Thursday, July 29, 2010


fats and oils

Yesterday I met with a nutritionist from my work and I'm still in awe about how clueless I was about eating right! I guess to make sense of all of this, I'll start from the very beginning...

I took what's called a Cardio Point test 6 months ago. The test measures your oxygen intake/carbon dioxide out put and your heart rate. After they have those numbers they tell you at what point in your heart rate you burn the most fat. Those are always your lower heart rate "zones." It also tells you at what heart rate you burn mostly sugar. Since I started doing endurance runs last year I didn't pay attention to any of my zones and I just trained hard all of the time. Which meant, I was always burning sugar. It's not bad to burn sugar, but sugar is not the most ideal fuel source for your body to burn. You can burn out fast because your body only has so much sugar to give. So, when you are doing endurance sports, such as running for long periods of time, you want to train your body to burn fat. Naturally your body has fat storage. If you can train your body to burn fat while you run, you can last forever and go faster! Well, I started to get frustrated that I wasn't able to run very fast, so through taking this test I learned that when I run I only burn sugar. NOT GOOD! So I cooled my training down a little bit and started working in my lower zones. After religiously working on it for 3 months I should have seen an improvement, but I didn't! Let more frustration begin!! I have an awesome personal trainer who started to brainstorm why my body isn't allowing me to burn fat. He asked me on a typical day what I ate. I started listing everything as he inputted the info into a food journal on and we figured that I only eat about 1,000 calories a day. And mostly carbs. Aain, NOT GOOD! So, here comes the second test I took...

I took what's called a RMR. It test your resting metabolic heart rate, which can then calculate how many calories your body burns on any given day without doing any extra physical activity. I burn 1,100 calories. I'm not sure if it's good or bad, but that's just what it is. So when I'm only eating on average 1,000 calories I'm -100/day. You have to give your body good fuel to survive or else it'll start storing fat, because it's afraid it won't get it back. Hence my problem! My body is afraid that I won't replace the calories so it refuses to allow me to burn fat!! So, here comes my next step, meeting with a nutritionist...

If you ever need a good one, contact Cameron Morgensen at: He was so great!! He's really good at educating you so you understand what's a good complex carb and what's a good simple carb. As well as good protein and fat. Yes, you have to incorporate good fat into your diet. He put me on a 1,500 calorie diet. That's just to maintain my weight. If I wanted to lose weight and that was my ultimate goal, he would have dropped the calories. He then set out a meal plan for me that consists of 6 meals a day! Holy cow, 6 meals!! I'm usually just a 3 a day type girl! It's better to keep feeding your body good protein and carbs throughout the day to keep your metabolism going. So my day will consist of 50% carbs, 30% protein, and 20% good fat. After he drew out my meals I looked at him and said "this is a ton of food! Are you sure I'm not going to gain weight??" He said that I'm going to be really surprised. If I give my body the right types of foods and keep exercising the way I am I might even lean up a little bit and gain some muscle (which would be nice!). In return, my metabolism will be a lot more stable and my body will allow me to burn fat when I run! Which is my ultimate GOAL!!

Just because I know your curious, here's an example of a breakfast...
Carbs- 45: 1/2 cup plain oatmeal, 1 apple
Protein- 18: 3 egg whites, 1 whole egg
Fat- 10 grams: 7 almonds (fat also in whole egg)
I used to eat just a bowl of cereal, which was pure carbs, so this is going to be a change! All of my meals are somewhat similar and consist of good carbs, protein, and fats.

Ater meeting with Cameron, I grabbed a shopping list and headed to the store! All morning I've been cooking things ahead of time so when it's time to eat all I have to do is grab it and heat it up! He said the key to keeping to it is convenience. I love convenience!! All for it!
I'm super excited to see the changes happen and am so lucky to have such educated people who are willing to help me!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

4th of July Festivities

Our 4th of July weekend was actually filled with Birthdays! We started it off at Jordan's 21st birthday! We had a fun BBQ at Jason and Meghan's, then headed to Keys on Main! Well, at least some of the adults did :) Since Jordan had turned 21 he wanted to live it up with a virgin margarita and some good music! Keys on Main is actually pretty entertaining and the piano players are quite talented!

family picture!

Keys on Main with my Bro Jake

The Birthday Boy Jordan with his cute wifey Kenzi

On Saturday we headed over to my Uncle Ron's house to celebrate my Grandpa Grant's 80th Birthday! I still can't believe he is 80! One thing is for sure, I hope I end up with his grey hair genes! He's just barely going grey! Yah, and he's 80! Instead of presents this year my Grandma asked us to each write him a letter. Try writing your 80 year old grandpa a letter without crying. It's impossible! After dinner we headed over to Brett's sister's house and lit some fireworks with all of the cousins! The kids had a blast :)

My cute grandpa

I hope Brett and I are like this in 50 years :)

Haylee with her cute cousin Beka modeling Curtsy Daisy's Miss Liberty Skirt

Utah Valley Marathon/Half Marathon

I have A LOT of catching up to do! My first catch up post is going to be about the last race Brett and I participated in... The Utah Valley Half Marathon1 The slogan was "the pain you enjoy." And that is so true! I don't love the way I feel after I have ran 13.1 miles, but for some reason I always sign up for the next race and I truly enjoy racing! I was going to run this race with some adoption friends again, but their lives got too busy and training became too challenging. Luckily a couple in our ward had signed up to run the half as well, so I had some people to tag along with and talk to on the bus!
The race time was actually 5:30 AM. Ya, I know, that's way too early for anybody! That meant that we had to be up and at 'em before 3:00 AM to get ready and drive to Provo. We were fortunate enough to find places for our kids to sleep that night so we didn't have to worry about them. We still didn't get too much sleep and arrived in Provo in enough time to catch the bus to the starting line! The race actually started a little late, which I wasn't too happy about! If you're going to have a 5:30 start time, start ON TIME! Otherwise, start at 6:00 OK? Anyway, the race started up Provo Canyon. Brett's actually started closer to Midway, but still up the same canyon! When the gun went off my strategy was to take it nice and easy for the first two miles since it was all a gradual hill. Well, my plan worked and by the first aid station at mile 2 I was ready to take off! I loved all of the downhill and totally took advantage of it. For some reason I was under the impression that the majority of the race was downhill. But, we were only in the canyon for the first 6 miles, then it was flat or a little uphill from there. Blah! I was hoping for a better time than my last race, but actually finished around the exact same time. After thinking about it, I technically did do better, because my last race had more downhill. So, if I could run the same distance with less downhill and get the same time- I had improved! My sweet brother Jake decided to support me at the finish and it was so nice to see a familiar face! After stretching, eating and using the potty, we still had about an hour before Brett thought he would finish. I just enjoyed sitting there and soaking in all of the positive energy! I love watching runners finish a race! I love the determination that's on their face! I love the tears that sometimes follow afterwards! It gives me a high like I've never felt before and I love being a part of it!
Well, Brett finished around his goal and he did great! It was his 3rd Marathon this year and he still finished strong! He still has 3 left (ya, 3). I'm so proud of him and his determination inspires me!
Unfortunately we didn't have our camera, so the only pics we have were taken with a cell phone...

My uncle Ron, Me, and Brett before going our separate ways to load the buses

The Finishers!

My cute brother Jake with Brett and me

Brett and I (yah, it was June and freezing by the way!)

sporting our awesome adoption running shirts!