Sunday, March 28, 2010

Moda- Frolic

It amazed me yesterday as I sat and watched my mom turn a beautiful piece of fabric into a darling skirt!! I bought this fabric at "Material Girls" and it's by Moda and in the Frolic line :) So darling and you can have one too for $15 (excluding fabric)!!
I also made Haylee two matching hair clips with the scrap pieces and am going to be making them for people for $4 for one bow or $6 for two! Or I can make it into one pin for $4 :) So cute to pin on a cute top, jacket, or sweater!
Email me if you are interested! Skirt weather upon us!

The Utah Valley 1/2 Marathon it is!

After going back and forth about which 1/2 I wanted to run next, I decided on the Utah Valley 1/2!! I'm super excited and Brett's going to be running the full! So after I'm done, I'll be waiting at the finish line cheering on my hot hubby! The only downside to this race is the start time is at 5:30 AM!! I don't even know what 5:30 AM looks like! Let alone 3:30 AM, which is probably the time I will have to wake up! Oh the things we do for running!! As of yesterday there were only 125 spots left in the 1/2, so if anyone wants to join me, hurry and sign up!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Skirts for Sale!!

After posting pictures of some skirts my mom and I made, you wouldn't believe the feedback I received! A lot of them wanted to know if I would be willing to make some skirts for them! Let's just say, I wasn't the talent behind the skirts. I definitely helped, but my mom is the master sewer and perfectionist! After talking to my mom about how much everyone loved them and wanted them for their girls, she has now decided to start making them for people! You just need to provide the fabric and elastic and she will sew them for you for $15.oo/skirt! I think that is a great deal! The pattern alone costs $10, so for a little more you are saving your time and having someone do it for you :) If you are interested, go ahead and send me an email: Spread the word, it's almost skirt weather!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Canyonlands Half Marathon, where it all began

Well, it's finally done. The half marathon that started my running bug in the first place. Way back in August I read this post on the r house blog. I starred at the computer for literally 20 minutes with butterflies in my stomach thinking to myself, "can I really run a 1/2 marathon??" 13.1 miles is a long run and up to this point in my life I had only ran 3 miles. A really slow 3 miles. I called Brett at work and told him my "dilemma." He was very encouraging right from the get go. He had all the faith in the world in me. He knew I could do it. I just had to talk myself into it. I'm the type of person that once I set my mind on something or tell someone I'm going to do something, I don't step down. I knew I had to be totally in this and willing to train if I said I was. So, I gathered up enough courage to comment...
"OK Mrs. R after a 30 minute pep talk by my husband (who is training for the Top of Utah Marathon in Sept.) I have decided to run with you ladies! Could you please email me the training schedule?? I have only ever ran a 5k, so a 1/2 marathon is totally intimidating! I'm already nervous!!"
And just like that, I was committed! I started running on my own and got up to running 5 miles before the training schedule started. Fast forward another month and me and my friends decided to run a 1/2 together in January. Well, due to personal things going on in my friend's lives, I ended up running the St. George 1/2 with Brett in January. By doing so, I had to start my training in November. I was really nervous for it, but surprisingly enough, my body didn't let me down and I was able to run! You can read about my first half here...
Now fast forward to this last weekend. Lindsey, Lacey, Lindsey's sister-in-law Juliann, and me all headed to Moab to run for adoption!! The feedback we got back from people about our shirts was awesome!! Great adoption advocacy!! We all ran at different paces, and we all finished strong!! For me, it was the first time I had ever ran alone. I usually have Brett there pushing me on my long runs. I was pleasantly surprised that I had it in me to do it alone!! I had a goal of finishing by 2:20 to beat my previous time and I did it with 30 seconds to go!! The course was a lot of fun and really beautiful. I remember feeling really proud of myself, because by mile 8 I still felt really good!! Then a beast of a hill crept up on me at mile 9 and I thought to myself "why do I run?" After getting my heart rate down again I was back to a pretty good pace until... we got out of the canyon. Nothing is worse than running through a gorgeous canyon, then finishing your last 1 1/2 miles in a neighborhood! I stopped at the aid station at mile 12 to get my last boost of energy by drinking both water and gatorade. Then, it took everything I had to get my legs going again!! I thought I was running pretty fast until I looked at the garmin on my wrist and noticed that I wasn't. I picked up my pace a little bit, then turned a corner. And there it was. A finish line that couldn't have been so close, but so far away at the same time. I tried to pick up my speed, but all of my energy was gone and my legs didn't want to go any faster! Then I saw her. My dear new friend Lacey who is a speedster and finished a half hour before I did. She was cheering me on, then started running with me!! She knew of the goal I wanted to reach and kept pushing me. She encouraged me to go beyond and run even faster! I had about .10 to go and had less than a minute to do it. I sprinted to the finish line with 30 seconds to spare! I felt so incredibly exhausted, but I did it! I ran my best. I ran for adoption. What a great feeling!!
Now that it's over the running bug inside of me is looking to my next race! It might be the Utah Valley Half or the Top of Utah Half! We'll see. All I know is, I feel so proud of myself for tackling such a hard beast. Running is a whole different animal and harder than anything I have ever put my mind to. It's physically, mentally, and emotionally draining! But when you cross the finish, it's worth every stinkin' mile!

