Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dylan turns 2!!

It's only taken me three weeks to find the time to write this post, but who's counting? I promise it doesn't mean I love my little guy any less! I really can't believe Dylan is already 2! It seems like they aren't babies any more the day they have their birthday. The next day he just seemed older! Here are a few facts about Dylan... He is ALL boy! Rough and tumble and I love it! He still loves food and will be the first to come inside if food is mentioned. He loves/is obsessed with Cars!! Except for he doesn't actually say "car" it's more like a noise that comes from the back of his throat that starts with a "ka" sound. Dylan is a GREAT sleeper! He always has been! He takes a really good 2-4 hour nap during the day and sleeps all through the night for at least 11 hours. He's my cuddle bug. He loves to give me hugs and cuddle up with me at the end of the day for some down time. He is the most determined little boy I have ever met. Once he has his mind set, there's no changing it! Not so fun for mom right now, but I hope that drive doesn't change for when he's older. He believes that kisses really do make owies better. If he ever has an owie, he has to get it kissed or else he won't stop crying or obsessing about it :) The list could go on and on. He's a lot of work right now because of his age, but he's also so stinkin' cute so I put up with it ;) Love you buddy!!

For his birthday we had quite the celebration going on at our house. It started Sunday when Skyler's parents and Jen came over...

opening presents with Tim

no time waisted- playing with his cars...

opening Jen's present!

sneaking in a little cuddle time! I seriously love open adoption!

On his birthday (Wednesday, Aug. 25th) he started the day out by opening a present in bed

I love the quote above his bed!

later that day when Daddy got home, he opened more presents. He loves shoes!!

trying out his new bike!!
And then the real party started!!

climbing in the bouncy house!

getting tickled by Jen! She's seriously the best! My kids just attack her whenever she comes over!

Aunt Brittany (my step-sis) with Beka, Jaxon, and Davis

Italian Stallion Grandpa Mark

uncle Trevor, Grandpa Steve, and cousin Tyson

Grandma Lucy (with new baby Shia), aunt Debbie, and aunt Jamie

Grandma Pam, aunt Meghan, Travis, uncle Jason, and uncle Jake

my uncle Hank and aunt Tamara

Brett and Norm (Jen's dad)

Kristi (who looks fab for just having a baby 5 days prior) and Jamie (again ;)

Uncle Jojo

attempting to get a mommy picture

cousin Stephanie and baby James (Dylan and James have to hold their own against all the girls)

Dylan, Taye, Haylee, and Jen bouncin' around

opening presents and LOVING THEM!!

the cake

singing Happy Birthday!

blowing out the candle! He actually did it all by himself

looking at his food and deciding if he should take little bites or just one big one...

one big one it is!!
We had a really great day and Dylan had a blast! This will probably be the last big party he'll have for awhile and it sure wore us out!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Park City Marathon- The Nail Biter!!

While Brett was almost done training for the Park City Marathon he injured his knee. You would think he injured it while running, but no, he heard something tare as he was getting out of the car. Lame right? Who would think lifting up your leg to get out of the car could injure you? Maybe for someone who had already ran 4 marathons it would be possible! Well, the injury happened two weeks before the Park City Marathon. This is usually the dreaded marathon among all the marathons. The first 17 miles are UP hill. Yeah, killer! Brett iced and babied his knee up until race day. I can't tell you how nervous I was for him! The night before his race, he couldn't even go down the stairs normal! I was a wreck all morning!! Brett was nervous too. At this point he decided his goal was to just FINISH. He had six hours to do it, so he had to be fine with that. About an hour into the race got a text that said "6 miles down, feeling OK." I felt much better after getting that! I arranged for a babysitter to come to our house at 9:30 so I could head up to the finish line. I had Brett's crutches in the car just in case he wasn't able to walk after the race and wanted to be there to drive him home. I made it up there in enough time to meet his friend Shay around mile 20. We waited about 10 minutes then saw from a distance Brett and my uncle Ron pushing through! They were way excited to see us and it gave them a little boost of energy. They hit mile 23 in less than 30 minutes and finished strong at 4:46:13. He still finished top 52% in his age group and over all. Considering I couldn't make that time on two good knees, I was very proud of him! Now he just has one more marathon to go (St. George) and then he's done for the year! Crazy SOB!! ;)

realizing the cheering was coming from us!!

on the road again

coming around to finish!

They Made It!!

The rock star finishers!!

I'm a proud wife

Brett and his friend Shay (with his cute girls Jakelle and Kelsie)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pierce/Castleton Family Pictures

My wonderful and very talented friend Brittany took some family pictures for my entire family at the beginning of August. We went to the Peace Gardens downtown, which was a perfect place for pictures! Here are the incredible results!

the whole fam damily!

Our cute family of four!!
the pretty women

the good looking men! I may be bias, but I think I have some of the most good looking men in my family! Yes ladies, two of them are still single ;)

me with my man

classic grandparent pic!! Love it!!

Swimming Lessons!

This summer we decided to sign Haylee up for swimming lessons. There's a darling family around the corner from us that offers lessons in their backyard. Haylee isn't a huge fan of pools, so my goal was just to get her used to the water. Well, she did great!! She loved blowing bubbles and was so proud to sit in the pool by herself (huge accomplishment)! Her teachers were darling and Haylee was sad when it was over...

what she came downstairs wearing when I asked her to go get her shoes on! Not really swim appropriate :)

blowing bubbles

practicing her back floats

ice cream scoops!

learning a new stroke!

strait leg kicks!
Way to go Haylee!

24th of July!

Yes, It's September and I am blogging about July. That's just the way my life goes right now!
For the 24th of July we actually didn't have any big plans, which was actually kind of nice! Brett decided to run the Deseret Marathon in the morning (because 5 marathons in one year isn't enough), so the kids and I waited anxiously to hear how he did! He did really well until mile 23, then the notorious hamstring cramps started happening! His official time was still 3:39 and he finished top 21% overall and finished 10th in his age group at 26%. He's a running machine I tell ya! During the day Daddy and Dylan took a much needed nap and Haylee and I went shopping (which was also much needed :).
Later that night we met at my mom's house for a small BBQ with a few of my brothers. I was in charge of buying th fireworks and did an amazing job ;) Really, I only spent $10 and the kids thought they were spectacular!! We also watched the Rio Tinto fireworks from afar and then called it a night! Good times!

eating ice cream on the back porch!

Haylee and Daddy

Dylan looking for the next firework to light!

watching the awesome firework show with Grandpa Mark!

our attempt at a family picture :)

Haylee with Grandma Pam