Monday, September 28, 2009

It's no secret

My body has let me down a few times in my life. At age 18 I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, which led to a surgery where 2 1/2 feet of my small intestine was removed. At age 24 I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and was told I had a slim to none chance of getting pregnant on my own. So, it's no secret. My body has let me down a few times. As I have thought about all the surgeries I have been through and how it effects my body, I have decided that I would like to be in control of it for once. One way I have felt like I can achieve this is through exercise. Through exercises I can keep my heart healthy, I feel better about myself, and my mind is clear. When I am exercising I don't have a care in the world. I leave my guts on the gym floor and feel great afterwards! I still have no clue what is going in on the inside of my body. It's possible my Endometriosis is back. It's possible my other fallopian tube is now blocked. I may even have another ovarian cyst. But, when I am working out, none of that matters because I feel great! I feel like I am in control of my body for once!
Brett has also inspired me to run a little since he started training for his marathon. One thing I have never been is a runner! I could run a few miles tops, then I was just done with it. Well, something has changed. I am starting to actually enjoy it! It's amazing what a goal and the right playlist on your iPod can do to you! Then, one day I read THIS post. I immediately called Brett and asked him if he thought I could actually run a half marathon! Something I never dreamed of doing. He encouraged me to commit and has been so supportive since. The Canyonland's 1/2 marathon is in March, which gives me 6 months to train (on a side note it is a lottery, so it's possible I won't even get in, but I am still training). I have started up-ing my game on the treadmill and am now running 4 miles at a time. That is the furthest I have EVER ran in my whole life! I may just try 5 miles this week! I know, I'm going crazy :) Well, the fun doesn't just stop there. Last week I was having a GNO with my high school girlfriends and we got on the subject of running. We then opened the internet and googled "1/2 marathon." Well, there just so happens to be one on January 23rd in St. George, UT. So my friends and I talked about the possibility of us all going down together on a girl's trip and running it. So, there you go. I went from not enjoying running to running possibly 2 half marathons in 2 months of each other! I know this is going to be a challenging thing. I know I will have times where I will think "I can't do this!" But, I WILL do it. I'm going to do it to prove to my body that no matter what crap it puts me through that I can come back strong!
While on facebook last week I posted that I was off to run 4 miles. Seconds afterwards a friend of mine posted... what's with everyone running?? Most people commented that they didn't get it. Others posted that they didn't care, but I let her know that I was running for someone I cared about. This isn't some trend I am following. I am doing this all for me, because I need it, and for others, because they need it too. So, here's to training and staying in control...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

4 new posts!!

It's been a busy and exciting 3 days for the Borg family. I just wrote 4 posts in an hour and a half and all day I have felt and looked like I was just hit by a bus. I hope you enjoy them all!!

Jake's Engaged!

To add to the excitement to our family's wedding weekend Jake decided to pop the question to his lovely girlfriend Megan. My brother Jason and I helped set everything up and were literally hiding in bushes to take pictures and video of everything. She was so surprised and didn't suspect a thing! And to top it off, she said YES! They don't have an official wedding date yet, because both of our family's have crazy Spring schedules. So, they are going to have to sit down with both of their parents to pick a date! We just all love Megan so much and are so happy that Jake has found her. Congratulations!! Now for the pics... just a side note, as you look at these, just picture me in a group of bushes with my legs falling asleep as I'm crouching down to remain unseen, so I can capture the moment...

setting up the "pic-nic"

cutting into the Pineapple

realizing there is a ring box inside!

cleaning it off

popping the question

she said yes!

placing the ring on the finger

filling her in on all the secrets...

and over there is a video camera

and right there is my sister hiding in a bush with a camera

filling silly for being so difficult on agreeing to this spot!

The happy couple


Brett decided a few months ago to race in the Top of Utah Marathon in Logan, UT. He has been training for the past 4 months and it finally paid off today! His goal to finish was 3:45 and his actual finish time was 3:47:35! I was so proud of him! This was the first marathon that he has EVER ran, so for him to pace himself that well, was really impressive! My uncle, who has run quite a few marathons, decided last minute yesterday to register and run with Brett. I know Brett really appreciated having someone there with him to help him out and give him tips before hand. It was also nice for me, because I was able to drive up to Logan this morning with my aunt Gayle to cheer on our hubbies!
We decided to surprise Brett at mile 14, which is right where they come out of the canyon. As we were stading there waiting I looked around, took everything in, and started crying! I was just so proud that Brett had worked as hard as he did and was now accomplishing such and amazing goal! When we finally spotted Brett we were hootin' and hollering, but he was in such a zone that he didn't even see us! Oh, well. I got some great pictures of him hauling booty!
We then waited for them again at the finish line and he did see me there! I also got a little emotional again thinking about how proud I am of him! Afterwards he was beat! I can't imagine why... ;) He was also dealing with a groin injury, so to add that on top of everything, I think his finish time was great! He has now spent the rest of the day relaxing and watching football. Love you Brett!!

mile 14

look at him go! doesn't he look so cute?

My cute uncle (who's birthday is actually today- 47 and running a marathon? You're my hero!) stopped and talked to us for a few seconds :)

Brett running his final stretch
go Brett go!!
the finish line!!

eating a well deserved fat boy!

showing off his metal

the runners!

the proud wife with her husband :)

Jordan and Kenzie's Reception

Picture the most beautiful backyard that's ideal for an outdoor wedding and you've got Kenzie's! Her backyard was beautiful! The flowers were amazing, the tables, the cake (provided by Schmidt's Pastry Cottage, the BEST bakery in town), and the food were all beautiful! The weather started to get a little sketchy, but even that held out for them. Everyone had a great time and was sad to see it all end!