me, Lacey, Lindsey "mrs. r," and Juliann

showing our stuff, "r house runs for adoption"

in front of the "finisher" banner and proud of it!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Haylee got her ears pierced!

Haylee has a "good behavior" chart hanging up in our hall closet. Anytime she does something nice or actually does what we ask her (i.e. put away her toys, eat her food, be nice to Dylan), she gets a sticker on her chart. This worked really well when we were potty training her, so I thought we'd give it a go! As incentives she gets little prizes once in awhile and her big prize at the end was going to be anything she wanted! I thought that was fair since there are like 100 squares to fill stickers in! Well, she wanted earrings! But not just any earrings, she wanted earrings "like Mommy and Beka." Beka is her cousin that has her ears pierced. We've talked a lot about it lately and I've told her that it's kind of like getting a shot, but then it's all better! So she'll tell you... I want earrings, but it's going to hurt like when Dylan bites you, then it gets all better!! At least she knows right?? Well, for some reason she has been talking about getting her earrings a lot this weekend. She's been racking up the stickers on her chart and hasn't been too naughty. She even let Dylan have her apple juice yesterday in the car, because he drank his all gone and was freaking out that she had some! So, today I went to the mall with my mom and mentioned to her as we were passing "Claire's" that Haylee has been talking about getting her ears pierced all weekend. Then I thought some more and said, "should I go see if they have two people to do it right now and just get it over with??" Sure enough, they had two employees ready and willing to pierce Haylee's 3 year old years!! I kept telling Haylee that it was going to hurt, but they it would be over and she would have pretty earrings. The employees on the other hand thought I should leave the "pain" part out of it. But, I know Haylee better than them and she needed to know what she was getting herself into. She picked out her earrings (pink sparkly flowers), plopped down on my mom's lap, and freaked out when they tried to clean her ears with alcohol!! I talked her into letting me do it and she still was VERY hesitant and screamed as if I was piercing them already. So at that point, my mom changed her mind about being the one to hold her :) She was fine when they marked her ears, but then started to get really nervous when the other employee came over to get her gun loaded. They made sure I knew once they opened the package of earrings that we had to pay for them, no matter what! I told them that this is what she asked for and knows what she's getting herself into, so we were doing it, no matter what! Well, on the count of three as I held Haylee's head still, the guns went off and there were more tears! They wiped them clean with some antiseptic, which made the tears stop. Once she saw her new earrings in the mirror she forgot about the pain and was as happy as can be! She can't stop looking at herself in the mirror now and thinks she's a princess!
As for the sticker chart, we're about half way full and now she can work on earning enough stickers to get some other earrings to wear once her 6 weeks are up! Brett said I'm a sucker for doing it early, and he's right :)

putting the markings on

my brave little girl!

no more tears! all better!

all I had on me was my phone at the mall to take pics, so when we got home I wanted to take one with our nice camera! She loves them!!

this has nothing to do with the post, but since I was taking Haylee's picture, Dylan sat down on the ground and started saying "cheese," so I couldn't resist. He's a cute little bug!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Lake to Lake 50 Mile Relay!

Brett is in the "St. George Runner's Series," which means he has to complete two St. George races, then he's an automatic shoe in for the St. George Marathon. There's a long list of races he can participate in and when he looked at it, he decided to run the St. George 1/2, which we did in January, and the Lake to Lake Relay. The relay is a 50 mile relay and you are encouraged to form a team of 5. It can be all male, all female, or mixed gender. Since Brett's sister Jamie is in the runner's series too, we decided that Brett and I would be on a team with her and her husband Jeff. That left room for one more team member. Brett and Jamie knew our brother-in-law Zac ran every morning so they asked him! As long as he could run fast (which he did) and got a t-shirt he was in :) So, there was our team of 5! It was nice, because none of us were taking it too seriously and just went out and had fun. The energy of the race was great and made me feel so proud to be a part of it! Here's a recap....
Ready to go at 7:30 AM!
Leg 1: "Gunlock and Loaded" 6.01 Miles
Jamie is an early riser and usually does her exercising in the morning, so she wanted to run 1st. The race started at Gunlock State Park. The difficulty was rated at a 5. Jamie rocked it!
Jamie's in the purple

Leg 2: "Red Rock N' Roll" 5.19 miles

Zac was up next. Let's just say Zac is one of the fastest men I have ever met. After Jamie was cooled down and stretched, we all piled in the car and headed off to the 3rd leg starting line. As we drove, we asked ourselves, "where is Zac?" We hadn't taken that long to take off, but he was long gone! Well, we finally found him- way down the road and he was haulin'!! This course was rated at 6-7 for difficulty.

