Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Big Preschooler!

All ready for school!

Last Tuesday Haylee started Preschool. I know what you're thinking- isn't it summer? Yes it is, but her school has two more weeks and invited her to join in before the break began!
For the past four months Haylee has gone through some pretty extensive tests to test her language and speech skills. After Haylee turned three we started to wonder if she needed some extra help in those areas. Haylee is actually a very bright little girl and has a memory like an elephant, but sometimes she has a hard time communicating and understanding others in some conversations. The school district actually does all of the testing for free, so our thinking was- we might as well get her tested to see if she needs extra help and if she doesn't, then at least we know! Well, test after test did show that her scores in the cognitive areas were below average. They summarized it by saying Haylee has a hard time understanding language in general, so when people ask her questions in ways that she isn't familiar with, she has a hard time responding back to them. Her speech is actually normal, but will improve even more once she understands more language! Once we had all of her results, a school reviewed them and accepted her into their preschool program! We are so excited for Haylee! She has the best teachers and they have some really positive goals in line for Haylee for the next few years!
It was a little strange sending Haylee off the school for the first time. School means she is growing up on me and I'm not ready for that yet! I would be lying if I said I didn't get teary eyed as she walked in the school holding her teacher's hand! When I picked her up she was all smiles and had a note in her backpack from her teacher saying "Haylee had a really great first day!" She loved telling me about the friends she met, the pom poms she played with, the snacks she ate, and the fact that she used the potty!
We're super excited for Haylee to have the opportunity to learn from teachers who specialize in this area of teaching. Haylee is in good hands and we are sure she'll start to improve quickly!

Jungle Jim's

For those of you who live in Utah will agree with me that we have had the craziest weather lately! One day it will be nice and warm and beautiful outside and the next day it will be rainy and freezing! A few Fridays ago I woke up and was sick and tired of staying inside all of the time! Especially because it is June and we are used to being out and about! So, I loaded up the kids and headed to Jungle Jim's (by myself I might add :). The kids loved riding all of the rides! Probably just as much as I loved getting out of the house!

lovin' the swings!

driving the rockets!

Jeepin' it up!

Although Jungle Jim's is a little ghetto, the kids loved it and that's all the mattered :)

Making Cookies!

One of the best parts about being married to a baker, is that I can just call him at work and ask him to bring home things! Need rolls for dinner? No worries, just call! Need bread? Cakes? Treats? Just make a phone call! As long as he remembers to bring it home, it's easy :) Just kidding Brett, I know you get busy and can't help but forget sometimes :)
Although it's super convenient, I have to admit that I miss having homemade goodies once in awhile. I also have two very good helpers that are always ready and willing to lend a helping hand in the kitchen! I can't resist but to make some homemade cookies once in awhile. And my kids love to lick the beaters! It's the best part of baking right?

First Trip to The Zoo '10!

Please bare with me as I have a lot of catching up to do! At the end of May we headed to the Zoo with Brett's family. We do this every year and decided it was better earlier than later in the summer to beat the heat! It was such a nice day and the kids loved walking around with their cousins! This is probably the first of many trips we will make up there this year. Both Haylee and Dylan are at such great ages! Dylan couldn't get enough of the animals and loved every minute of it!
following a peacock!

you can't really see the peacock in this pic, but it's there and the kids loved watching it!
Grandpa Steve and Grandma Lucy with their grandkids!

some of the little girls walking around the Zoo!