeing them after they were open, but didn't get the whole unwrapping thing

loving his toys!
We had a great time and hope everyone else did too! It was kind of nice having a summer birthday finally so we could do most of it outside! He definitely got spoiled and has great new "guy toys" so that he doesn't have to play with Haylee's princess toys anymore! He also got some great new outfits that I can't wait to dress him up in ;) I just can't believe it's already over. It seems like yesterday we met Dylan at the hospital, then had placement! We have been so lucky to share his life with his birthparents and their families. He is one lucky boy who will always have plenty of love! Jen ended up writing Dylan a letter and in it she explained her love for him and why she chose adoption. It's the most touching letter you've ever read. She is going to continue to write letters to Dylan for every birthday. I know that Dylan will treasure these and hold them dear forever. We are just so blessed to be his parents and owe it all to two very special people...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to Dylan!

helping Mommy do the dishes

taco night!

Yes, it's true. Our baby is 1 year old today and we can't believe it! It seems like it took forever for Haylee to turn 1 and with a blink of an eye, Dylan's birthday is already here. Here's a list of few things that he is doing right now that I absolutely love!!

* He's a mommy's boy. We're talking connected to the hip, cries when I even leave the same room, will go to someone else for .2 seconds then reaches for me Mommy's Boy!
* He has 4 teeth. 2 on top and 2 on bottom. He has a gap between his 2 top teeth and it's the cutest thing ever!
* He loves to clap, dance, and do "so big!"
* He loves food. Any food. If he is fussy, just give his some food and he'll be fine.
* He cuddles on my shoulder every morning when I get him out of his crib. I just sit there for a small moment and soak it up. I just LOVE it!
* He has the funniest little laugh that is actually a cackle. Super cute!
* He crawls with one knee down and pushes with the other foot.
* He says, dada, mama, baba, and BAH really loud. I'm not sure what it means but he does it all the time
* He loves to chase Haylee around a chair in our family room. It's a cute little game they play and they laugh hysterically the whole time!
* When he's in his high chair he throws food on the floor. It's not because he doesn't want it, it's because he saves it for later. As soon as we get him out of his high chair, he crawls to all the food and eats it. If you try and sweep it up first, it's a mad dash to see who can get to it first.
* When he is tired or upset he lays his head down on the floor and cries like he has no more will to live. It's pretty cute!
This list could go on and on. He is at such a fun age right now and things keep getting better and better!
Dylan also got his 1st haircut on Sunday. He wasn't the most cooperative little kid, but the licorice did distract him for the most part...
such a happy little guy

looking around...

a little messy, but totally worth it!

Tonight we are having our families over for a little party. I can't wait for Dylan to dip into his cake! I'm sure we'll get lots of pictures, so keep your eye out this week...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Island Park- year 2!

Last year at Island Park we had such good weather and went boating all weekend. This year was a little different since our average day rained and got to the low 60's if we were lucky! We had a little sun the 1st and last day, but that was it! Here's how the trip went...

Day One
Driving consumed most of this day
Boating- I surfed for the 1st time!
Haylee threw up at night (her flu started on Tuesday early morning and ended Wed. morning and this was Thu, so I thought she'd be better by now) :(

boating with my girl

my 4 year old nephew went surfing with my brother!

me attempting to surf. I actually let go for a little bit and was surfing without the rope!

Day Two
Rain most of the day
Mommy had a little break down (the week leading up to this trip was NOT fun and I had no sleep)- at this point I wished Brett would have come on the trip...
Trip to a natural spring fish pond

we did a lot of playing inside!

Haylee touched a snake at the fish pond!

my cute kiddos

my brother Jared and my right hand man without Brett there!

Day Three
Still raining- mostly cloudy
Trip up to West Yellowstone
Haylee had the worst gas pains in the park, so she didn't even notice Old Faithful
My family starts feeling yucky after dinner

Old Faithful- Haylee wouldn't look at the camera

Grandma and Grandpa with their grand kids

Day Four
5 of us (including me) start the 24 stomach flu. I don't remember the last time I felt that sick :(
Luckily it was a bad weather day again, so we didn't miss out on anything!

Day Five
Finally good weather, but not warm enough to get in the water
We ran out of gas after 10 minutes of being in the water and had to paddle to shore with a water ski and two wake boards
Headed Home

Mommy and her little man

Haylee helping Grandpa drive the boat

running out of Gas, Grandpa rowing us in

the girls just love uncle Jake's girlfriend Megan!

Jake and Dylan blowing zurberts

Jordan and Kenzie- only 27 more days until their wedding!

self-taken photo

Haylee loves wearing my shades!

To say it wasn't a fun trip isn't completely true, it was just really unlucky! I hope out next family trip goes a little better.