Zac in the zone

Leg 3: "Navigators Nightmare" 5.71 miles

Jeff was up next. This course had a million directions, so we decided Jeff was the man for the job! He did awesome considering he had pulled his abdominal muscle a few weeks ago! This course was rated at a 6 for difficulty.
finishing strong

Leg 4: "Dixie Stampede" 5.22 miles

This was my first leg. The majority of it felt like deja vu, since a lot of my leg was on Dixie Dr., which is where I ran some of my half marathon. The difficulty for this leg was set at a 5 and it really wasn't that bad. The downhill spots really helped me maintain a pretty quick pace for me!

coming to the finish!

Leg 5: "Man O Warrior" 5.50 miles

This leg had Brett's name written all over it! He did great and even put up with a beast of a hill that was in our half marathon in January! The difficulty was set at a 7 and he maintained his Boston Marathon qualifying speed! He just needs to do that for 21 more miles and he's set :)
coming to the finish!

Leg 6: "Trails Trails and Lama Tails" 3.95 Miles

Let me just start off by saying, after you ran your 1st leg, it was really hard (at least for me) to gain the motivation to run a 2nd time! This was Jeff's 2nd leg, which was perfect for him and his injury. The difficulty was a 4 and he did awesome. No Lamas were to be seen though, what a rip off!
the final stretch...

Leg 7: "Expedition Virgin River" 4.47 miles

To me, this leg sucked!! The wind really started picking up at this point which made it hard to maintain a good pace. The coarse is rated at a 5 and says in it's description, "a windy flat run, with a little bit of a big hill near the end you might like." Yah, who ever likes to finish a run with a big hill? Not this girl? That mixed with the wind, is where I asked myself "why do I do this??"

running with heavy legs!

Leg 8: "That Washington Damn Hill" 4.74 miles

After running my leg and seeing the next two legs, I tried not to complain too much! Jamie had this leg and was awesome! She even started having an allergy attack from some of the farm animals, but didn't slow down! The difficulty was an 8 and "I've Gotta Feelin"" helped her finish strong!!

mastering the last beast of a hill

Leg 9: "The Dirty Climber" 4.25 miles
Let's just say the name says it all. Brett started off with a 6% grade hill right off the get go! Not only was it steep, but it was all on soft sand. Have you ever tried running in soft sand? Let alone up a 6% hill?? Yah, he's a rock star! Not only did he have that hill, but then there were two more that he had to deal with. This was the only coarse rated a 10 for difficulty! Go Brett!!

climbing the last hill

now that's "dirty!"

Leg 10: "Sand Finale" 4.87 miles

The best man for the final leg was definitely Zac! The difficulty was a 7 and he used his lightening fast legs to help us finish strong!! We again passed him on our way to the finish and tried honking and cheering him on, but he was in the "Zac Zone" and didn't even notice :) We all ended up running the last little bit with Zac to finish as a team and he's a speed machine! It was a great feeling crossing the line together knowing that we tackled 50 miles together! It's kind of funny because we were all doing it just so Brett and Jamie could get into the marathon in October, but we ended up doing pretty good! We placed 15th in our division out of 52 teams and 31st overall out of 95 teams! Not too shabby :)
finishing as a team

feelin' good that it's over!

"Team Schmidt's!"

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

1 year ago today...

I can't believe it's already been 1 year from this day. My heart is so full today as I sit and reminisce about our special day 1 year ago. I still tell people that having our entire family inside the sacred walls of the temple was one of the happiest days of my life. If I had to choose between having my own children and sharing such a sacred experience with my two little angels, I consider being infertile a blessing. It has taken me quite awhile to get to that point, but when I think of how truly blessed I am as an adoptive mother, I feel so honored that our father in heaven would trust me to raise and care for two of his most choice spirits. The things my children teach me and what their birthparents have taught me about love and sacrifice are lessons I would never replace. Today my heart is so full of joy and my eyes are full of tears. Adoption is a beautiful thing and I feel so blessed to have Haylee and Dylan in my life.