Sunday, July 31, 2011

Making Pizza!!

One of my favorite nights is Pizza Night! We don't do it very often, because it take a lot of planning and preparation on my part. You have to make the dough a head of time, have a clean kitchen counter, and be willing to smell a burning pizza stone for a few days afterwards. But, the kids LOVE it, so it's all worth it!

first you have to roll the dough...

and look really cute while you do it

then you have to move your chairs over to the toppings station and spread the sauce

and make sure you get it ALL over or else it doesn't taste as good :)

next, you stick your cute little tushy out and watch it bake in the oven!

and devour it!

cute right?? That's why it's my favorite night!

1 comment:

Curtis said...

Looks like you have got the little ones all ready for the family buisness, super cute fam. love you guys, Curtis