Me and Brett- I actually wish I would have taken a picture of the back of my hair. I splurged and got it done for the reception. It was in a really pretty loose wavy bun!

The whole fam- I also wish I got a better picture of Haylee's flower girl dress! It was so freaking cute!

Jordan and Kenzie's Wedding

Friday morning Brett and I had the oppertunity to attend Jordan and Kenzie's wedding ceremony at the Salt Lake Temple. It was a beautiful ceremony filled with lots of tears of Joy! The happy couple looked great and had a little glow about them the whole time. I know that Jordan will make a fabulous husband and Kenzie will make the cuttest little wife! I am so happy she has become an official member of our family!

Keeping the kids happy while we wait for the happy couple to change

The Castletons!

And The Borgs

Jordan and Kenzie's Wedding Dinner

Our wedding festivities for the weekend started off with a wedding dinner in honor of my little brother (he is the youngest of us 5) Jordan and his now beautiful wife, McKenzie. My parents hosted the dinner at The Old Meeting House reception center. My mom did a beautiful job planning every little detail. Everything was perfect from the appetizers to the menus, to the take home boxes, to the dinner, to the dessert... Everything! My older brother Jason and Kenzie's older sister Amber paid a darling tribute to the happy couple. The night ended with a slide show that Jordan and Jason put together, which made me cry! It was a perfect start to a perfect wedding!

Jason, Meghan, Jordan, Kenzie, my dad, Brett, Me, Megan, Jake, and Jared

Jason, Meghan, Jordan, Kenzie, my mom, my step-dad, Brett, Me, Megan, Jake, and Jared

Jason, Meghan, Jordan, Kenzie, Me, Brett, Megan, Jake, and Jared

The guests on our table...
Me and my handsome hubby

Brett and Jared (who was thrilled to take this pic)

Jason and Meghan (with a "h")

Megan (not to be confused with the Meghan with a "h") and Jake

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Humble Like This Child

this is mr. and mrs. r with their sweet little baby (Picture by Kim Orlandini Photography)

For those of you who follow my blog are familiar with The R House blog. I met mrs. r when I started to volunteer with LDS Family Services in presenting information about adoption to Jr. High and High School students. That was probably the best decision I made for the adoption side of my life, because it brought me to her. She is such a great example to so many of an infertility warrior and adoption advocate. She brings those of us in the adoption network together. You have no idea how comforting it is to be involved with a group that knows exactly what you are going through. She always gives so much and now it's our turn to give back to her.
Her family adopted their 2nd son a little over a year ago (Dylan and her son are actually 4 days apart). At the time of adoption the birthfather hadn't agreed to relinquish his rights and since then, they have been in a battle to finalize their adoption. Last Friday (Sept. 11th) I had the opportunity to support the R Family in attending their final trial in front of the judge. The trial lasted 3 1/2 hours. Most of the time was spent on the birthfather's side trying to get his side of the story strait. He was seriously all over the place and you could totally see through all the web of lies. The judge did not deliver his decision and has up to 60 days to do so. Needless to say, her family and the judge have been in my thoughts and prayers lately. I can't imagine what she has been going through this past year, but I do know that she is still a rock. She is still so strong! Anyway, in fighting for her baby you can imagine the legal fees that have added up! Well, a cute little company called "Humble Like This Child"

is holding this raffle.
Here's what you do...
1. $1 gets you one ticket in the raffle ($5 gets you 5, etc)
2. Posting about the contest on your personal blog with blog button (you can get the button here) gets you another (1) ticket in the raffle. You can then either post a comment in Mrs R's "contest post" or send me an email with the link to your post.
3. Raffle ends 9/30 and winner will be announced 10/1.
4. Winner gets custom doll! :) A) Choice of Girl, Boy or Animal B) Choice of fabric C) Choice of skirt or tutu for doll (unless its a boy of course)
I am personally trying to do all I can to win one of those darling dolls for my sweet little Haylee who is also adopted! I can just picture her now twirling around with her ballerina doll!
Thank you for reading this and say an extra prayer for her family and judge tonight...

Friday, September 4, 2009

The New Season is Finally here!!

This is something we start counting down for as soon as the last game is played! We love Utah Football (that might be an understatement, but at the time I can't think of a more passionate word)... Anyway, we were able to take the kiddos with us and they had a blast too! It was actually Dylan's 1st Utah Football game since he was just itty bitty last year. He had a great time clapping and eating. He actually ate the WHOLE time. He had 1/2 of a hot dog, 1 tub of popcorn, a chewy granola bar, and a kit kat. Eating was pretty much the only thing that kept him happy seeing that it was a 7:00 PM game and his bed time is by 8:30 PM at the latest! Here's to another great season! Go Utes!

this is Haylee's idea of getting ready for the game... getting into my make-up

our fam in front of the Rice Eccles Field. What a sight!

Dylan killing the last bit of hot dog. He didn't want me to feed it to him anymore, he wanted to go face first and do it himself!

Me and my little man

Haylee with 2 of her cousins. We met the morning of and got them all matching jerseys :)