Sunday, January 24, 2010

St. George 1/2 Marathon

Well, I did it! I completed my first 1/2 Marathon. If someone came to me last January and said I'd be running in a 1/2 marathon next year, I would have called them a liar! I've always hated running. I've never really given it a chance and would always find some sort of other cardio to do instead. Now things have changed! I can't say that I love running yet, because in the process I just want to be done, but afterwards I feel great and wouldn't trade the feeling for anything. I've mentioned this before, but I love how I'm in control. I'm telling my body to do something and for once, it's not letting me down! Here's a little recap...
To be honest, I didn't feel ready at all! Since we had been on a trip the week before and I missed my long run, I was really nervous to go out there and run! Before yesterday my longest run was only 9 miles and that really worried me! But, the race was happening and I was going to run it regardless of how ready I felt! Brett and I left for St. George around 4:30 and headed straight to the St. George Rec Center to pick up our race packet. After that it was on to the Pasta Factory to do a little bit of carb loading (see picture below)

If you ever eat at the Pasta Factory in St. George, I highly recommend their whole wheat linguine! After dinner we stopped off at Smith's to grab a banana, water, and power bar for breakfast in the morning. Then, it was on to Brett's parent's house for bed! I actually slept pretty good considering how nervous I was! Brett and I woke up around 7:00 to give us enough time to actually wake up, get dressed, eat, and get to the Dixie Center. The race started at 9:00 am and they had you just drive to the Starting Line. We ran into some unexpected traffic because of some really pointless cones that made everyone merge into one lane right before our intersection and got to the starting line with 3 minutes to spare. We took a quick "before pic" (seen below), then the buzzer went off and we left running!

Brett has a Garmin watch and decided to run with me the entire time. I told him the pace I wanted to run and he kept me going! At about 1.5 miles my iPod decided to freeze on me unexpectedly! Since we had just barely started running, there was no way I was going to run the next 12.5 miles without any music! So, we pulled to the side, restarted my iPod, and started running again. I was so frustrated that I had to waist time to fix that! I'd never had problems with it before!! Anyway, to make up for waisted time we sped up our pace a little bit. We were doing good until about mile 5, then we both had to pee!! Luckily there was an aid station at about 5.5 miles, but everyone else had to use the potty too! So, we had to stop for almost 5 minutes! Do you know how long 5 minutes is in racing time?? It's a lot, but we had to go and didn't know if we could make it to the next potty so we waited. Again, we got going at a good pace to make up for lost time...

Brett took this picture of me as he was catching up after using the potty. About 2 miles later, my iPod decided to die again! But this time, it was for good. I didn't stop to fix it this time, I just tried to revive it while I was running. A frowny face with a note to "contact" even popped on the screen, so I knew it was done for. So yes, I had to run the last 5 or 6 miles without any music!! I totally got to my head and started doubting myself. If I seriously wouldn't have had Brett there cheering me on and pushing me, I would have stopped to walk (which we didn't to once). After hitting an aid station at mile 11 I got a second burst of energy and just wanted to conquer this beast!! At about 12.6 miles (.5 miles to go) Brett said that we should start sprinting and finish strong. I swear on everything I was trying to, but my legs had never been so tired in their lives! I had just ran further than I had ever done before!! I picked up my pace a little bit when we saw the finish line and we both finished strong! My official time was 2:27:11. According to Brett's Garmin (that stopped the time when we fixed my iPod and stopped to pee) we ran it in 2:19, but unfortunately our chips didn't work that way.
After crossing the finish line, I just wanted to collapse! I was exhausted, but yet so proud! I just clung on to Brett and started to cry. I was emotional because all of my hard work had paid off. I was also emotional, because he didn't leave my side once! I had my own personal cheerleader and it meant so much to me to experience this with him. He really is the best husband any girl could ask for!

This picture is of us after we got our medals. I was a little disappointed that I ran my butt 13.1 miles and all I have to show for it is a quarter attached to a ribbon! I was expecting something a little more worth showing off ;) And for the few people I did pass or that were behind me, this is what they read on the back of my shirt...

