Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

I can't believe I'm actually posting about an event the day after. I kind of feel like I should be waiting a few weeks ;)
All I have to say about this Easter is, IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!! Both kids finally understood the concept of Easter eggs, the bunny, and most importantly Jesus! Haylee even sung with the primary during sacrament and you could hear her J She did so great! I held back tears the entire time while I listened to her sing about how much Jesus loved her.
The morning started out with an Easter Egg hunt of course. The kids had to first find their baskets, and then they could move on to the eggs! The bunny was nice enough to give the kids one toy too! They were so excited to find everything!

It didn't take too long for Dylan to find his basket!

Haylee's stoked that she finally found hers too:)

so proud of their loot!

testing out his new toy!

loving her new Belle doll!

all cleaned up and ready for church!

our beautiful little girl

our handsome little boy! real men where pink :)

After church we headed up to Grandma and Grandpa Borg’s house for their annual Easter egg hunt! Dylan was all over the concept this year! Especially knowing there was candy inside! There were some points in the hunt where he’d be sprinting to each egg! Haylee on the other hand took her little sweet time. Typical girl :)

attempting to gather eggs while eating fruit snacks

dainty little Haylee gathering her eggs

taking her sweet little time

they have a grab and look method going... grab an egg while you look for the next one you're going to get!

high steppin' to his next egg!

proud of his full basket

all of the crazies (minus Monroe who had a baby blow out:) with grandma and grandpa

After we ate our Easter dinner, our next stop was to my Grandparent’s house for another egg hunt and more cousin time! I’m pretty sure both of my kids just had candy for dinner! looking for eggs with Jojo and Kenzie

Haylee had a nasty fall right before the egg hunt, so she needed her Daddy to help her :(

trying to brighten up her eyes. falling is a big deal to this little one.

I just love Easter and for the opportunity I have to look at the impact of the Atonement in my life. I am truly grateful for Christ’s sacrifice in my behalf. It’s no secret that I’ve been through a lot of trials over the past 11 years. In fact, I don’t think anyone I know hasn’t had their fair share of trials too. I’m just grateful that I have the knowledge that I do about the atonement. I’m grateful to know that Christ has suffered for my sake so that I don’t have to. It’s comforting to know that when I’m going through a rough patch, there really is someone out there who knows exactly how I feel. I have hope that through the atonement I will be with my Dad again. It’s been almost five months since he opted to leave us. That means we only have to wait seven more to start doing his temple work. What a joyous day that will be!

Jungle Jim's with the cousins!

It’s that time of year where we are sick and tired of being confined to the four walls of our home. Mother Nature can’t really decide if she wants winter to be over yet. And then when it’s not snowing it’s raining like crazy! One day we had it! We just needed to get out of the house in the worst way! So we called on some of our cousins and headed to Jungle Jims!! At first it seemed like we were the only ones who had this idea, so our kids were able to jump from ride to ride with no wait!

five little kiddos!

getting ready to drive!

I love this picture! They were all kind of stuck. The girls are just laughing and Dylan is pissed! He started to pout :)

we couldn't believe they had the guts to go on this ride! their faces were priceless!

Dylan loved the car! Haylee, not so much. The cars went through a tunnel and she was afraid that it was actually a car wash. So, she sat his one out :)

Haylee and Memphis! They could pass as sisters!

brave enough to go again!

after playing hard, we hit up chick-fil-a and got some lunch! and of course we traded in our educational books for some ice cream! I love how Dylan is totally out numbered and doesn't even care :)

Thanks for the fun afternoon out cousins!!

We had some birthdays...

I'm way behind on blogging, so here's my attempt to get caught up...

In March Brett and I always have a busy Birthday week! Our Birthdays are five days apart! I turned 29 this year. I can't decide how I feel about my last year in my twenties. No offense to my mom, but I remember when I was younger (people make fun of me when I say "little" because I'm still little...) and my mom was 30. I thought she was so old!! Now I am getting to that point. I guess I have to face the facts that I am getting older. With getting older, life is getting better. My kids keep getting cuter and cuter. My husband and I keep growing closer together through everything we get to experience together (the good and not so good). So I guess, here's to getting older! Bring it on!!

this was my birthday cake. it's one of my favorite cakes in the world. my grandma Anne's homemade chocolate/chocolate cake. she even bought a candle that sings happy birthday!

my kids are quite the candle blowers!

my jewels. life is good :)

Brett's birthday was a little more eventful than mine! In November I signed up for the Canyonland's Half Marathon and got in the lottery. Brett didn't sign up since it's a pretty pricey race and we'd have to find someone to watch the kids. The race also happened to be on his birthday, so I did feel a titch guilty for leaving him. Well, The Salt Lake Running Co. had a facebook contest and were giving away a spot to the race to whoever could get the most "likes" to a comment posted on their wall. I was sitting at home and checked facebook and saw that Brett had written "The Canyonland's race is on my 30th birthday. It would be great to run with my wife." If anyone knows me then it won't surprise you that my competitive side kicked into high gear and I became obsessed with the idea of Brett winning!! I posted all over facebook, sent text messages and emails to all of our friends and family, sent an email to everyone in our ward, I had a dear friend promote us on her adoption blog (the r house), and asked everyone I knew at work to "like" his comment! I was pretty much glued to facebook for three entire days making sure Brett was still in the lead. 280 some odd votes later, he won!! There was a tricky little devil that was right at our tail, so we were a little worried for awhile. This listtle devil even went to the extreme of making up fake profile names to get extra votes. Lame, I know. Anyway, we were stoked Brett got in!

Since I already had a hotel room and travel plans with my friend Tiffany and her mom, Brett just jumped right in and joined us! Even though he was the only man in the group, I think he still had a lot of fun! We had some pretty good times at a nasty restaurant and good conversations in the car :)

I know Brett will probably beg to differ, but I love running with my husband! He keeps me on task and puts up with my potty mouth. He also forgives me for taking all of my frustrations out on him while I'm running :) This race had its share of those moments. It ended up being super windy. We're talking wind gusts up to 40 mph. At times you had to just run with your eyes closed to avoid all of the sand. At other times you had to hurdle tumble weeds that were coming at you with full force. Needless to say, I didn't do as well as I wanted to (at least I didn't stop to walk! That is my goal in each race). In fact, I finished 6 minutes slower than I had the year before. Major bummer. But since then, Brett has taught me that each race is different. Even the same race can be different. The wind could have been a major factor to adding 30 seconds to every mile. The only plus side was that I felt great after! I'm usually limping and really sore after a race, but this one was different. I had cross trained like crazy and tried to focus on strengthening my legs and core. Sure I was a tad sore, but not the kind of sore that keeps you from walking up and down the stairs like a normal person. So, even though I was a little slower, I was glad to see an improvement in other areas!

Since the race I have taken a little mental break from training. I have also signed myself up for the St. George Marathon in October! Brett is putting a killer training schedule together for me, so I'm starting to prepare for that. I probably won't finish in less than 5 hours, but this time my goal will just be to finish!
packet pick up!! gotta love the reflector on his jacket :)

me and my step-sister Brittany. I would trade her for her long legs in a heart beat!

Tiff, me, and Brett. stripped down and ready to run!

and in case you didn't know... r house runs for adoption! and I have very wide hips!

the finishers! everyone did great!!

Happy 30th sweetie :) I'm glad we were able to spend it together!!