Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bargain Skirts!

My mom works at the most darling quilting/fabric store in South Jordan called "Material Girls." The store is full of fun fabrics and patters! One of the first patterns that caught my eye was one for a "girlie skirt." After looking at the pattern and figuring out how much fabric it would take to make Haylee a skirt (only 1 yard!), then thinking about the family discount I get, I had a great idea!! Instead of buying Haylee's Spring/Summer clothes from Old Navy, Children's Place, Target, and Gap, I will make Haylee's clothes!! Well, at least the skirts and jumpers! On average I can buy a yard of fabric for $5-$7. So that means I can make a darling custom skirt or jumper for Haylee for $5-$7!! That's way cheaper than any outfit I can buy! I haven't started on her jumper yet, but have my eye on the perfect fabric. Here are the three skirts that my mom and I have made so far...

Way cute, right? Now I just need to buy some cute t-shirts, which usually go on sale for $4-$5 and she has herself a bargain outfit that's not only DARLING, but made with love!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Daddy-Daughter Princess Dance

Last Friday at Lifetime Fitness they had a Daddy-Daughter Princess Dance. They host a daddy-daughter dance every year, so I figured that Haylee was the perfect age to go this year! She was able to get her hair done, nails painted, all dolled up in a Belle Dress, and make-up on! She was super excited about it all day and asked over and over "Haylee go to the dance with Daddy?" Brett was a good sport and stayed the whole time until it was over. Haylee was able to meet all of her favorite princesses in person, ride in a horse drawn carriage, and dance (or twirl) the night away! There really isn't anything cuter than a daddy with his little princess!

Haylee getting her hair done :)

Her first up-do!

Our pretty little princess- or in Haylee's words "Haylee is so beautiful!"

Haylee and her daddy- ready to go!

what a cute little pair!

waiting patiently in line to go in

receiving her flower

riding on the carriage with Daddy

Haylee and Ariel!

Haylee and Cinderella

Haylee and Belle (her dress was a little too low, so you'll have to excuse my poor quick photo shop job. I'm just glad Haylee's not old enough to notice stuff like that)

Haylee and Pocahontas

Jasmine and Haylee

Haylee and Sleeping Beauty

Haylee with Mulan

Haylee and Snow White (Snow White actually came up to Brett and said "I don't usually say anything, but Your daughter is so cute! I've never seen a girl's face light up quite like hers when she sees a princess!"

Haylee and Tinker Bell

twirling the night away

Haylee and her cute cousin Emersyn- the "Belle's of the Ball"

Haylee showing Cinderella her necklace :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Nothing Too Exciting...

We haven't done anything too exciting lately, but I do have a few pictures to share! With the yucky weather, we don't get out much but when I saw the advertisement for a Kids Expo I jumped on the opportunity to get tickets! They had it this past Saturday at the South Towne Expo Center. They had tons of booths geared towards kids and bouncy houses/slides to play on. We mainly went for some bouncy time! Both kids loved it! Dylan couldn't get enough of going down this little slide and for once in her life, Haylee went down the big slides all by herself! It was nice to get out and do something with the kids and they had a lot of fun!

Dylan having a ball!

Keili, Haylee, and Dylan going down together! We may have ourselves an idea for Dylan's 2nd Birthday party!!

Other than that, life has kind of been mellow. Haylee is going to a new dance studio once a week that she absolutely loves and we can't wait for her first recital in May! They started learning their dance last week and it's about the cutest thing you've ever seen! She loves the friends she dances with and talks about them all the time. She also loves Miss Ann, her teacher, and practices her dance moves at home!
Dylan is getting to be quite the rough and tumble little boy! He'll be 18 month on the 25th of this month and I can't believe it! It seems like he went strait from infant to little boy! He hit a growth spurt this past month and just looks so old!!
Brett and I are running our guts out preparing for our next races. I have 6 weeks until my next 1/2 and Brett has 10 weeks until his next full marathon! It's actually been a fun new hobby that we can both talk about and do with each other!
Other than that, we do a little bit of this...

jammies, nun-nights, sippies, Mickey Mouse, and their couches. Life doesn't get much better :)