Monday, May 31, 2010

Haylee's 1st Dance Recital!

before the show began!

Last Wednesday Haylee had her first dance recital with AED (her dance studio). This was her first official dance recital EVER, so Brett and I were curious to see how it all went down! Haylee is a little free spirit, so you never know what you're going to get with her :) We knew she was going to make us laugh, we just didn't know everyone else was going to laugh along with us too!
Haylee had a dance rehearsal on Tuesday, which I video taped, and she did great! The only thing she forgot to do was run off stage after she was done, so she was just standing there all by her little lonesome as the class behind her took the stage :) A teacher had to lead her off and I am sure she talked to her about leaving the stage, because when it came time for her to perform in the recital the next day she had no problems running off...
Her recital went a little something like this... Before the recital even started we had to drop her off behind the stage to stay with her class and little helpers. We found our seats and waited for the show to start. Just as it was about to start, we saw a little ballerina take the stage all by herself! Yep, it was Haylee! She jumped the gun alone and wondered on stage before the show began. Her cute teacher Miss Anne came to the rescue and had her waive, then they let the stage. Oh, our little Haylee! What a nut! The funniest part about that was, her class wasn't even the 1st performance! They were about 5th, so she really jumped the gun! Then it was their time to take the stage. Her class had to sit on some back benches while they waited for another class to finish.

waiting their turn on the benches
Once Haylee's music began they were to run to their spot! Well, Haylee had it nailed in her head that she was supposed to leave the stage, so when the other class ahead of her left, she ran off too!
coming back on stage :)
She shortly returned and almost ran off the other way until she saw her teacher flagging her down to do the dance.

coming back from almost going off the stage again :)
Haylee then decided she was going to dance with her class and follow her teacher. Well, that was until the chasse's came into play. She chasse'd one way and when she was supposed to chase to the other, she ran off stage again!

dancing with everyone... finally!

By this time she had the whole audience laughing! But someone off stage stopped her and she returned to finish the rest of the dance with her class!
coming back, yet again!
One thing was for sure, she was not afraid to be on stage! I think in her mind she was thinking "don't stay on stage, run off this time..." It was the funniest thing we've seen in a long time! We are so proud of her!! Now we have the summer off to play, but when she returns she will be taking Ballet, Jazz, and Tumbling! Yeah Haylee!

clapping for herself :)

the victory walk with her flowers!

being a little shy to all of her guests

Grandpa Steve and Grandma Lucy

Marco and Nana

Grandma Pam

Mommy and Daddy

Grandpa Doug

Dylan, Beka, Haylee, and Jaxon

Jason, Meghan, Dylan, Haylee, Beka, Baby Davis, and Jaxon

Kenzie and Jojo

Cousin Emersyn
Thank you everyone for coming! And for those of you who didn't make it, no worries, we have it all on video :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Curtsy Daisy

I've been a little, OK a lot, occupied with this little project: Curtsy Daisy is the new name of our little skirt shop. Sewn Sassy was actually already taken on etsy, so we brainstormed and Curtsy Daisy was the winner! We love our new name, banner, and everything else about it! We are extremely proud of our new 4th of July skirt and have it being sold in a few stores in Utah! We actually had it showcased on channel 14 last Saturday too!
Check out our store, become a fan on facebook, and let us know how we can create a darling skirt for your little miss!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

#2- Ogden Marathon

This past Saturday Brett ran his second of five marathons! He decided to set his goal at 3:30-3:35 and told me that the only thing that would hold him back from reaching that time would be an injury. He ran with our friend Scott who is one of those insane runners who runs 100 mile races! He taught him a few tricks on how to pace himself, then take off to finish strong! Our friend Shay also ran this Marathon, so Tiffany and I loaded up the kids and headed up to Ogden Saturday morning to cheer on our husbands. When 3:30 came and went I started to get really excited! I knew Brett would be coming down the final stretch anytime! Then, 3:31, 3:32, 3:33, and 3:34 came and went. I started to worry that he re injured his hamstring. He's been babying it since we ran our 50 mile relay in March. Then just like that, 3:35 came and Brett and Scott appeared! I could tell Brett was in pain, but he still looked strong! I gathered up the kids and met him passed the finish line to congratulate him! He said that at mile 23 he felt like his hamstring snapped, so he ran the last 3 miles in pain. He still met his goal and I couldn't be more proud of him! On Sunday when he woke up, his hamstring felt fine, so he's thinking that his hamstring may have just cramped! That's great news considering he's running in the Utah Valley Marathon in 3 1/2 weeks! I'll be doing the half marathon as well, so it'll be fun being at a race together again! Brett's planning on taking more time off and eventually qualifying in the St. George! Good luck sweetie! We'll be there cheering you on along the way!

icing his hamstring after 26.2 miles!

Scott and Brett

Marathon #3!

Brett and Shay (who also did an awesome job and finished in 4:10!)

so proud of our Daddy!

our happy little camper

Haylee and Jakelle staying busy picking the grass