That's right, I run for adoption. R House Runs for Adoption and I'm proud of it!! And if I would have known my face was in the picture, I would have done something a little less awkward!! Anyway, the adoption community is a great support system. I have really enjoyed getting to know the women and families I have met through adoption. I'm actually running the Canyonlands 1/2 Marathon in March with a group of adoption peeps! One of those peeps actually lives in St. George and ran the 1/2 too. Since we sort of got to know each other online, we decided to get together with our husbands for dinner last night. And here we are after dinner...
Brett and I actually had a really nice time with Lacey and her husband Sam. They were super easy to talk to and we had a lot to talk about!
I guess if I had to sum it up it would go like this... I'm really proud of myself for accomplishing such a hard goal (13.1 miles is considered hard for me). I didn't know what to expect going into this so I told myself I wanted to be done by 2:45. Knowing that I beat that goal by 18 minutes makes me really happy. But, at the same time knowing that if I wouldn't have had to stop for my stupid iPod or to pee I could have finished 8 minutes earlier, frustrates me. But you can't plan for the unexpected. I've definitely learned that in my life! I learned that if I push myself I can accomplish anything, especially with Brett by my side!
Now I just need to wait for my quads to stop hurting so I can start training for my next race that's in 8 weeks!! Wish me luck ;)

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Mexican Riviera

For Christmas this last year, Brett's parents decided to give everyone a cruise instead of presents. ALL 9 grandchildren were invited too :) They had a blast playing with each other everyday and I am pretty sure my kids are having cousin with drawls as we speak.
Brett and I had fun as well, but honestly dealing with our kids all week on a cruise was a little rough. Dylan ended up getting an ear infection, which made his ear drum actually burst, so he wasn't the happiest camper :( But, the times where the kids were good and happy were really fun times! Here's a recap...
Day 1- Sunday, Jan. 10th
Our first day was spent traveling and getting settled into our cabin. We had to wake the kids up at 6:30 am (2 hours before their normal wake up time) so they were a little tired to say the least. Getting through airport security was a little chaotic, but we made it! Haylee was just excited to finally fly on an airplane and pull her suitcase around. We got all of the girls matching Ariel suitcases after Christmas. It was seriously the cutest thing I had seen in a long time :)
After we arrived in Long Beach we headed to the port to check in for our cruise. Somewhere between the airport and checking in, Haylee lost a shoe, which doesn't sound like a big deal but they were new :( I checked and called everyone I could think of and it was never found. Anyway, once we waited and waited and waited to board we finally got to eat! I've never seen so much food in one place in my life! After lunch we got a quick nap, then headed to the deck for our safety rundown. Luckily we had an early dinner time, so we were able to get the kids dinner and early bedtime since it had been a long day!
Haylee pushing her suitcase :)

Haylee, Emersyn, and Keili heading to our gate

posing for a pic
Dylan's 1st time on a plane

Haylee got her own seat and was so good the whole flight!

Day 2- Monday, 01-11
The 1st day at sea was actually really fun! We woke up, went up to breakfast, then headed to the pool. We had to try a few different pools before we found one that was warm enough for the kiddos. The kids had a lot of fun swimming and probably could have gone longer, but the parents were worn out ;) After swimming Brett and the kids headed to a play area that was open for young kids from 12-2. While they were playing I attempted to keep up on my half marathon training and went running in the gym. I never thought running on a ship would be that difficult, but since the ship is moving up and down you start to run uphill, then downhill on the treadmill! My heart rate was all over the place and my knee started to bother me, so rather than doing 5 miles, I stopped at 3. Man, was that discouraging! I went and traded Brett in the play area so that he could run, then we were off to lunch and naps. That night was formal night in the dining area, so we all got to dress up! Our kids looked pretty good if I don't say so myself :)

The fam- Dylan has little spells where he throws fits. We were lucky enough to capture on in this photo :)

Haylee enjoying her orange ice cream!

Dylan is always happier after he has a full tummy.

