Monday, August 15, 2011

Swimming, The Zoo, a Marathon, and Fireworks!

The remainder of our July was just as fun/busy as the first of July! We spent it this way...

Swimming with floaties at the Country Club with Grandpa Mark...

this picture is actually a BIG deal! Haylee actually dared to stand in the water all by herself!

We also payed a visit to the Zoo with the Castleton cousins. Did you know if you make an $8 donation you can take a picture with two Eagles after the bird show??

save a horse. ride a dino

We also spent some time waking up way early so we could catch daddy at the finish line of the Deseret News Marathon!! It was on the 25th of July, so since Brett had the day off he figured "why not run 26.2?" Yah, he's sort of nuts...

waiting patiently for Dad

He's coming!! (that's him in the black)!

"wait Dad! we want to finish with you!"

the official Zoosh picture, which I LOVE and think is PRICELESS and am going to BLOW UP and frame ASAP!

did you know that after you run you have to stretch?

and did you also know that after you finish a race with your daddy that you have to go to the Cliff Bar booth and ask for a free sample because you ran so good?

After the race, we headed home for a much needed family nap! That was followed by more swimming (sorry, no pics) and ended with a yummy BBQ at my brother's house! And who could forget the fireworks??

My Dylan cuddle bug!

my hunky hubby!

the boys with Grandpa Mark

Cheesy Haylee with Grandma Pam

the girlies!

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Curtis said...

way to finish strong Borg, wish I could have ran it with you. . . . someday. your kids are so brave-OurAbby was so afraid of the birds last year at the zoo!who knew?