Monday, August 15, 2011

Little Lady Ballet Summer Dance Camp

My darling friend Natalie owns her very own ballet studio. Every Summer she holds a dance camp and it's definitely the highlight to Haylee's summer! She takes home all sorts of crafts, wands, tutus, and any other girly thing you can think of!
This year they ended the session with a garden performance at Natalie's mom's house! Nat's mom, Connie, also happens to be my ballet teacher from when I was just a little girl! Natalie has the same cute charm that her mom had :)

all pretty in pink

getting up close and personal

the costume is complete!

her little dance class! the funny thing is, half of these little girls belong to my friends from high school! it's so fun to see the next generation!


kwgirl said...

That is the coolest thing ever! To see a 2nd generation of girls from moms that grew up together. How cool that your teacher is also hers! When will we see the ballet look at church? I'm loving the outfits:)

Weston and Nicole said...

It's true, it's the Skyline crew's kids! I loved being able to see you and everyone again...and their cute kids :)