Saturday, May 28, 2011

Haylee's Spring Recital 2011

This is always a highlight of my life. It's one that actually gets me choked up!! I love to watch my cute little daughter dancing and trying her hardest to follow her teacher on stage!

We have loved her costume this year!!

showing off some of her moves before hitting the big stage!

Her good friend Hadley! These two are so silly when they're together!

a few of her friends before :)

and a picture with her cute little brother who gets super excited to watch his sister dance (that and the fact that he always gets to pick out some candy to keep him quiet:)

Haylee and her darling friend Sadie!

making sure she watches her teacher's every move!

Haylee with her cute little friends! You'd think by all of the flowers they were famous or something ;)

Haylee and Grandma Lucy

Haylee with Beka, Jaxon, and Grandma Pam

Haylee and Dylan with Grandpa Steve

Grandpa Mark and all the kids!

Haylee with my Uncle Hank, Grandma Sandy, and Grandpa Paul

the proud parents!

Brett and Dylan at Texas Roadhouse after!

Me and the star!


stacy said...

Super cute photos! I love that she gets so much support from her family!!

kwgirl said...

Loving it!I'm not sure who is more or Haylee!

April said...

She looks so cute...and SO happy!