Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pictures at the Peace Gardens

A few weeks ago we headed to the Peace Garden's to take some updated pictures of the kids. Dylan turns two in a week and a half, so we thought this was a good time to take some updated pictures of them. Getting a picture with the kids together was about impossible, but we did get some good ones of them alone...

they're together!
love this one!
Our Little Boy... DYLAN

would you seriously look at those eyes??

Our Little Girl.. HAYLEE

she has a smile that could brighten anyone's day!

mommy's toe shoes :)

Little Lady Ballet

My darling friend Natalie has a ballet studio in her basement and teaches dance. In the summer she holds a little summer workshop. It's the cutest thing you've ever seen! Haylee loved all of the princess crafts they did every week and still marches around in the tutu and crown she received. At the end of the workshop they had a "garden tea party" at Natalie's mom's house. Her mom, Connie, is actually who I took dance from when I was a little girl.
I love that Haylee has the opportunity to experience all of the cuteness I got to when I was young! Natalie and Connie sure know how to do it! When the girls first got to the party they went on a walk on the "secret path" looking for fairy houses. That was followed by a darling tea party with little treats and lemonade.
Haylee had a blast and we were both sad when it came to an end. Haylee is now back at AED, but always asks if she's going to go dance with Miss Natalie instead. I just wish Little Lady Ballet was a little closer to our house.

arriving to the tea party

Dylan can't resist saying "cheese" when the camera is out :)

posing before their walk in the "secret garden"

looking for fairy houses :)

leave it to Dylan to double fist at a tea party! (no that is not his princess CD player)

my two kiddos enjoying their treats!


Before the summer is officially over (for us it will be when Haylee starts school again), I have a goal to get our blog caught up. I don't know what it is about summer that keeps me busy, but I tend to slack in a lot of areas!
On one of the rare days that we were actually home, I decided to whip out the kiddy swimming pool and let the kids have at it!

my rough and tumble boy digging right in

my princess girly girl taking a little dip

I'm pretty sure Dylan is plotting how he's going to get his sister wet!