Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Festivities- thus far...

One thing's for sure, our family has definitely lived up the Halloween festivities this year! I think we're making up for being quarantined from last year's swine flu! We didn't even make it to a pumpkin patch last year! This year we started early and visited Gardner Village in September. I wouldn't do it any other way! It wasn't busy and the weather was still warm!

checking out the boat

looking for fishies
this is what happens when you say "Haylee say cheese"
taking a break from witch hunting and shopping

We decided to try something new this year and headed to Wheeler Farm with our friend's the Carrs. The kids got to ride a hayride, go through a maze, and pick a pumpkin from the patch. The kid's loved it all!

as good as a family picture gets! props to Brett and I for looking :)

checking out the horsies

saying cheese by the "moo"

I love how he has to make a tractor noise while he's driving!

all smiles.

posing for a quick pic in the maze

mazes are way more fun when you sprint though it!

picking the perfect pumpkin

so proud of her find!

typical guy. had to find a pumpkin that was bigger than his sister's ;)

when we got home Haylee insisted that we take a picture with their pumpkins on the porch. not to shabby of a picture either!

Our next festivity on the list was a Halloween party at one of our neighbor's houses. They do it every year, but this was our first year going. The kids loved dressing up in their costumes for the first time this year. They were able to ride on the back of a "tractor," play with their friends, scratch the heck out of their face (Dylan), and eat tons of sugar!
my handsome boys (Dylan is the cutest Puss in Boots!!)
after his nasty fall. it looked way worse the next day :(

Haylee (trying to stand the bright flash) with her friends. she loves her 10 year old friends and told me they were her "best friends" the other day!

Mine and Haylee's next stop was a primary Halloween Party! We both dressed like witches and had a ball!
Dylan can't resist a photo op!

There's still a week left to have fun and I'm sure my kids will live it up!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mother of the Year Award!

I hope I'm not the only mom that has bad things happen to them while they aren't looking. I'm usually (like today) just in the other room cleaning or something. So today I will accept my "Mother of the Year" award...I'd like to thank my little Haylee, for without her this award would not have been possible. I'd like to thank the little garbage can in my bathroom who acted like a step stool so that Haylee could reach my razors. I'd like to thank Dylan for not squirming so that the stripe of hair that was taken could be a perfectly strait line on his head. I'd like to thank God that no blood was shed in my absence since my children who are three and two were playing with new razors! I'd like to thank facebook, the Ogden Marathon web site, and my full dishwasher for keeping me occupied so this said incident could take place. Without all of these combined I wouldn't have the satisfaction of feeling like Mother of the Year today. Thank you.

*not pictured: Haylee who was in time out during the photo shoot.

Monday, October 4, 2010

St. George Marathon- the final one!

I have about a gazillion other pictures and posts that I have been meaning to upload, but just haven't found the time or motivation! I didn't want this post to suffer like the rest of them have, because Brett has been working so hard and it finally paid off!
When Brett signed up for the Grand Slam last year (you have to run the Ogden, UT Valley, Park City, and St. George- Top of Utah can also replace one) I thought he was crazy! Four marathons in 5 months?? Well, then he went insane and signed up for 2 more on top of that! Some how he ended up getting injured (I have no idea how ;) and didn't run one of his marathons without pain. His finish times were still a heck of a lot better than my time would ever be not injured though! So, when it came time to run St. George, his hope of qualifying was out the window. Luckily his sister Jamie signed up for the race too, so he had someone to push and run with. Side note- if you ever need someone to run with, you want to run with Brett. He is THE best motivator and is so patient. He lets me cuss and take out everything on him and still loves me when we're done :). Anyway, the weather ended up being hotter than any start time in St. George Marathon history! They finished together at 3:59 and I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a little teary watching Brett finish with his sister. Another side note, races make me two things... 1- emotional (I love the energy of a race! The smallest moments can set me off) and 2- a sailor (while I'm racing. Don't know why, that's just what happens).
Now that his 7th race in one year is over, Brett can't wait to sign up for the Grand Slam again. He promised me that he won't run any extra Marathons and that he will cross train better to avoid injury. We'll keep our fingers crossed! He has also talked me into signing up for the St. George Runner's Series. You have to run two races in St. George (which we already did last year, so I know what I am in for), then you are an automatic shoe in for the St. George Marathon. The thought of running a marathon freaks me out beyond belief, but I have a while before I actually have to register, so I'm going to see how the rest of my training goes. Plus Brett said he would run with me as long as he isn't trying to qualify. I'd love to run a marathon with Brett. I saw a husband and wife cross the finish line together at a race this past year and lost it!
Anyway, I'm really proud of Brett. He has come a long way with his running this past year! I just hope now that he can really enjoy his break from running until the St. George 1/2 in January!

packet pick-up with Jamie

coming to the finish line

the rock star finishers!

so proud of our Daddy!

sporting Brett's metals (Haylee's a little done)

taking pictures with Daddy's metal

showing me the 2010 St. George Metal!

my uncle Ron and Brett- the Grand Slammers!