Thursday, April 29, 2010

7 Years- Look How Far We've Come!

7 years seems like a long time! When I look back at the 7 years Brett and I have been married, I am amazed at how much we've built and what we've become! We have 2 kids, beautiful house, awesome marriage, a cat, our dream car, and our health! We have so much to be grateful for! I feel so lucky to be Brett's partner. When I think of the future and things start to make me nervous, I just think to myself that Brett will be there with me all the way and all of my anxiety goes away! He's a wonderful father! Wonderful is probably an understatement! He just loves our kids and does things every day that make me realize how lucky I am to have HIM be the father of my children.
This week is also National Infertility Awareness Week, so I've been thinking A LOT about how far we've come and everything we've gone through. The other day I watched a "What IF" video about infertility highlighting all of the What IF questions that pop up while you are going through Infertility. One of the questions on this video said... "What IF my husband leaves me for a woman who can bear his children?" I would be a liar if I said that worry never crossed my mind. Especially when we've ran into Brett's past girlfriends and their cute little kids. I've worried that Brett regrets choosing me over them. But, early on in our struggles with Infertility Brett reassured me that... "I chose you to be my wife. In doing so, I chose everything that comes along with loving you. I can't choose my kids or how they get there. That's up to Heavenly Father and I'm OK with that." I have had to hang on to those words so many times! I'm just glad I have a partner who will love me for everything that makes up me. Infertility and all!

Love you sweetie! Thank you for 7 amazing years!

Three Kisses,


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Salt Lake Marathon '10

This Marathon marks the first of 5 (maybe even 6) for Brett this year!! He signed up for the "Run the State" or "Grand Slam," which is 4 marathons in 6 months. They include the Ogden, Utah Valley, Park City, and St. George. Well, when one of my brothers was going through a hard time this past winter Brett told him to run a marathon with him! It would get him to focus on something positive and would keep his body healthy. After looking into a few marathons my brother decided he wanted to do the SL. The one marathon that's not on Brett's list! Regardless, Brett was willing to register and run it with him for support! Well, they started training and then my brother's work life got really busy. It was a good thing for him, but interfered with his training. When the 20 mile run can around in their training schedule my brother decided to just go for it even though he'd only ran 14 miles up to that point. Well, let's just say at mile 16 I received a phone call that he couldn't make it any further and needed to be picked up :) He actually started having knee problems and his muscles kept cramping on him. Well, ever since that run his knee makes the worst popping noise I have ever heard!! So, he was out for the count and left Brett to run alone. Well, Brett had a friend, Shay, who had been training for the Ogden Marathon and called him up and said that he could take my brother's place if he wanted it! Shay was a little hesitant, but decided- what the heck! Brett has been actually babying a tender hamstring, so they both decided to not push it and to just finish. Besides, the Ogden is in 3 weeks and they wanted to make sure they could run that!
The morning of the SL Marathon Tiffany, Shay's wife, and I loaded up the kiddos and headed downtown to cheer on our hubbys!! They finished in 4:36:45 and we were so proud! We handed Haylee and Jakelle over the wall and had them cross the finish with their Dads! It was pretty cute! To this day Haylee will tell you that she ran with her Daddy :) Brett was just happy that he finished un-injured and felt great afterwards!! He would like to try and qualify if he feels good enough in a few weeks, so he'll need to knock off about an hour and 20 minutes from his time or 40 minutes from his 1st marathon's time :) If his hamstring holds up, I know he can do it!

The girls had way too much fun screaming and laughing in the car!

if Dylan sees you take a picture, he sits and says "cheese" until you take his :)

melting in the sun while we wait

our boys finishing strong!!

Brett is holding Haylee and Shay with Jakelle, headed for the finish!!

proud Haylee with her Daddy

the girls had to eat some post-race snacks too :)

flaunting their metals!

fam pic!

Things That Start With The Letter 'B"

Our little Dylan Billin loves things that start with a letter "B." He is the happiest when he was a bear, a ball, or his Mommy Borg :) OK, so the last one is a stretch, but he really does love bears and balls!! The other day just Dylan and I were at the mall (a rarity), because Haylee was at playgroup. While we were walking down the hall Dylan started to get really excited about something and started reaching! I looked over and saw "Build-A-Bear." He just kept saying "bear, bear, bear!" So I thought, what the heck. Haylee got her 1st build-a-bear when she was about Dylan's age, so we headed in. He couldn't get enough of all the bears on display! I handed him a sample and asked if he wanted that bear and he just kept hugging it and saying "yah!!" I recorded a little message for his bear (similar to Haylee's) and he waves and says "love you" when he listens to it :) I hope he always has this much love for little simple things like a teddy bear :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Little Bit of This...

Here's one big post to catch up on all I've missed!

We've done a little bit of this...
spilling apple juice on our tray and slurping it up!
And a little bit of that...

finding Easter Eggs in our jammies

Dylan was all about Easter this year!!

The kids with their loot!

And a classic meltdown from Dylan after candy was taken away so we could eat breakfast :)

the kids in their Easter Best

And a cute one of them holding hands!
We did a little bit of this...

double fisting Easter Eggs at the annual Borg Family Easter Egg Hunt!
And a little bit of that...

Haylee looking beautiful as usual!

an attempt to get a picture with ALL the grand kids!
We did a little bit of this...

putting the change he found from his eggs into his piggy bank!
And a little bit of that...
random I know, but modeling Foxy Fitness wear at a Lifetime Fitness Fashion Show
She did a little bit of this...
while waiting for mommy to change after the fashion show, Haylee hopped on stage and showed off some classic "Haylee Hippie Dancing"
We did a little bit of that...
riding on Uncle Jake's new scooter "Sasha" with Grandpa

and lovin' every minute!
And of course, he had to do a little bit of that too...

while resembling a little someone else...

and also lovin' every minute!

We've kept quite busy, but have had a lot of fun. I've enjoyed laughing to myself tonight as I've added these pictures. My kids add such joy to my life! Gotta love parenthood :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Working on this...

I've been MIA lately, because I've been helping my mom with her new little business called "Sewn Sassy." You need to check her blog if you haven't yet! Let me know if you are interested in a skirt!