Haylee with Brett's parents

our towel animal that night was an elephant, which was very fitting considering my kids love elephants!!

Day 3- Tuesday, 01-12
We were at sea again Tuesday, so we stuck with the same routine- breakfast, swimming, playtime/gym time (I finally made it to my 5 miles and felt much better about myself), lunch, nap time, and dinner!
what else is there to do with a bunch of blocks with Daddy than build a fort?

Haylee and her cousin Taryn playing in the fort

My kids are attached to these blankets like no other, we call them their "nun-nights"

since our kids were so excited about the 1st elephant, Wayan made them another one
Day 4- Wednesday, 01-13
We finally made it to Porta Vallarta! We decided before we left on the cruise that we would try out a zip line! Since some husbands and wives wanted to do it, we had to go in 2 groups and baby swap. They luckily had a restaurant that we could wait in, which was outdoors so the kids could run around and stay busy. The zip line was definitely a highlight! They had us going through a jungle with a river right below us. I even got brave and went upside down a few times! Talk about an adrenaline rush!! After the zip line we headed back to the ship for lunch, then went back out to shop. All of those little markets are crazy! We just ended up with a little dress for Haylee, then went back to the ship for dinner and bedtime.
Brett on the zip line

it's impossible to see me in this pic, but I'm on the zip line over the river

long story- really short, we call Dylan a gorilla sometimes because he throws food. Our towel animal was very fitting!

Day 5- Thursday, 01-14
Mazatlan was next on the map! This day was a really rough one. Dylan woke up at about 3 am and didn't sleep too well until he decided to be awake for the morning at 6 am! He was fine at breakfast, but then in the taxi on the way to the beach he started to cry. Well, about 3 hours later he finally decided to fall asleep. He cried for 3 hours strait in Mazatlan. We were lucky enough to have gotten a ticket that allowed us to hang out at a hotel by the beach, so Dylan could sleep in the shade. Meanwhile, we tried to take Haylee on the beach and she wouldn't have anything to do with the sand or water! So, after everyone else had fun on the beach, we headed to Senior Frogs for lunch. That was the first time I had ever been there when it was buys, and boy is it CRAZY! We had a lot of fun though and ate really good food! Dylan still stayed asleep through it all, which is beyond me! Haylee loved the music and even got up on the table to dance. I told Brett that she is not going there alone when she is older if she is already table dancing at age 3 :) After lunch we headed back to the ship and on the way I noticed that liquid was coming out of Dylan's ear. I knew he had ruptured his ear drum and that explained the hours of crying! Luckily the ship had a medical center, so $90 later, we had a check-up and amoxicillan for the little guy. After the dr visit we showered and headed for dinner and called it a night!

before we left our room, Dylan was giving Haylee loves!

Brett's Dad at Senior Frogs!!

They gave Haylee a name tag that said "Super Baby" since she was dancing all over the place

Brett's parents in their balloon hats :)

Brett's hat and our sleeping baby

Haylee and mommy's hats!

Day 5-Friday, 01-15
Cabo San Lucas was our last stop before heading home and we were only there for half the day. We woke up at 7 am for breakfast, then headed out with the Dicksons to go exploring. Right off the port there was a booth where you could take a picture with a baby lion. Since that is on Brett's top 10 list, we jumped on the chance! Brett was in heaven and he even found out the cat's name is Lola, which is our cat's name too! After that, we found a guy to take us to "Lover's Beach" to snorkel for a few hours. The water was way too choppy to snorkel, so we just played on a towel on the beach since the kids didn't want to sit on the sand! Dylan would at least play in it, but he didn't want to sit in it! We didn't do anything, but there was something about being on a beach in Mexico that made it fun! On our way back we bought a t-shirt for Dylan then headed to the ship. Haylee was just glad she got to see fishies and pelicans since they are both on finding Nemo! When we got back we had a late lunch, got the kids a nap, then went to our last formal dinner. Haylee grew very fond of our waitress and loved dancing with her when they would perform little shows! She did a great job keeping our kids happy and called them "Little Prince and Princess."

this is how our kids play on the beach

family photo

Haylee and our waitress

story time before bedtime

Day 6- Saturday, 01-16
Since the whole week was very busy, we decided to take it easy this day. We pretty much just walked around, ate, napped, and packed. This was also supposed to be the day where I should have ran 10 miles, but the water was SO choppy, that I would have probably fell right off the treadmill!
Brett and his family on the last night
Dylan digging into his last banana split!

