Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lake to Lake 50 Mile Relay- 2011

This was our 2nd year participating in the 50 mile Lake to Lake Relay in St. George and it was a blast! Our team consisted of Brett, me, my Uncle Ron, my cousin Cole, and my friend Lacey! Here's our team "Run Your Buns Off!" before the race started...

Bright and early and freezing cold next to the lake!

Leg #1 (Gunlock and Loaded) 6.07 miles. Difficulty: 5

Lacey had the first leg and totally rocked it! She was even running on a newly recovered knee injury and did awesome!!

coming in earlier than was expected!

Leg #2: (Red Rock'n Roll) 5.79 miles. Difficulty: 6-7

I had the second leg and was totally pumped to run all of the hills on the coarse (NOT)! I'm kind of a hill baby, so I definitely was not looking forward to this leg. But, surprisingly enough I did WAY better than I thought I was going to. I think 80% of it was just the adrenaline from the race and 20% was wanting to do good for my team!

loved seeing the end in site!

Leg #3 (Navigators Nightmare) 5.71 miles. Difficulty: 6

Brett was next up! He was a little worried to run his first leg. In the St. George Half Marathon six weeks prior, he tweaked his foot and hadn't been able to run on it since! He's pretty much a rock star and did great! Kept a good pace and finished strong!

posing for a quick "girl's only" pic before Brett finished :) (just a quick side story... Lacey and I actually met through blogging! We both contributed to http://therhouseruns.blogspot.com and ran the St. George 1/2 last year. We ended up meeting IRL for dinner that night with our husbands. A few months later we roomed together in Moab for the Canyonland's Half and have just been friends ever since!! She has 5 beautiful children, 2 in which are adopted, and 2 that she will have the opportunity to raise in heaven. She is such a rock and great example to me. I have called on her for extra guidance, strength, and peace. I just love her and am lucky to call her a friend!)

Brett finishing strong!!

Leg #4 (Dixie Stampede) 4.84 miles. Difficulty: 5

This leg kind of has a funny story. Cole was up to run and took off with a vengeance! At this time of day the heat was starting to pick up and Ron was worried that he would need some water. We parked the car at what we thought to be a good point and never saw Cole, so we drove on and decided this would be a good time to grab Subway sandwiches! On our way to the next hand off we got a call from Cole that he had been done for 5 minutes and had been trying to find us! Woops! We definitely under estimated Cole's speedy legs! Ron got his stuff ready in the car and took off as soon as we got there! Bummer for us, an extra 5 minutes added to our time :/ Also, a big SORRY to Cole! No pic of you running this leg since we didn't see you!

Leg #5 (Man O Warrior) 4.68 miles. Difficulty: 7

This leg had Ron's name all over it :) He's seriously a running warrior! He runs about 7-8 marathons a year in addition to many other races!! He's definitely been an inspiration to both Brett and me! Ron did great and finished way fast!

After he finished we let him stretch out a little bit and eat his sandwich. Then it was on to meeting Lacey!

Leg #6 (Trails Trails and Llama Tails) 4.34 miles. Difficulty: 4

When we arrived I took my time to get my hydration pack ready and go potty one last time. As I was making my way to the hand off station, I saw Lacey walking with her family (they live in St. George and came to cheer her on)! Woops! She had been waiting for 3 minutes. Add 8 extra minutes to our time for just underestimating speed!

Lacey with her darling family (Ally, Lacey, Nick, Sam, and Violet)

Leg #7 (Washington Fields Forever) 4.4 miles. Difficulty: 5

Both years I have participated in this relay I have struggled with my second leg! It sounds silly now that I look back at it how dramatic everything felt in the moment. My leg was just one gradual up hill and I definitely felt it! Halfway into my leg my stomach started cramping, my right foot went numb and tingly, and the heat started to get to me. I had no other options than to reach deep inside and find something to push me a long. I started to think about the reasons why I was participating in the runner's series and thought about my dad. I started to call on him to help me push through. I started looking around at the scenery and thought about how much my dad loved the outdoors. Then a song came on my iPod that said "I cannot live I can't breathe unless you do this with me..." At this point the end was near and I could see Brett. He was up a hill that I didn't look forward to climbing. I said out loud "Do this with me Dad!" and took off! I hauled up the hill and gave it everything I had. My watch clocked me at a 7 minute mile speed, which is fast for me, especially considering the hill. I gave Brett "bones" and he took off running. At that point I was so physically and emotionally exhausted from running that I just broke down in tears. I know my dad was there to pull me out of my funk and carry me to the finish...

running up my last hill!

Leg #8 (That Washington Damn Hill) 4.7 miles. Difficulty: 8

I don't think the graph does this leg justice. There are two hills in this leg. One up Washington Damn Dr. and another up a steep red dirt hill! Brett was definitely the man for this leg and held an awesome pace!!

coming to the end of his last leg! What a great feeling :)

Leg #9 (The Dirty Climber) 4.34 miles. Difficulty: 10!!

I wouldn't wish this leg on anyone! You start out by running up a nasty steep dirt hill and end by running up an almost equally steep paved hill! Cole was up for the challenge though! We met him up his first and replenished his liquid, and then he was good to go!

giving us the thumbs up that he was good to go!

I took two pictures of Cole to make up for the leg we disappeared on :)

Leg #10 (Sand Fanale) 6.35 miles. Difficulty: 7

There was no better man to run us to the finish line than Ron!! The heat of the day was definitely at it's hottest too! He totally rocked it and finished strong! Our finish time was about 7:39, which put us at a 8:58 pace!

feeling good the end was near!

the finishers (minus Lacey who went home with her fam :)

We finished 51 out of 95 teams overall and 26 out of 43 in our division! Pretty average and we were stoked! That dang 8 minutes added to our time didn't really help either, but we had fun and it was all worth it!

This post wouldn't be complete without a little shout out to our kids and sitter! Since we were gone from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM we decided to bring a sitter down with us! Katie was awesome and kept the kids happy, safe, and entertained while we were gone!!

Haylee and Katie enjoying some tunes on the way to St. George!

And our cute little Dylan Billin chillin' on the couch with is nunight :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Ice Castles in Midway

At the end of February Brett and I both had an afternoon off together (a first in a LONG time) so we decided to do something fun as a family! Brett had to work the 3:00 AM shift that morning, so we met him at work, ate some lunch, and headed up to Midway to check out the Ice Castles! Brett had seen an article in the newspaper about them and thought it would be something fun for the kids to see! He was right! The kids loved all of the frozen castles! Brett and I enjoyed it too! It's amazing that each and every one of them were really made out of solid ice! If you haven't heard about them, google it and check it out next year!
We ended the afternoon with an ICE cream treat (seemed appropriate:) and then drove down and ate Scaddy's for dinner! It was just a nice afternoon and fun to spend it as a family!

entering their first ice castle!

posing with the Mommy

picture with the Daddy

Haylee's showing you all just how big this castle really is!

our happy Haylee! (with a rolled up post-it note that's actually her cell phone in case you wanted to know...)

Dylan was more about eating the ice than looking at it! (and yes, there was a sign that said "DO NOT break the icicles")

couples pic!

walking around...

a classic Dylan/Haylee face

There's our happy boy! He comes out to play once in awhile ;)

And the afternoon wouldn't be complete if something didn't turn into a gun or sword. he's ALL boy!!