Monday, February 21, 2011

2011 Daddy Daughter Dance

At Life Time Fitness they have a Daddy Daughter Dance every February. Haylee and Brett went to it last year and to this day Haylee still mentions her night out with her Daddy! This year was no different! Once Haylee knew the dance was coming up she literally asked me every day if her and Brett were going out! The day finally arrived and we had to get her all dolled up for the dance! Luckily Paul Mitchell was having a princess event and so we were able to get her nails, hair, and make up done for the night! We also met Keili and Emersyn there!

Getting the works!

her finished up-do!

I had to take this picture... Dylan is such a good sport! He comes with Haylee and me to every girly thing! Here I've caught him twirling to some princess music :)

Three little princesses ready for their ball! (I also wanted to point out Haylee's new smile. Not really sure where it came from, but you'll notice it a lot in these series of pictures :)

Haylee and Brett. Such a cute couple :)

Our sweet little princess!

Not quite sure what's going on here! Haylee's making a funny face and Keili is striking a pose :)

Haylee and Barbie

Haylee and Belle ;)

Haylee with Princess Tiana

Haylee, Keili, and Giselle

Haylee and Tink!

waiting her her chicken and fries!

I was a lucky Mama and had to work a few hours at this event, so I got to steal a little love from my princess!

I asked Haylee if she was having fun and this was her response... I'll take that as a yes!

Haylee and Cinderella!

boogying with Cinderella herself!

Haylee's busting out some moves to Karaoke!

This and That...

In an attempt to get all caught up on what's been going on lately, I'm going to need to combine a few posts together! So, we've been a little busy with this...
My dad's Birthday. My dad would have been 53 on February 11th. Just 53 and he wasn't there to celebrate it with us. I wish it would have been his 90th birthday that he would have been missing for the first time. That would mean he's still here. But he's not, so we still did his favorite thing together. We met for lunch at El Farol and enjoyed a Ute cake! Ever since we were little, he has been taking us to El Farol for dinner. The owners knew us by name and we felt like VIP :) Since we had a party of 12, they stuck us in our own private room (which was good since we had 5 crazy kids). We talked about some good times, ate way too much, and enjoyed being with each other!

Beka, Jake, Ron (my dad's brother), and Theresa (my dad's wife)

Jason, Jaxon, my mom, and Dylan (who is dumping a whole basket of chips on his plate) And yes, that is a plate of bean dip chips which happen to be my all time fave at El Farol

Me, Haylee, Meghan, and Baby Davis

The Birthday Cake (from Schmidt's who make the BEST cakes around!)
And That...
Last Sunday was beautiful! The weather was just slightly over 60 degrees and we were LOVING it!! We got home from church, ate lunch, put Dylan down for his much needed nap, and headed outside. Haylee got a bike for her birthday and has mastered riding it around our kitchen, so she couldn't wait to get out and ride it up and down the street! We stayed out for a few hours and loved chatting with our neighbors! It just gave us some major spring fever and now we are dying with all of this new fallen snow!
my happy little girl riding "so fast"

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Few Projects

We've been doing a few projects at The Borg's House this past month. One that took no effort on my part and one took a little effort on my part.

Project One:
Before I even got married I inherited my Great Grandma Thurgood's China. I loved it! It was displayed at my wedding, and then stuck in a box where it almost stayed for 8 years. We didn't have a dining room or china cabinet, so I really didn't have anywhere to put it! No where until, we inherited Brett's parent's dining room set!! We used to have front room furniture, but we NEVER used it! Not even when our home/visiting teachers came over. So we pretty much had a few couches, end tables, and coffee table for no reason. It was also taking up the space in a room that we never went in unless the kids decided to venture in there to play in the drapes. Once we got the dining room furniture moved in we decided we needed an easily accessible walk way from the kitchen to the dining room. To do that, a hole had to be made in a wall! This is where Carlos (or Haylee's new boyfriend that she now prays for at night) comes in! He's my grandma's handy man and did a wonderful job! You'd never know the walk way came later. He's that good! I love how it opens up the house too! I can actually look out my front windows from my kitchen now!!

Cutting the hole

a different angle (the kitchen is right behind me)

the finished result (with one handsome little man who loves to be in pictures)

and it was all done for this China set! We love it!!
Project Two:
Dylan is now 2 1/2 years old (I know, I can't believe it either). About three months after his 2nd B-Day he started climbing out of his crib. He loved to climb right out, come down stairs, wake me up, and demand a movie. It didn't matter what time of night or morning this was either. At this time I was having a really hard time sleeping anyway (around Nov. and if you know me, you know why), so being woken up in the middle of the night/early morning and sometimes multiple times of night was just not happening! Here's where my easy solution comes in.
Dah Dah Dah! THE CRIB TENT!!
It resembled a cage, but let me tell you, it was my saving grace. We know in the summer when we go to the Zoo Dylan will be pointing out all of the animal's crib tents too. ;) He actually liked it and we made it fun! He was totally enclosed and safe from hurting himself from falling out of his crib. Nights went back to normal and I was able to get my good sleep again. Well, that was until the zipper broke TWO MONTHS LATER! Really? When you spend $80 on an item that is supposed to be made for kids 18 mo- 3 years, you'd hope it would last a little longer! We attempted to fix the zipper on our own and it lasted about two days. So, we knew that our next project would be to get Dylan into a big boy bed. In one Saturday afternoon I bought a mattress off of a friend, found sheets, bedding, and turned a door knob around so it could be locked from the outside. He was set! He loved it! His nap that day was a dream come true! I wish I could say that much about his first night. It consisted of him waking up about 6 times. One of those times I even had to turn the lights on because he was lost in his closet. I think by the second night he realized there was no point of getting out of bed, because he couldn't get out of his room. Since then, naps and bed time are great! He loves his big boy bed and I'm in complete denial that we have no use for a crib in our house ever again...

Nu-Night-check, brown bear- check, white bear- check, pillow pet- check, car's blanket- check, gabba-check, tigger-check, puppy-check. Gang's all here! He's ready for his nap!

All snuggled in and ready!
I just love this little guy and can't believe he's growing up on me!