Monday, December 20, 2010

Our December so far...

I have way too much to catch up one, so I decided to make it one big post! We've had quite an eventful December so far! The first thing on our list was Haylee's Winter Dance Recital! Her costumes this year are to die for! She's the cutest Snow White you've ever seen! If she didn't have to wear it one more time in the Spring, I'm pretty sure she would live in it! She was so excited to get all dressed up with make-up and go dance with all of her friends!

Dylan (the proud brother) and Haylee all ready to go!

a quick picture with her friend Hadley. These two can get quite silly!

getting her smile on before the music started!

following along with her teacher

what you didn't see was, Haylee was the last one down! Better late than never :)

our beautiful dancer!

she loves when her cousins come to watch her!

Matalie (Haylee's biological half-sister) and Haylee

Cindy, Mindy, Matalie, and Haylee

Haylee, Shelby, and Jake

Haylee loves her uncle Jason!

Haylee and Grandma Pam

Jason, Meghan, Beka, Davis, and Jaxon

Kenzie, Jojo, and Haylee!

Theresa (Mimi T) and Haylee

The proud parents and our silly little girl

Daddy's girl

Grandpa Steve and Grandma Lucy
The second thing on our list this December was a visit to Santa's house. Every year we go to the same Santa. He's the real deal and our kids love him! This year they both sat on his lap without our help and actually smiled!!
Haylee made sure to tell Santa that she wanted a baby alive and Dylan was just happy that he got a candy cane!
After experiencing such heartache this past month, it was nice to have something good and exciting happen for our family! My brother Jake got engaged to Shelby! I won't tell their story since I don't really have permission, but what I can tell you is... Shelby is perfect for Jake. She came into his life at a perfect time. It's one of those times where you know the Lord's hand played a part in bringing them together. There are too many coincidences to say otherwise. Shelby is also a sweetheart. She is one of the most sincere girls I've ever met. You can tell she truly cares and loves everyone in our family. She loves to be apart of our lives. She's tender, and honest, and has an inner and outer glow that is contagious!
When Jake was trying to figure out a way to propose, he called on me to help! While they were out with her parents and my parents I decorated my mom's house with rose pedals and candles. He had a present waiting for her that had everything they loved together. She was super surprised and tears were definitely shed. It was perfect!
waiting for them to come home to

some of the things they love together

the happy couple

I just love these two!!

Jake and Shelby with Kenzie and Jordan

Her beautiful flowers and ring!!
Most people know that I have the most hard working husband in the world! To top off his normally busy schedule, when December comes he works even longer hours!! We're talking 7 days a week and 16 hour days! To stay busy and to keep the kids from climbing up the walls with me at home, we have to think of things to do without him! Friday night I thought it would be fun to head over to Thanksgiving Point to see their holiday lights. I invited my mom and Mark to come along! The kids had a blast! They loved seeing and waving to all of the lights! At the end of it all, they have an area where two of Santa's real life reindeer live. The kids couldn't get enough of looking at them and yelling "Hi Reindeer!" Haylee was convinced she was going to see them fly :)
glued to the pen

the real deal

posing with Grandpa Mark

my best attempt to getting a picture of the kids together
Now that it's the week of Christmas we just have one day of pre-school and the rest of the week of late nights and play (for me and the kids at least. Brett will join us for fun on Christmas Eve). I just love this time of year. I love all of the family time we get to spend together. I love all of the new memories we get to create. I love the birth of our savior we get to celebrate. It's just a magical time of year!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Haylee turned 4!!

I'm in a little bit of denial that I have a four year old. I can remember the day she was born like it was two weeks ago. Haylee is the sweetest girl I know. I also can't get over how beautiful she is. The fact that Brett and I were actually chosen to be her parents is completely overwhelming! We just love her dearly and can't get over her little personality.
Haylee is still into princesses big time! So, when we were trying to come up with an idea for her birthday party, Brett suggested that we hire Cinderella to come. Lets just say, it was the cutest party I have ever seen! Cinderella was a big hit and kept all 11 girls entertained, which right there in its self was worth every penny!

this picture has nothing to do with the party. I just love it because this is what she was wearing when she stepped off the bus from school!

ready for her royal ball

her princess cake

a warm welcoming hug from Cinderella herself!

loving her stories

the girls were glued to her the whole time!

what a bunch of beautiful princesses!

the birthday girl

posing with her flower

learning the proper way to twirl like a princess

ring around the rosies

getting a birthday crown from Cinderella

"thank you Cinderella! Come back tomorrow!" were Haylee's words

opening presents

blowing out the candles

after the party Mindy, Cindy, Marco, and Matalie came over to say hello and give Haylee some darling sparkle clothes and paper doll!

after they left we gave Haylee the last of her presents. She loved her bike! I told her she couldn't ride it in her dress, so she just stripped down and took off :)
Haylee had such a great birthday and has been playing with every toy and riding her bike around the house like crazy this morning! Thanks everyone for making it so special and a special thank you to Brett's parents for letting us host it at their house so all of our friends could come!!