Friday, December 18, 2009

Haylee turned 3!

It's only been a week since Haylee's 3rd birthday and I still can't believe she is really that big!! It seems like yesterday we saw her for the first time at the hospital, had placement, brought her home, finalized, and were sealed to her! Time really does go by so fast!
What better way to bring in your 3rd year than to have 3 parties?? Haylee had her first party with Brett's side of the family. Since there are so many birthdays near each other we decided to combine a few.
Keili and Haylee blowing out their candles
Her 2nd was with my family Haylee getting ready to spit (yes, she spit on her candles to blow them out)
and her 3rd was with a cute little group of girlfriends and cousins on her actual birthday! We had her birthday party at the Bead Fairy, so her theme was "Tinker Bell." All of her little guests got to make their very own bracelet and they all seemed to have fun. In my opinion this was the only way to go- have someone else host and clean up your party :)
Haylee and her cute little friend Sadie (they could pass for sisters)
our friends Tiffany and Jakelle (Haylee and Jakelle have been best friends since Haylee was born)
our new friends the Carrs, Haylee and Lexi are in the same primary class!
Haylee's cute cousins Emersyn and Keili and her aunt Kristi
cute cousin Beka and aunt Meggie
opening presents
blowing out her candles
happy little birthday girl!
Later on her birthday Cindy, Mindy, and Marco came over and gave her some really cute clothes and a little kitchen set, which she loves!! In fact, she loves all of her presents and plays with every one of them over and over every day. My messy house can attest to that :)
doing Mindy's hair

Haylee really has grown up this past year! She loves to tell little stories and we think she has an imaginary friend. She talks to them and plays with them all the time. She is really good at playing pretend and goes to "work," which is under our bathroom sink and goes "shopping" with her purse all the time. She's always asking to wear make-up and for me to do her hair. We are working on her listening skills- she can be quite naughty at times. She's also becoming a little manipulator and her legs become "broken" if she doesn't want to do something. She has her moments when she can be a nice big sister. She loves to teach Dylan new words and says "good job Dylan" when he mimics her. She looks forward to story time at night and has little rewards in the morning if mommy doesn't have to sleep in her bed halfway through the night. She is still very friendly and says "hi" to everyone we meet when we are out and about and she calls every old person "grandma" or "grandpa." She is still obsessed with being clean and her new obsession is cleaning out every little toe when she takes off her shoes and socks. She loves to be cuddled and watch shows with mommy and daddy, which we both love! Haylee is just a joy to have around. She does have her naughty moments, but usually makes them up somehow. I can't wait to see her continue to grow and develop through the years. We just love our little princess Haylee Bailey!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Borg Family Pictures

A few months ago we got new pictures taken with Brett's side of the family. Here are the results...