Haylee posing with our doggie

having Mommy time before bed. He was being super cuddley and I loved it!
Day 7, which was yesterday, was spent waiting and traveling. The kids were super excited to be back home where they could run free where ever they wanted to! Brett and I still have sea legs, but hopefully that will pass soon. Now we are just getting ready for our 1/2 marathon that is this Saturday!! It's good to be home!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pushing Through it!

For the past 10 weeks I have been training for the St. George 1/2 Marathon. If someone were to tell me last summer that I would be doing this, I wouldn't believe them! But, somehow I've been able to run every stinkin' mile! That has been my goal, to run (not walk), every mile. I may not be very fast, but I pace myself at a rate that I can handle for however many miles I have to run. The most I have ever accomplished up to this point was 8 miles. Cardio wise, it wasn't that challenging. However at mile 4 I felt this puppy forming (note, it's winter, so I know I need a pedicure!)I stopped at mile 5 to try to adjust my sock, but that didn't help so I kept running until I hit my 8 miles. The pain seriously shot up my whole leg! I would have been better off to have cut my foot off and kept running. I'm pretty sure that would have hurt less! My blister is healing now and hasn't held me back on the rest of my training. I have 2 more Saturdays of long runs- 9 and 10 miles, then the next Saturday is my big race! I can't believe I have been able to set this goal for myself and achieve it!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

'09 Holiday Update

I swear our lives have been out of control busy since Haylee's Birthday! Because of Brett's busy work schedule, my work schedule, parties, running, and being a mom our blog has been neglected!
Christmas this year was extra fun since Haylee understood Santa Clause and Dylan understood opening presents (poor guy was only 4 months old last year)! Here are some pics of the festivities we participated in...

Every year at the beginning of the month, Brett's parents give the grandkids their Christmas jammies and a Christmas book! All the girls looked darling in their princess p.j.'s!

Zoo Lights! We hadn't ever been up to see the lights at the Zoo, so one night after a Utah B-Ball game we took the oppertunity to do so! There were some pretty impressive lights! The cats were all pretty active too, which was fun to see! We couldn't believe how big the tiger cubs have gotten!

Tea Time! For my Mom's and her twin sister's Birthday they took all the girlies in the family to Tea Time at The Grand America. It was a very nice afternoon out with the girls! I highly recommend the Mint Hot Chocolate!

This was our attempt to get a picture of the kids in their Christmas Church outfits!

This next set of pictures is of Christmas Eve. We started the evening off at my mom's house. Dylan got a basketball hoop from everyone and Haylee got some princess make up and a cash register! My mom also made the girls a knitted beanie with handmade flowers all around it. They were very cute and the girls loved them! Our next stop was to my Grandparent's house for our cousin's party and gift exchange. Everyone from 30 to 1 gets Christmas jammies and a present!

My mom made the kid's jammie bottoms this year! They are adorable!

After the party we rushed home, put milk and cookies out for Santa and went right to bed! The next morning the kids woke up to see that Santa came! Haylee was super excited to see that he drank his milk and ate his cookies! The kids loved their toys and haven't stopped playing with them since!

Since Haylee has a princess couch, Santa brought Dylan his very own Car's couch! He loves it!

playing in their tent!

The one toy Haylee asked Santa for! And Cinderella got her very own doll house to live in!

After presents we headed up to Brett's parent's house for our traditional Christmas breakfast! It was a blast as usual and the kids got even more gifts!!
me and my girl

Daddy and his boy!

We all had a very good Christmas and our kids were spoiled by everyone including their birthfamilies! I swear Santa doesn't even need to come next year! We are now excited for the new year and what it has in store for us!!