Saturday, May 28, 2011

Haylee's Spring Recital 2011

This is always a highlight of my life. It's one that actually gets me choked up!! I love to watch my cute little daughter dancing and trying her hardest to follow her teacher on stage!

We have loved her costume this year!!

showing off some of her moves before hitting the big stage!

Her good friend Hadley! These two are so silly when they're together!

a few of her friends before :)

and a picture with her cute little brother who gets super excited to watch his sister dance (that and the fact that he always gets to pick out some candy to keep him quiet:)

Haylee and her darling friend Sadie!

making sure she watches her teacher's every move!

Haylee with her cute little friends! You'd think by all of the flowers they were famous or something ;)

Haylee and Grandma Lucy

Haylee with Beka, Jaxon, and Grandma Pam

Haylee and Dylan with Grandpa Steve

Grandpa Mark and all the kids!

Haylee with my Uncle Hank, Grandma Sandy, and Grandpa Paul

the proud parents!

Brett and Dylan at Texas Roadhouse after!

Me and the star!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

More pictures from the reception...

I told you there would be more and I told you my friend Brittany did an AMAZING job!!

My Whole Family!

my cute little family

The 5 J's and Shelby

me with my brothers: Jordan, Jared, Jake, and Jason. We call ourselves "the 5 J's" and yes, we still call ourselves that. It sounds like we're on some sort of team huh? Well, we are. And it's a pretty powerful team. One that holds each other together during trials. One that makes each other laugh. One that quotes inappropriate (and sometimes appropriate movie lines). Most come from the great movie Dumb and Dumber. "We the Castletons and we need a key" is our motto (and a total inside joke). Love these boys!

Here are some beautiful pictures of the wedding cake Brett's aunt Debbie decorated for them. Schmidt's Pastry Cottage does the most AMAZING cakes in my opinion. And I'm not biased. I just tell it like it is.

This is me and my kissing cousin, Jeremy. Come on, you know you all had one when you were little! We did a FLASH MOB and it was pure awesomeness!! Jake loved it! If you want to watch it, click here:

I love this picture of Haylee with her cousin Beka. I'm pretty sure they are talking about lip stick, shoes, Taylor Swift, and Justin Bieber...

my beautiful mother and Italian Stallion step-dad! They need a huge standing ovation and round of applause! The dinner and reception were both incredible and wouldn't have been without these two!! Love you both!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Jake and Shelby's Wedding Festivities...

On Wednesday, May 4th the wedding festivities kicked off with a bang (or a Pamper Party)! It was equipped with spray tans, gel nails, and chocolate fondue! What else does a girl need to pamper herself?? The bride to be didn't partake in a tan, because she's from the sunny state of California. They don't receive inches upon inches of snow in April and May. But, us Utahans sure had fun with it!! Except for my cute sister-in-law Meghan of course who was born with a natural glow. She was just excited to have soul sisters for a night!! Can you tell by looking at this picture who didn't get a spray tan?? ;)

This was actually my first and I was a little, OK A LOT, freaked out by my coloring! The spray tan lady ensured me that once I showered the next morning, it would be a pretty tan color... Well the next morning I woke up and looked like an oompa loompa! I was afraid to scrub too much in the shower, because I didn't want to wash my $20 tan away. It was just unfortunate that I was headed to the temple for Shelby's endowments. With my skin next to all white = a little nightmare! However, being in the temple for such an important event, I didn't let a little orangish tint get in my way from enjoying the sacredness of the temple session. But as soon as we were out into the worldly world again and I saw this picture...

I was back to worrying about my skin and jumped in the shower immediately for an emergency exfoliation!! It was amazing how much better I felt after my second shower! But that didn't stop me from taking a third right before the wedding dinner :) Enough about my panic spray tan, on to the wedding festivities...
Since Shelby's family was from California, it was decided that they would be married here. We had a wedding dinner the night before at the beautiful Flamm Barn. It's an amazing barn at the very end of Walker Lane. My mom decorated it to the hills! We had a friend from Utah Foods do the catering and the food was absolutely Divine!! Minus a little drama, OK A LOT of drama, it was a perfect night!

The Happy Couple

we are a happy couple too :) Especially me now that I don't look like an orangcicle!

girls on my side of the family... Tamara, Kenzie, Meghan, Casey, My Mom, and Me!

my handsome brother Jason and his lovely wife Meghan

My dad's parents, Grandpa Grant and Grandma Anne (love them!!)

my step-sister Brittany and her husband Mike

my step-grandma Vicky, my step-brother Kyle, and his girl friend Des (aka Princess Tiana. She's a good sport with my princess obsessed Haylee)

The next morning was the temple ceremony. Jake and Shelby couldn't have looked happier! The sealer did a phenomenal job and gave great advice. The kind that helps everyone in the room!

waiting for Jake and Shelby to make their appearance

my aunt Wendy, Grandma Anne, me, Meghan, and Kenzie

Jason, Me, Grandma, Grandpa, Jared (he's single and lives in San Jose California if you know anyone :), and Jordan

my cute family. The flowers at the temple were amazing!

After the temple my family headed to Settebello Pizza for lunch! If you haven't ever been there, you must go! Best authentic pizza ever!! We were able to sit back, enjoy a great lunch, and vent a little about some awkwardness that went on. I'll just leave it at that.

Our next stop was a beautiful reception at The Old Meeting House. My grandma owns it, so we wouldn't have had it anywhere else! My very talented friend Brittany who works with Busath Photography took all of our pictures at the reception! I can't wait to see them! She does an amazing job! I'll have to post them when we get them :)

Once again my mom did an amazing job with everything. The food, decorations, flowers, flash mob (yes, we had a flash mob), and who could forget about the AMAZING wedding cake that Schmidt's Pastry Cottage provided? It was just unfortunate that it became such an eye sore because of some miscommunication. I'll just leave it at that.
Me and Kenz. We were twiners!!


Just like any family event that lasts three days. It was fun(ish) while it lasted, but was nice to be done with it! It really was a great three days. My mom and Mark really over did themselves with everything! Minus a little, OK A LOT, drama it was a perfect wedding week!